Thursday, June 30, 2005

No Point to Make at all

It's a thursday morning. The trees, sidewalks, people and cars are all glossy like from the rain. I just made a sandwhich for my Dave, who is working on getting ready for his work day, and my kitties are happy and cuddly. Life is very decent right now. I usually manage to overflow my schedule with lots of wonderful things to keep me busy, but lately i have been more intraverted. I have a few very close friends and i do not miss having a massive crowd of people to impress. I have been sewing, organizing, baking, and watching lots of movies instead of constantly going out. I am thoroughly enjoying free evenings and mornings. Either i will become incessantly lazy, or i will crave more interaction and chaos.
Recently i have just been dying for it to be Christmas. I don't necessarily want snowy weather, cold wind, and december, but i really want Christmas trees, colors, lights, baking, music, clothing, and gatherings. (My kitten is so cuddly right now and has plopped herself halfway on my lap and halfway on the keyboard. So cute and so annoying!) If i had a christmas party in August would anyone come to it?

I am off to get ready for my day now.

All Done