Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Links

I really do have a TON of excellent photos to add, but I haven't had a sane moment to do so. What I can share with you are some interesting, fun links I've found recently.

But first, Congratulations to Tammy and Ryan and the birth of little Everett.

Tammy was a tower of strength through her challenging experience, but I have no doubt that she stood strong, rolled with the punches, coped with the unknowns along the way so her littlest son could enter the world in health and strength. Wish I could be there to meet him and pamper Tammy for all her hard work! Our love is with you!

Second, I've added two crafty links to my blog roll. I've been inspired by the Artful Parent for while, and have incorporated some more art ideas into our family fun times. Of course, Dave is really the art leader in our home, creatively engaging Corrina in pre-dinner drawing lessons, monster making, or still life sketches (I kid you not!). I'm more the one who has to turn to other creative people for ideas, especially at the end of draining days, so I'm happy there are resources for me, and for you! And my next idea is to cut some scraps from plain fabric and pick up fabric markers for making fabric monsters and dolls!

The second link I added is the Crafty Crow, a collection of children's crafts and activities that is put together daily around season, subjects, special holidays, etc. Someone searches creative blogs and compiles all the ideas for you so you don't have to do the leg work, you just get to have the inspiration and fun!

I also put up a new book link for The Mindful Brain. This book is about brain development, the ability of the brain to change and grow in incredible ways through ALL OF LIFE, in ALL circumstances. One little line I caught in a quick scan last night was "nature needs nurture." All of our experiences influence our brain and the way we feel, sense, live, and think. Fascinating, to me!

On my to do list this week:
Many crafts with Corrina, including embroidery sewing
Planting/thinning my lettuce seedlings before they die
Making apple crisp with airport bruised apples from Dave's trip

Posting blog photos

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Corrina's Princess Magic

While watching Sesame Street yesterday, Corrina was amazed when a little girl waved her magic wand and made wonderful things appear. Her jaw hanging somewhere around her navel, she managed to sat "How did she do that?"

So here is a little lesson in the wonders of TV magic. Corrina displayed not only stellar acting skills and a great on-screen presence, but also helped out in the editting process ("We need Fairy Sparkles!").