Thursday, August 31, 2006

Double Jump!

I think it is video time again!

Corrina is having a ball in this new borrowed toy! And yes, she now has a very pokey mouth with two teeth! The second is just below the surface of the gums, which i imagine is very painful. Soon it will be up and chewing! For a teething baby she is still very content and sleeping well, if you don't count the 2.5 hours she was awake last night wanting company! We love Corrina!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


One of my great Friends, Meg, from abbotsford, came to visit me this week! She met Corrina for the first time too! We had a BLAST hanging out. Lots of tea was consumed, we played the simple and fun card game Fecal Cranium (translation: shit head) over and over again, looked around at all the famous Winnipeg sights like the river, the forks, the exchange, assiniboine park and the malls, baked, cooked, and talked the night away!
I cannot believe the amount of fun we had together. She is wild, and brings out a very silly side in me. Corrina liked her too!
I have a little story, about me. We went for a "shopping" walk yesterday morning. We hit some thrift stores, one of winnipeg's greatest music stores in the exchange, and made a little stop at MEC. I had to pee. I found the wash room at MEC, and before whipping down my pants i read a little sign above the toilet "This toilet does not use water or chemicals. All waste it processed and composted underneath the building..." or something to that effect! 'Great!' I thought, and was super excited to leave my piddle and paper waste here, of all places, because i love this spinning earth and the fact that my pee was going to be composted thrilled me through and through. So, i got all settled on the toilet, comfy on the outhouse like seat (minus the smell!) and was ready to do my business. Then.... a breeze hit me you know where. It was cool and i froze up. I couldn't go. I was so disapointed and tried to relax and relax, but the breeze was so distracting and i couldn't even produce a drop. I stood up with hopes of contributing to the composte below and waiting a few seconds thinking that maybe i would try again. I sat back down, and whhooooossssshhh, the breeze was still a blowin'. Darn. I salute MEC for their noble efforts to keep the earth clean and to dispose of waste in a tasteful manner, but maybe their system in flawed because they aren't getting any from me. Or maybe i am just flawed. Has anyone else had this delight or experience, or frusteration on the can at MEC?

August is over in 2 days, from where i sit. That means that colors of marvelous shades will soon be appearing around Canada, my birthday will be celebrated soon, i will get to pull out my sweaters, jackets, scarves and mitts, and wonderful school is starting up for many a person.. but not me.

Pictured here is the very dirty river that we leave a few minutes from. Yuck, but pretty too!

that is that. We have had a summer full of visitors and visiting. Each experience is stored in my mind forever. Looking back i did not know we were to see so many of our beloved family and friends, and i am so pleased and thankful with the way the summer worked out. Praise God!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't download this blog

Once in a while a song comes along with the power to change a Nation. A song, neither fancy or complex, which never the less captures the heart of the people and throws all hinderences to the wind.

Today, I heard such a song. The brillence. The elegance. Please, do your self a favour, and follow the link below.

"Don't Download this song" by Weird Al

How can a song with such lyrics as this not bring a tear to your eye?

"Oh, you don't wanna mess with the RIAA
They'll sue you if you burn that CD-R
It doesn't matter if you're a grandma or a 7-year-old girl
They'll treat you like the evil, hard-bitten criminal scum you are"

May each one of us truly take this message of truth to heart.



Saturday, August 19, 2006

I am 10 Ninjas....

Click to View.

dinosaur comics
all content © 2003-2006 by ryan north

What i did today, Saturday:
Developed photos of baby, family and friends
Ate a few baby cookies
Saw my favortie Red Heads: Allison and Patty!
Fed Corrina Brocolli and watched her make funny faces
Installed a new baby car seat into our two door hatch back... not alot of room back there.. i bonked baby's head 4 times trying to get her into the new seat. Ops. (she hardly noticed, but as you can tell i felt a little bad)
Cleaned up from our Sugar Cookies blitz last night. We had a few youth over for dinner and got them into cookie cutting and decorating! A great activity and dessert in one!
Thought about the wonders of "the five sense". I think they were really planned out well. Dave and I tried to imagine what other senses we could have. He thought it would be neat to be able to sense energy and magnetic force and such. I thought i could really just go for seeing dead people. I said "i want to have a movie marathon. Let's watch Xmen"

A long time ago i was very frusterated with the state of my furniture arrangement. I have since moved it around, resulting in this:

Our computer area, play area, shelf area!

Our "seating" area.
Corrina's view of our apartment from her comfy, cozy carpet!

I have a favorite garden at the Winnipeg Legistaltive buildings that i have been looking forward to photographing Corrina at this summer. I have been dreaming about putting her in a little white dress made from my left over wedding dress material and plunking her down in front of vivacious, colorful flowers since I was pregnant. Sadly there has been a construction crew working on the area/pathway in front of this garden ALL SUMMER LONG, and they are still there with their plastic orange fence warning me of the fines if i do try to enter. I just want to use the flowers, really. I promise i won't touch your equipment, or pee in your outhouse, just let me take a few pretty photos please.
Are there any other gardens that measure of to the beauty of this one that i can use?
Oh well, i am sure "the sun will go on setting and rising1" even if i can't take pretty pictures in my favorite flowers.

1. Montgomery, L.M (1900 something), "Anne of Green Gables" P. somewhere in the middle.
I don't miss Turabian, or APA or footnoting at all!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Little trip away

We just returned home from Ontario where we went to celebrate the life of John Colvin(dave's grandpa) with family. It was a very spontaneous trip that we didn't know about until wednesday morning of last week. It was very refreshing to be together with family, including Mark and Rachel who were able to make it out from England (who met Corrina for the first time!) Claire took alot of beautiful photos of Corrina and was a joy to visit with for the second time this year. We also had the chance to hang out with Dave and Sue and Julia, who we hadn't seen in about a year and a half. Dave and i both relished in all the visiting and the game playing. We are immensely thankful for our family
Our house feels so empty to me and i have alot of adjusting to do today. Again it is confirmed that i really do love a house full of people. I have some projects on the go but i am having trouble mustering up the energy to get into them.
Here are some highlights from our trip:

(this first one here is Corrina cutting her first tooth o n Susan's mug! Yes, she now has a sharp mouth!)
A very Proud Grandpa showing off the baby at Church!!!

Well, i have a suitcase to unpack and some fun things to get to. Lonely but good to be back. We miss all you Ontario-ians and Englanders already.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Quick Post: Let me know what you think

Some friends asked me to design a "band logo" for thier World Music band. You know who you are, so here you go. Let me know what you think, everybody. My personal favourite is the black/red one, but that's me.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Past my Bedtime

Last night we participated in a lantern lighting ceremony to commemorate those who died and those who still suffer from the only use of atmoic weapons: the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. We made small laterns and floated them in a fountain/pond at a park in winnipeg. It was an emotional time for many as we gathered to regonize the real and long lasting pain of war. Women, men, and children still bear the marks of the terror of nuclear warfare. We saw horrifying pictures, heard stories and reports of war and peace, and enjoyed spending time with a very intergenteration group of people lobbying for a voice of peace. I was actualy blow away by the ratio of young people (my college aged cohort) to older (my parents age and up, up ,up). The olders definately won out the youngers. I love that. We brought Corrina, who was out past her bedtime, with much glee. Corrina broke her own smiling average last night, which seemed so opposite to the feeling of the night. I couldn't help but give her kisses on her neck and make her giggle. Life and death. Laughter and pain. Joy and sadness. Corrina juxtaposes alot of the people and sadness that surround me daily. Just by her nature she stands in opposition to man sought progression, including the use of nuclear weapons, simply through her little carefree laugh and smile. Maybe i was suppose to have a sad time last night, but i had a good time with my smiley baby and did alot of hoping and praying for small people in other countries that don't feel love and security. I hoped they could smile instead of burn in the pain of cancer, aids, and starvation. One day, i hope.Dave will have his own report on the event, including the beautiful and serene latern pictures he skillfully snapped.

Take it easy

Friday, August 04, 2006

Farewell and personal maid

Our good friend Tricia, not to mention my personal political information resource, left last night for one year to embark on a life changing adventure in Hong Kong. To celebrate and let's face it, just eat out, we friends gathered to send her off into a new country by eating that Countrie's food. Sarah, i know you missed it, but we pretended you were there (or at least i did!), and dave can even edit you into the photo if you like! Here we are chowing down on gooooooooddddd hong kongian foods:
Oh, and a word about my personal maid: for the last week i have had one. She looks like this:
Imagine that, it is my mother! She has been visiting, and has cleaned our house top to bottom . Me like! She even got down on her hands and knees with our little, but very powerful, dust buster to vacum Corrie's room. I haven't washed dishes in a week, plus i thought i swept alot (at least once every two days), and my mom has swept at least 2 times a day! So everything is fresh and smells great. It was nice to take Cleaning off my to do list this week and focus more on Corrina and myself. No Worries, we still had lots of time to visit (she's quick... quicker than me!) We even got to celebrate a little bit of her birthday with her (bet you can't guess her real age!) The only down fall is that my mom really doesn't like play board games, at all, so we had to find other entertainment... well, not for her, she entertains herself, just for ourselves!Corrina has really 'chubbed out' this last week.

Take it easy,

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Please take a look at this "comic" I made with my muppets figures (You'll probably have to click on the pictures to be able to read them).

These were a ton of fun to make. One thing you may not be able to see is that this is just a single scene shot from many different angles (So, if you come over to our place, you can see the whole scene on our shelf!) Fun, huh?

Let me know what you think!

Crazy Trip photos!

Just for the heck of it, here are some photos from our honey moon road trip! This one is at the Deluth aquariam. It was fun to be an otter!

Onward now...

Oh, thanks dave for the pretty wild flowers.. that ended up infesting the car with crawly critters and bugs...ewww. But i seem to remember that we were almost home anyway!
Aren't we cute (and young looking. My goodness, i knew i would look back on my photos and think "sheesh, i was young", but i didn't thnk that would happen this soon)
Watch out!
Ahh yes, the biggest loonie! We stopped at every "The biggest" we could find and took pictures!

Our trip had to finish sometime, but we did get to go home to a house full of wonderful wedding gifts! Thanks, we love them all and remember you every time we use them (well, at least i do, i don't know if dave does!)

What a fun blast into the past... at least for me! Here is a photo of us last night.. dare to compare!

To celebrate our great day Dave and i started our night with a river boat ride on the River Bus. We were only on it for about 10 minutes, for the a fare of $3 that is enough! I love being on water. Afterwards we walked to the Keg for lovely steak dinners. Yum! Dave wanted (yes, dave decided this all on his own) to order and try an alcoholic beverage! We have heard alot about Mojitos from many many people and thought we would give one a whirl! We both thought it was delicious! Next we saw Pirates of the Caribean, and then stopped at our favorite dessert place and got two pieces of crazy chocolate cake to go. We stopped our car and put a blanket out on the grass, amongst the trees, under the stars and Hmmmmed and Yummed over the scrumptious cake! And that was that, time was up, Corrina needed me so we had to head home. Dave tried to have a surprise for me, and i told him i think i might know what it is... so he wanted me to guess and sure enough i got it right. We had bought a star map last year at the Grand Canyon and we had both pretty much forgotten about it. This is what i guessed, and dave prented that i was wrong, and was very astounded that i had gotten it right, but i did! Sorry dave. So we gazed (more at the map than the sky... "how does this thing work, which way does it point?"...) and it was fun even if i knew about it.
Now i can't wait for next year. We already decided we will go out for lobster!