Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Days of Summer: Two

First cutting of Zinnias from our garden! I appreciate that you sent me the seeds to grow mom. What an excellent little gift to slip inside a letter. I'll have to remember that next spring.
There is just one thing that is not right about these Zinnias. Do you see those little holes on the bright pink's leaf? Well, some of the leaves in the garden are almost all eaten up. Who or what is doing this? Slugs ate all my butter leaf lettuce, and I did not act in time to stop them. But if I can I will do my best to keep the Zinnias safe. Although, I guess they are feeding some special little bugs... but I want flowers this summer more than bugs. Great, now I am feeling so disconnected from nature the way the world works without human destruction. Really though, if you know what is eating the leafs, please leave a little comment, perhaps with a suggest as to how to fix this problem.

I have been absolutely amazed to see flowers and vegetables burgeon from seeds. I still do not believe that these flowers had their very beginnings, their first steps if you will, in the spare bedroom as seeds. And now, here they are, back in my house again! The cycle! I am sounding like an empty nester, so I'll stop.
What are you growing right now? What is blooming in your garden (take that literally or figuratively!)
Now go, get on with summer, or commenting!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Days of Summer One

Days of Summer

Now that the weather is warmer in our neck of the woods our summer time activities have really picked up. We've been berry picking, swimming at wadding pools, having bbq's as a family and with friends, and spending countless hours swinging and sliding at the park. We've painted the sidewalk with, well, sidewalk paint, watered our flower gardens, played with neighbor friends, and put our legs to work riding tricycles around the block! Yet it's the little things that have been wonderful, and I must say that my most favorite part of the summer is just following Corrina around, going where she goes, doing what she wants to do.

I'm going to try something a little different this week. I will be posting a picture and a few words everyday, both to give a better glimpse into our summer life, and to be more consistent yet simple with blogging. So, here we are, this first day of summer!

Two more thoughts:
Certain dates have not passed yet regarding potential exciting changes in our upcoming year. These changes do not include anything new, cute and bald. They are still pretty cool though! Keep your eyes peeled (really, this is a rather crude saying, don't you think... yuck, peeled eyes!)
Second thought: Actually, more of a friendly welcome to check out some blog links I am adding to our sidebar. Both are family and crafting related. Both are published authors. Check them out!
Angry Chicken
Soule Mama

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Corrina Singing

Currently some of Corrina's favorite songs are:

Happy Birthday
Brown Squirrel
Twinkle Twinkle
I'm a little Tea Pot
ABC, and...

Johnny Apple Seed

Personally, I LOVE how almost every video we have of Corrina ends in her violently grabbing the camera!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Splash Happy

For anyone who does not make it over to facebook, here our some photos from out latest summer play... in puddles!
They say climate change will take its nasty toll on developing countries first due to their placement in the world (and ironically, the fact that they do the least to affect climate change and have the fewest resources to deal with the horrible results)... okay, enough of me being political... all this to say that we have had some very different weather (all across Canada) and our summer has mostly been rain. For having such a typical BC summer I wish I were at least surrounded by mountains!
Dave took these photos of Corrina playing with her neighbor friend.

The rubber boots are the ones brought back from England for Corrina. They still fit and work very well... no wet feet, unlike our neighbors walmart ones! Go Walmart!

I thought the sun would be shinning today, as it was streaming through the curtains when we awoke. The clouds rolled in and took over the sky in the end. I really do want to get up and wash some dishes, but the chore is much nice when the sun is beaming through the windows.

Corrina is at daycare today, but my (one month of) summer job hasn't started yet, so I have yet another day to myself. I am beginning to get bored. Sure, I have lots on my to-do list but it is so dull to be by myself all day long. Instead of sitting home and being grouchy I called a new mom from church asking if I could take her and baby out. She is single, and does not have a car. I really like spending time with her though, and remember being at home all day with a very new baby. Since it is raining we will probably just go to the mall and walk around, but I doubt she has gotten to do that in a long time. Hope it goes well! Her little baby boy is cute cute cute, and I can always stand to hold a new born!

Lots of interesting things going on around here, but nothing I can peep about yet... have to wait until a few dates pass by before I can share cool secrets! Do I have your interest now???

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's greener on the other side

I am absolutely sure that most people really will not care at all about the photos I am about to post. But than, I am sure that mom and dad colvin will be happy to see them, and other horticultural freaks (not that mom and dad are in the category of freaks, they just have an interest in what we have done with our yard!)
Lush, Green Grass! Just starting of course! And as you can tell we haven't even finished laying down the dirt. Afternoons have been spent typing papers, or watching the rain. Both cause major dirt laying setbacks. But, the sun shines today!

My garden has really taken off since planting the seedlings. The only color right now is green, but that's what comes of growing annuals from seeds! Next year I will start a perennial garden, which will supply endless June/July color!
My Nasturtiums are growing just fine now!

These Zinnias will bear flowers eventually, brightening the garden space!

Dave finds the BEST toys for Corrina. Check out more here!!!

The Superfort (on sale for $20 at our Zellers!) really has endless possibilities for building.
Thanks Dad!

Have I posted a picture of our place since the white went out and the green came in? Well...
I am growing beans up along the fence in the front corners. Our house still looks so plain to me, and I really am not a plain Jane, so this is worrisome. I want color, pizazz, brightness, life, zing, zang, whatever... I just don't want blah beige and brown... but I am working on a budget here, any inspiration? Maybe I'll do a little search and post what I find.
I am thinking that wedding lanterns could be hung from various area, but even then, they are small little jars, with just a twinkling of color.
Time to hit the thrift store and the hardware store for some bright tremclad! But not on a whim, rather with divine direction and inspiration!