Monday, February 12, 2007

In review

How can I put this week in review. I spent a great deal of time reading, and second runner up just playing with Corrina. We are still on information overload (there is a large stack on one side of our couch just waiting to be read. Lots of great info about ears and hearing i am sure, but my brain cannot take anymore), are feeling ridiculously busy, and we are trying to get to bed at decent hours, on the other hand Dave announced that he 'feels bored. Not like nothing to do bored, but like doing the same thing all the time bored.' "well, my dear," i replied "we don't have alot of extra time to do new things, so let's make the most of the time we do have together." "okay!" Hmmm, that was a little too easy! One great thing about being busy is that i don't have time for frivolous shopping, which also means that I am not bored and looking for something to fill my time with. Although i did fit a nice 'mall' time in this weekend with the gals!
Although Corrina is deaf, she is still a normal little one year old, just without the mimicking "No no no" being perpetually repeated after every question asked! Fun new things she likes to do: conducted anyone willing to watch, which includes both hands in the air, clapping, head touching, mouth hitting, pointing... Very cute. She also discovered the fun of ice cream buckets today in the bath tub. She has been working on standing on her own. We often find her just standing around with toys. She only lasts about 30 seconds, but her muscles will grow quickly. She has been taking what we call 'falling steps.' From standing she sorta falls forward and her feet sometimes follow for a few steps and other times she's on her knees pretty quickly. But, she is moving along, that's for sure
Here are a few little movies to show you just how fine she is doing.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A normal post?

It is sunday morning, although time is quickly moving into the afternoon. Dave, COrrie and i went down to our car this morning, unplugged it, buckled ourselves in, and turned the key to be greeted by an angry, frozen engine that would not start. Our block heater is broken (we did know about that, but somehow we thought that our car could handle the -48 weather). Corrina and i stayed home from church, and dave suited up in long johns and a two pairs of mittens and two toques and off her went! I am working on a school assignment today, a subjective assessment of my family of orgin; practice for future work with families. Interesting, stretching and actually hard. I am not very good at summarizing so i have a lot of cutting down to do tonight!
Corrina received these jeans (well the whole outfit) from our friend Pam a few months ago and now they fit perfectly. They are little baby levis and I LOVE EM! It is so adorable and i have been sucked into liking it when she looks like a little teenager!
So that is my normal, not talking about Corrina's hearing loss, post! I just needed to focus on something different for 5 minutes!
I will answer comments and thoughts soon (like how/when we started thinking that Corrina wasn't hearing), but not today.
I hope you are all staying warm if your province is as frozen as mine is!