Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I am not writting this post to talk about the HUGE amount of snow, large six-pointed flakes, or how i am not too sure how i am actualy going to push Corrina's stroller 20 minutes home in the very densely covered sidewalks. Nope. I am Not here to mention the fact that i cannot see the intersection at the end of my street, 20 meters away because of the white out. I won't tell you about that because if you live in BC or winnipeg, you already know that it's a marshmellow world. I wonder if weather patterns are messed up in other parts of the world. It is suppose to be 14 degrees in Toronto tomorrow. Screwy.

I am posting to show you some more of our Christmas creations. Last night we settled in to work on some our projects. I was working on baby felt shoes to match a dress i am making. Neither are quite done yet.. soon i hope though, especially if this weather keeps up! Dave went into magical creative dave land and made beautiful recycled christmas card ornaments. We have done these before, but this year we are actualy using cards instead of printing designs off the computer. Perhaps we sent you one in the mail last year (perhaps not :( )
This time he came up with the idea to dress the finished ornaments with a collection of beads.
I am so excited to be able to decorate with all the beautiful christmas cards we received last year! You can find the pattern and how to here.

I am posting some more crafting/baking pictures and ideas on Buttons and Glue!
For now i must get all winter suited up again and trek through the snow to go get my beloved Corrina!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Puppet-time Video!

Check out our video, introducing our new friend GERM! Janie made him (uuh, it?) at Brownies, and we decided to have a little fun with her creation!

PLEASE follow this link and rate the video on You Tube!
-Dave and Janie

Sunday, November 26, 2006

more crafts for you!

Just a little note to let everyone know that i have put a little bit on baking up on Buttons and Glue. Also, a very simply (to keep with dave's post) christmas craft!
I am having a particularly grumpy sunday. Corrina, for reasons i still don't know, wouldn't go to bed until 11pm. She was just so wound up and i could get her to stop playing with her feet. Arrrggggg. I am super tired and irritable. I am going to watch Lord of the Rings and put up more Christmas lights. Dave is at Church all afternoon preparing with the cast for our Christmas Pagent. The hobbits will be keeping me comfortable.
Any thoughts on the relationship of Lord of the Rings to the old testament, current day, Christianity, or the world in general. I wish i had taken the course dealing with that at Prov.
Anyway, let me know.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Simpler Christmas?

I found this really neat little website from World Vision:

Meaningful Christmas

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Now, I love the IDEA of a simplier Christmas, but it's not easy! For me, the problem is this: I LOVE Christmas decorations, baking, and presents! I love the busyness! I love the excitment! Why would I want to cut back? But then they do have a really good point: I do not love feeling obligated and guilty for not doing enough/buying enough/sending enough. And when did it all become about Stuff, anyway?

One suggestion (take note, Colvin Family!) that I really liked was the idea of a Gift exchange, so that we spend less time on STUFF and have more chance to enjoy the season. Our friend Jodi's family only allows gift-exchange presents, and they all have to be hand-made! Very nice!

So how do YOU strike a balance during the Christmas season? Less gifts? Fair-trade decorations? Email your Christmas Cards? Please leave a comment and let me know! (I'm already feeling the Yuletide Burn and it's not even December!)


Thursday, November 23, 2006

mini crisis

Today Corrina experienced her first day of Daycare. We hadn't expected this new adventure to begin until January, but when it comes to infant daycare spaces in Winnipeg you take what you can get, WHENEVER you can get it. Last friday i received a phone call from the daycare with a spot for us. I had just called them the day before to let them know that i was still interested and was looking for anything from now until January. I couldn't believe that i received a phone call one day later! Wow. What a decision to make. Should we take this spot at a perfectly located care centre (it is about a 15 minute walk from our home, 5 from my school, and 10 from dave's work), and start early, giving up my time with Corrina and straining our finances, or should we pass this one by and kick ourselves later if we don't get a spot anywhere. What if i can't go back to school/work because we don't have care. I was very unsure of what to do, and went into mini crisis mode. Oh, the stress. I hate stress.
After talking with a few people from church who know about the struggle of finding quality childcare we decided to go look at the daycare, meet the person who would be watching Corrina and then make a decision. I picked Dave up from work and we met with the director and talked the situation over. We thought about it over the weekend, and as i have already mentioned that Corrina was there today, we accepted the position.
Corrina was so excited to play with new toys and other children that i don't think she even noticed that i was over in the corner playing with other little ones and watching her interact. She has a great attention span, doesn't share, loves mirrors, shows off all her skills to any adult who will watch her, and generaly enjoys the environment. She enjoyed her day so much that when morning naptime came she did not want to sleep. She just wanted to play and be with all the other children. So, after an hour of trying to get her comfortable with her playpen i decided to feed her lunch and leave for a bit.
I wandered around the city feeling quite lost, without purpose and a little naked without a stroller and babe in front of me. I missed her, but was not worried that she was having a tough time. I stopped by my future school to met with the admissions counselor that has been helping me. We took a little tour of the city and chatted about courses and such. I am excited to get back into studying.
When i returned to the daycare a few hours later Corrina was still happily playing. She apparently had ended up sleeping for about 40 minutes (this is horrible in my opinion since she usualy takes a good 1.5 nap in the morn, and again in the afternoon.) and then just continued playing, while yawning the whole time. I hope she adjusts to her new environment and learns to sleep again.
Now that we are home she is taking a nap. I don't want her to lose all her great sleeping skills. I don't want her to be grumpy because she isn't getting enough rest. I hope something works out at daycare. I will have to be extra earnest in my prayers for her.

All in all it has been a good experience. Tomorrow i plan on leaving her for about 4 hours. I will come home and get a few things done while she learns and grows in a new environment.
That's my little story. Mini Crisis over, all is well, we hope!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Buttons and Glue

To showcase all my crafty creations i have created a new blog: Buttons and Glue. It is located at www.buttonsandglue.blogspot.com

Or... you can click on the link in my list of far away places, over to the right!
What's awaiting you there? OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS CRAFT OF THE SEASON!!!!

Take a look, and add it to your links if you would like to!

Have a creative day.

Oh, and to keep everyone happy, here is a Corrina picture:

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bad videos!

I have been trying very hard to capture some little clips of Corrina crawling, playing, and talking ('ggggrrrrrggrr', throaty noise!) but as most of you know it is hard to film little spontaneous people, especialy when all they really want is to have the camera in their own hands.
So, here are a few bad videos that get the idea across! This is primarily for family who isn't close enough to have Corrina crawl into their arms, pull herself up and their pants, and beg to be held and kissed. I know this won't do the trick but maybe it will fill your heart until the next visit with Corrina.

And if you don't have time to watch videos here are a few pictures:
Dave and I got to go on a Monday afternoon date. I finished crocheting the little caplete i am wearing, and we had decided that when i was done we should wear it out on a date. We went to winnipeg's revolving resturant. Great view of the City from 30 floors high. We stayed for one full revolution around which took at least an hour. We couldn't stop looking out at the city and pointing out places we knew and figuring out which street was which! The food was awful (lunch buffet that tastes gross) but the lovely time gazing out onto the city was wonderful. I think if we go again we will head there when it has just snowed, it is night time so the city christmas lights will be on, and in the evening in hopes of a better dinner time menu.

Corrina is an expert stander now, although she is still needing the assistance of a chair to balance herself.

Friday, November 10, 2006

It's sticking!

Outside my window the naked brown trees are being blanked in thick, white, fluffy six-pointed flakes that are finally sticking. I, like Loralie Gilmore (she's real in my world, okay!) love the first few snow falls. Slowly the snall reaches the sidewalks and gently lies down for all to enjoy. Very self sacrificing.

This year we have had a few "first" snow falls. The other two didn't stick. I think this is the one to hang around a little longer.

Last night i again mentioned to Dave that i thought it was time to bring some decorations upstairs and begin transforming our place into a magical, warm, softly lite Christmas home. He said that he wasn't 'feeling' it yet (like feelings mean anything.. really!) and that he wanted to wait until there was at least snow on the ground. Yippy, here it comes!

I am spending some time this morning (after moping my floors) looking online at one of my favorite Christmas sites: Martha Stewart (who would have guessed! I like that i am pretty predictable when it comes to my relationship with the martha site. What can i say, it's a genial place!) I am thinking of trying a few new cookie recipes this year, and i am going to make some new ornaments, mostly out of paper i think, for our home. We are also going to do our best to have a lower calorie/fat Christmas. I have alot of research to do for this idea!
I have to let you know though, that i am not the first person to be in the Christmas spirit. I am way behind my friend Sue; her home is already beginning to glisten with her christmas creativity!

Please tell me about your Christmas traditions:
what are your favorite cookies (you could even leave a link to the recipe!)
do you like to make decorations? what kind?
any thoughts about a 'Healthy Christmas'???
What do one year olds like to play with? (yes, this pertains to Christmas, for Corrina will be almost one at Christmas and i am thinking she could a new-to-her toy!)

I hope the Christmas spirit is coming your way too, if you want it there!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wondercafe.ca and the Easy Answer Squirrel

I ran across an interesting article the other day and I thought I would share. The United Church of Canada (the largest Prodistant denomination in Canada) has launched a nation ad campaign, including magazines and television, to present themselves as a place of open-dialogue on a number of hot-button issues. The campaign is based around the launch of wondercafe.ca, a website for online discussion and where you can view both their print ads ( and EZ the Squirrel's TV Spot.

I post this because I am interested in people's response. Do you think this type of campaign will be effective? Are online forums a productive form of communication? How do you feel about open dialogue in the church on such topics as Sex, Gay Marriage and the Authority of the Bible?

If you're looking for my opinion, you can find it in the comments. But please check out the links before you do.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Coach Z, why come you don't post no more?

Just in case anyone was wondering, the reason I (dave) have not posted in such a long long time has been largetly up my nose. To be more specifiic, I have had a sinus infection up my nose and across my face that has swollen one nostril shut, puffed out my face, and at one point half-swelled an eye closed. I looked like I had been beaten up, half felt like it, and wasn't particularly up to blogging.

In other (less mucus-filled) news, things have been all manner of up and down for me lately. I think most of the 'downs' have been sick-related, but either way. I was down last week because I held a big youth event that I was very excited about and which no one showed up to. It was dissappointing, certainly, but the worst part was that it's really left me twisting. Should I pursue this group? Do I need to change the day? The time? My advertising? Do I need to change anything? Everything? I feel really thrown for a loop, like everything's up in the air and I'm not sure where things are going to land (and where I should try to catch them or just cover my head).

Beyond the 'blah' world of infections and absentee youth, there has of course been plenty of good stuff in the last little while. Bre's Brithday Party last week was a blast, with the highlight being the custome-made adventure game that Janie and Allison designed. Very hilarious and fun.

Also, the last two weeks have been filled with far more Gaming than normal, which always makes me feel pretty good. A quick but fun game of Settlers of Catan, many games of Munchkin (a fabulous game for those who don't already know), and a hilarious edition last night of "Kung Fu Samurai on Giant Robot Island" where you create your own asian-style B-Movie filled with Ninja action, type-cast characters and bad-dubbing! My favourite part was doing a running comentary of the plot and making up the dialogue to fit the bizarre series of events!

Sumo Wrestler: We must stop Skippy the Wonder Chow before he strikes again!
Shop Keeper pushed to the edge: But how can we do anything if we stay in the house all the time? I'm pushed to the edge!
Gambler: Hey, wanna Gamble?
Shop Keeper: Shut up! Stop asking that!
Sumo Wrestler: I hate that guy!

Meanwhile, in a shady back alley, an Apachi Helocopter lands beside and innocent looking dog.

House Servant: Skippy, I brought you the plans from the house!
Skippy the Wonder Chow: Woof!
House Servant: How come no one noticed my arrival? I came in a freaking helocopter!

We laughed ourselves silly for over an hour. Great fun. Feel free to come over and play a round with us sometime.

Well, my lunch break must be over by now. Take care all!

Friday, November 03, 2006

the cake

Today i took Corrina for the shorest walk we have ever been on. It isn't really too cold outside, or at least not half as cold as it will be come January. She was nicely bundled up and ready to face the chill and sunshine. I really really needed to get out and move my legs around. I have kept us inside all week, besides a few errands, because neither of us has felt very well. Corrina really did not like the part were i had to bundle her up, put her mittens on, and tuck blankets around her. She wiggled and fussed the whole 20 minutes we were out. Oh poor dear. Well, we still made it around the block at least on our first winter walk! We'll try again tomorrow!

I have been in a baking mood, but not an eating-all-the-baking mood. So, dave and I, more I than dave, have been contemplating looking for a second hand apartment size deep freeze. I think it would be convenient to have for when i go back to work/school so we can still enjoy baked goods, that i make now and freeze. They are good in so many ways, and today, after making little tiny zuchinni and banana muffins, i am focused on the sweeter side!

Here is the Care bear cake dave and i made for Bre! It was very tasty and so pretty to look at. It brought back many memories for all of us. Which care bear did you have?
I just tried to take a photo of Corrina playing to attach to this post, but let me tell you what happened. I got down on the floor, got her attention, pointed the camera towards her, and before i could activate the shutter she was coming towards me very determined to have the camera in her hands. When we got close enough and was not given the camera all her smiles turned into whines. I showed her the pictures that i took of her and tried to let her touch the camera a little, but folks, this was not enough. She needed to be holding and flailing the precious silver box about. I think she already knew that this was not going to happen and gave me a big pout session, then off to nap time she went! Oh my little darling. No cute photo today.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

She was very busy

I had a wonderfuly productive day today, despite my dry throat and cough. I cleaned out the car and put away all the summer items that occupied the trunk: chair and kyte. I think that dave would try to fly the kyte in winter if he could. I can't wait till Corrina can run along side him with colors floating, whisping through the air. I don't really love kyte flying like he does, but i will do my best to train Corrina to! Today i also shoveled our little parking space behind our apartment. All the snow had turned to ice already beside our car, and i was slipping all over the place while trying to carry Corrina out and get her in the car. I couldn't take the chance that i might slip so i cleared all the ice with our ice pick thing! It was fun actualy. I like doing different chores! I also put away a bunch of decorations, had a wonderful lunch and dinner, and managed to make it to my mom's group in the afternoon. Feels good!
Right now Dave and Corrina are having bedtime stories on the living room floor. Dave is feeling awful because it seems he has a sinus infection. He isn't sneezing, or having a runny nose like a cold would cause. Rather he is very congested and one side of his nose is actualy visibly swollen. He has been taking 'sinus' pills throughout the day to relieve him of the headache that goes along with sinus infections and tomorrow he will visit a walk in the morning and get the real hard drugs!
Corrina was very busy last night at our halloween-Bre's birthday party, so the photos i have of her are very candid. Here is the cake we made for Bre. Dave spent about 5 hours on monday making little chocolate care bears... yup, everything on that cake is edible except the rainbow! We love bre and wanted to give her a special cake! We played games, and sent her on a scavenger type hunt game thing and ate great ethnic food made by our friends!
I was a tree, and Corrina was the woodland fairy that lived in me. Pictured here without our hats, and corrie without her fairy boots and wings!
Corrina's double chin is nicely highlighted in this photo, as is her two front teeth! She added to that mouthful just yesterday when we saw the beginning of a front top tooth just barley poking through. Also, note the plastic container, which i could not take from her all day without much crying and whinning. Oh, personality!