Tuesday, September 27, 2005

For Sue and Dave and Julia!

S & D & J:

Dave found this cute cute picture somewhere in the files where we keep pictures! I wanted to put it up so that if you want to have it in your files you can save it and keep it! So sweet!
We always enjoying the photos and write ups you post. I am very glad to know what is happening in your day to day lives!! Well, it is morning, before work, and i have to start getting ready now! have good days!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Birthday!

So today was my BIRTHDAY! And i had a wonderful day from the very start! Dave brought me breakfast in bed: egg in a whole, a little bacon, and orange juice! My favortie type of egg! After that he brought me my presents! The best of all was that the bed side table (you see below) was HAND MADE! Dave cut and sawed and contructed it all! He even put little leaf cut outs on the side, just because he loves me! I love it so very much! A true original (dave and the table!). Now i can retire my cardboard bedside table for a gesture of love!
I really wanted to spend the day with friends, so in the evening we had people over for homemade icecream cake that dave created all on his own. I asked him to make it, but the cake itself was a surprise because it made it at our friends house and i had no idea what he was putting in it. He used chocolate bars, and cookies, and lots of layers of my favorite ice creams. One friend brought over a delicious pumpkin cake on a cake stand that i get to keep as the present! All our friend brought over their good company, love, and laughter, and some very lovely presents for me as well! I truly felt loved and spoiled on this birthday!
Oh Pumpkin and ice cream cake! Does life get any more delicious?!
Lots of Goodies for everyone!
The beautiful table!

Bre and Ernie: cherished friends!

Everyone: very wonderful and spectacular people and friends!

I also got a chance to spend the afternoon with a friend and have lunch. We met together at the forks, and we were actually wearing the same outfit: long sleeved red shirts under blue vests, with jeans! Cute us! I got a wonderful phone call from my sis-in-law, my new parents (mary and chris), my best friend from BC, and i spoke with my mom as well! Super day, i couldn't ask for anything more at all!
Thanks God!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Dave's Talents

Dave has many talents that he likes to share with his friends and family. Of course he can juggle a spoon on his english shnooze! He can take beautiful black and white pictures of Janie doing nothing of importance. He can take the same picture, but blurry, and he can give the camera to his wife who can take pictures of the cute cuddly kitties (also out of focus)! Those are all the talents Dave has for now. I think he will keep building his resume of skills! Hope you enjoyed the nonsense.

I see a person folding a blanket

So the last post included a very old picture, and this is a very new picture! Here we are in our green living room! Actualy i thought the green was going to turn out more like the background color of this blog template, but as you can see it is brighter, which we are very happy with!
Soon it is going to be my birthday, and i am very happy about this. Dave of course is trying to surprise me; he always has something up his sleeve, doing his best to give me clues that are all wrong. I told him i probably wouldn't put too much energy into guessing what he is doing, one cause i am not a very good guesser (although dave claims otherwise), and two i like surprises so i just don't go around snooping and peeking! My birthday falls on my day off this year so i get to meet a friend for lunch, and then get the apartment ready for having friends over for cake. I asked dave to construct some sort of ice cream cake with cookie crumbs and chocolate bars! Friends are coming over to share the cake, and probably play some games! I like people and i just wanted to spend the evening with people that we care about! I think i get to go out with some friends the next night as well, although i don't know what we will be doing that night. I had a dream last night that my birthday just kept going and going... how fun!
Tonight i am just going to catch up on some emails, and maybe unpack a box or two. I am getting more and more anxious to get boxes out of the babies room so that i can actualy start playing with the furniture and setting it all up! Oh joy!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The class

This is mine and Dave's first picture together! Isn't that sweet! We weren't even dating, but we had told each other we liked each other.. so this was the awkward inbetween week. But is had some definte perks and joys! ahhh, young love!
Well, a couple people asked what class i am taking, so i will take some time to tell you! The course is called Counseling skills level 1, and it is the first in a small applied counseling certificate that i plan on doing over the next five years. I was going to try in two years, but that was before little baby joined our lives! The certificate is only 11 courses long, but they leave the time frame open to the student because it is through continuing education! So the first class was super. We talked alot about the client centered type of counselling we are going to be focusing on learning. It is challening because this type of couseling sees the client as the person with the solution, not the counsellor, so even when the client asks/ says" what should i do to..., i just don't know what to do... i want to ask this question... i am asking this about life, what do you think..." the counsellor is helps them to explore their own question! The professor is excellent, and we are doing alot of discussion and role plays. The course just started last night, friday, and it runs friday night and all day saturday for three weekends, so i just finished the first weekend. Already today we were recording 10 min role plays for marks! I think everyone started the day feeling pretty anxious, but we all had a good time in the end. It is more about honest feedback at this point than actual skills. I mean we really did just learn and discuss these skills last night, now we need to practice them. I am glad i have a place at work to practice. I might be pouncing on people to talk to me now though... he he he... I think i will get some more reading done tonight. I just got home and dave is not here. I was not suppose to be home until 5 however, and it is 4:45, so i expect him soon! I think he is out shopping for a little birthday gift for me! I see on a piece of paper that we might be going out to a friend tonight! Looks like dave made some fun plans.. i see the word cake! That excites me! So, that is about it for now. Don't worry, i won't try to counsel any of my friends or my husband... that is just an unbrilliant thing to attempt! Keep exploring the world!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Back to School

I normally work on fridays, but because i am going BACK TO SCHOOL, i have the day off from work to do readings and prep. And yes, i am actually doing the readings and the prep. I am just having a little lunch/tea/internet break. I am excited, but nervous that i won't be able to find the class room because the one paper explaining that i was indeed registered, and my course would be in 'this' building, did not include a class number. I am sure it will be quite easy to figure out once i am there.
Back to the books, back to learning (i love to learn)!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


It is mid september today and I am very happy about this. September is a wondeful month, and not just because it is my birthday! I have always enjoyed the changing of season, especially from summer to autumn. In winnipeg we have had an early autumn (which hopefuly does not signify an early winter as well). Some side walks are well laden with brown crunchy leaves, and other trees are still comepletly green. I am also very glad that there are seasons in life. I am glad we move from young to old and accomplish many different things along the way. Just the other night I was talking with a few different elderly people and I realized stronger than i ever had before that they are certainly in a different stage of life, but that their stage of life is just as enjoyable. Although i am very excited to be entering the motherhood stage of life, and i am also excited to think about the middle stage of life, and even the day when i might meet a Grandchild.
I am also glad that things are always changing. The state i am in right now will pass, and soon circumstance will be different. This goes for most everything, and thankfully so, because it gives unending room for the movement of the Holy Spirit and God! Seasons: summer, autumn, winter spring... every single one is worthwhile and important; every stage of life makes way for the next at just the right pace!
Oh leaves, keep on falling!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

This is it! Here is our little baby, thus far, at 23 weeks. It probably would not be able to survive outside the womb. If it did it would have some serious health problems for the rest of its life, so let's just hope it doesn't come out yet, even though it looks so formed.
This picture of the spine is my favorite! On the left is the head, and the spine came to a perfect little point that you can't see in this photo! When you are looking at these you really have to think "skeleton" because you can mostly make out the bones!

Here are the legs! The pic on the left is the leg bending up with the knee in the middle. You can sorta make out a flat foot at the very left end of the leg. The one on the right is just some random leg, doing something. Again, just bone!

Need i say much about this lovely shot of the hand! There were a few images on screen where we could only count 4 fingers. It was kinda funny to joke, knowing that the thumb was just hiding!

Awww, the face! The next two pictures use arrows to point to the features. The nose is the whitish blob, skeleton like, and the mouth is the little slit underneat the nose. Just before the Lab tech still framed this image the baby opened its mouth, and we caught the little slit. I could not make out where the mouth was at all until the baby opened it up! It is practising swallowing amniotic fluids so it knows how to breath! Smart little thing! The lab tech said that the baby totaly yawned while she was doing her lab measurement images!

In the image on the left you can see a forearm and hand! The one on the right the arm is almost doing a muscle curling pose!

And here is a little upside down foot print. Again dave highlighted the image so you could make it out more clearly! The stuff to the right is pelvis apparently. If we knew what we were looking for we might be able to tell the sex.. perhaps... but we don't want to know anyway! cute little foot! Glad to know the baby has all its extremities!

Dave has to go into work this morning for
ten and i am going to walk with him and then walk back home! I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as we have! I don't know if i will have another ultrasound in the future or not, so this might be it until we see the baby face to face!
happy sunny autumn days to you all (it is autumn here, unlike everywhere else!)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Colors

Here are some pictures of our new place, before, and after!
We just had the ultra sound today, so no news yet! But i can say there is just one baby in there, and it is happy! We have pictures which we will scan tonight or sometime and post! Enjoy

This is our new place.. boring and white! And now it is spectacular and colorful! We finally have the furniture in some sort of order and can unpack boxes soon! The colors looks a little brigther than they are in this picture, especially the blue. But, you get the picture!This is Janie (duh!) @ about 22 weeks... there is a little bit of showing baby there! It sure does feel like it is growing quickly. I am now about 23 weeks and i feel bigger already!

And here is me today! Dave takes random pictures!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Moved In

It is Tuesday, September 6th. We started our moving adventure last week tuesday evening, and are finally able to start uppacking boxes! We did have ourselved somewhat settled into the new place; furniture was starting to find homes and the kitchen was entirely set up, until.. dun dun dun.. we decided that the walls were just too white and now was the time to do something about it. So we PAINTED! Wow, did we ever choose some bright colors in the end, but come winter when everything around us is white and dirty brown we will be alive and invigorated by our green, blue and orange walls. This project took all weekend and many coats of paint. I will post pictures when we get our phone and internet hooked up in our new place, hopefully that happens tomorrow!
In other breaking news we have our first UltraSound thursday morning! Oh exciting to finally see the little baby! The due date is in question so we have a little more information after this visit i hope. And no worries, i will be sure to post EVERYTHING we find out, and maybe we can get the pics up for fam elsewhere (which is everyone really!)
Many happy returns!