Wednesday, May 31, 2006

janie Shy?

I went to a mom's group this morning with a friend. It was really nice to get out and meet some new people, and see crazy little kids. All those kids running around really assured in me that i don't want more than maybe three kids. The odd things was that while i was therei felt a little funny. I didn't know what to talk about, or when to chim into a conversation. I felt shy. I felt like i had nothing important to say, and that i was only a 'mother' and nothing more. I really didn't like this feeling. I don't know who i am. I have felt like this alot since having Corrina; the only conversation i seem to be able to make is about babies and stuff. Now, this isn't all bad, but when that is the only thing you can think of... well that just makes me a 'mom', and i know i am way more than that, and i want to be way more than that. I was reading a few books a bit ago, which helped me to think outside the 'crib' so i think i will just have to make more time for that again. I miss the world of education, organizing (maybe this is why i pounce on dave with a gazzilion ideas for things he could do at Church. I overwhelm him the things i think of, but i must just be trying to use some of my creative and organization skills.), planning, playing, socializing... i feel like i forget how to socialize. I kept almost asking all the women what they did/where they worked, and then i remembered 'wait, none of us work.. shoot, there goes that conversation starter.' Maybe this is a challenge to me to dig very deep and find out who i am. Yes, i am a mom, and am happy to be that, but i never ever want to only be a mom. I know my identity should be rooted in Christ, but i'm not going to be fake and say that it is. It will take a lot of digging and planting to be completely rooted in Christ, and i know it is a lifetime challenge. I want to be many things and know many things, and i plan on being them and knowing them!
Lesson of today: i forget how to socialize with new people. Funny eh?

Word out, for now

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Should be making dinner

Well, it is about 5:00, dave comes home soon, Corrina is napping, and i am bloggin away my time. Yes, i should be lovingly preparing dinner for my sweet husband so i can lavish him with food and kisses when he comes in the door, but i simply am not that kind of woman. Tonight i am going to call on him to help me out, which he does without a fuss because he loves to make food too! And besides, i like sharing! Usualy by the end of the day i have run out of "clean house, and cook" type energy, and just want to visit, or play games, or watch movies, etc... tonight it just hit a little earlier! I did make some lovely bread pudding, with raisin bread and apples, (lonelyspoons cookbook. If you don't have them, get em'! Best brownies recipie too, with very little fat!) for dessert/breakfast, so i have half make food for tonight! Aww well.

Here is a recipie for you:

Healthy Pancakes (from vegitarian cooking for dumbies.. i think.. but could be very wrong.. anyway, courtesy of Sarah L)
1 c. whole wheat flour
1/2 c. white flr
1/3 c. wheat germ
1 tsp bk soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1 TBsp bk powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 3/4 c. skim milk
1/4 c. olive/veg oil
1 egg
2 egg white(beaten till they form stiff peaks)

*measure dry ingrediants into Med. sized bowl
*add milk, oil, whole egg and stir well using a whisk. Break up chunks of flour with back of spoon
*fold in egg whites with wooden spoon
*batter will be thick, but light and somewhat foamy
* cook as usual

We really enjoyed these pancakes! Lots of flavour, and very fluffy! Hhhm, they would be great transformed into banana pancakes, or pumpkim pancakes too (just add a little less milk). If you are a proffessional pancake mixer/maker, sometimes you can fudge with the recipie so you don't have to add so much oil. I used to be able to do this and still mix everything right and come out with a great pancake, but i have lost my touch. Oh well! Enjoy

Oh, here is a picture of our dinner a few weeks ago: shepherds pie, but inside roasted squash! Very delicious (thanks martha kids!)

Another Colvinson Comment Contest!

I just wanted to share a photo of my beloved Muppets collection, 'cause I love them. They're so cute and well articulated and whimsical. But then I thought Hey! why not make a game out of it? Besides, everyone loves muppets, right? (well, not you Candace).

SO, can anyone name all the Muppets in the picture? I'll get you started: Waldorf is on the far left. Go!


Monday, May 29, 2006


I just have two things to say:

First of all, how cool is This Article. Invisibility! I LOVE this stuff! (and this is WAY cooler than that article Wired ran a few years back.

Secondly, I was reminded the other day of an ancient Dave-ian proverb from my childhood, and I thought I would share.

Find a penny, Pick it up
And all day you'll have a penny.

(I was very practical as a child at times).

Peace out, Napoleon.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Beautiful wonders of mine

Dave and Corrie
Originally uploaded by JAnie & DAve.
I love Dave and Corrina to death. In all my dreams of who our baby would be, i never even began to imagine a person as soft, cuddly, pretty, cute, and sweet as Corrina. I think that alot of her sweetness comes from Dave. We pray that her personality contains all our best qualities, plus those that God will develop in her throughout her lifetime. I think she will be a character. We also pray that as she blossoms we can see hints of Jamie's buoyancy in her. That would be a gift. We treasure our little baby sweetums, in all her rolley-polley ways.

-An infatuated mother

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A gazillion things

Just for your information, sometimes i go through my day thinking "i could blog this' or 'wow, won't everyone love this picture' or 'let's do something we can blog about later'. Do you do this too, or am i a wako?? I am feeling a little obsessed with the net again, now that dave is back at work. Ohhhh, i have a great 'healthy pancake' recipie to share. I took it from my friend sarah's veg cookbook. It is super delicious and filling and healthy! I will post it soon. Right now i have to pull myself away from here, while Corrina naps, and go do something with my hands. I think it will be oatmeal cookies. Yum (we really try to eat healthy, but i think we eat too many healthy things, which is still over eating when it comes down to it. ekkk).

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Where we've been

Hello readers. Dave is almost done his week-ish of holidays so my lonely days will soon return. We didn't take too many pictures during the week, but we did some fun things! We watched some movies, went for walks, fed Corrina baby cereal for the first time. Oh yeah, she is now 4 months old! We can't believe how the time has passed. Life with her is wonderful. I think she likes her new treat of cereal, simply based on the fact that she swallows it! It is so funny to prepare a tbsp of food, and she doesn't even finish that small amount. Little tummies! She was weighed last week and she was 14lbs 12oz. She has taken a few baths in the big, real tub because she is too long for a baby tub now. Growing is good!
We has a little adventure while on holidays that got our pulse racing a little. We went for a walk one afternoon down by the river. Right now the river is flooded so the river walk is closed, but the ramp down to the walk was no longer blocked off. Dave wanted to throw a twig into the water and watch it move downstream (pooh sticks anyone?), so we ventured down the ramp to where the water came up over the riverwalk. Dave threw his twig and we stood there a few minutes watching it go. While we were standing there the wind picked up a little and we heard it russeling through the trees that were right beside us. I was rocking Corrina back and forth in her stroller when i heard a creaking sound, looked up, and tree was coming down on us. Dave was directly under it, and i had just pushed Corrina out of the way by means of rocking her. I scooted to the side, Dave dashed over beside us, and Corrina just slept! Eeeeeekkkk. So, a tree nearly feel on us. Wow. We were about 5 minutes away from home so we decided we would be safest there and we cut our walk short. We are glad that nothing did come of this. It is doubtful that we would have been seriously injured by the medium sized tree, but i am sure there would have at least been some broken bones and maybe some bloody heads! We are thankful that God is always watching out for us. No more walks down by the river for a few weeks.
We spent time rearraning our living room, playing video games, having fun with Corrina, shopping, going to bbq's (happy birthday candace), going to weddings (yeah for odie and zach), i sewed little summer capries for Corrie, we played a few games together, and just enjoyed every moment together. So here are a few photos, and a video

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The joys of a mother

This is Corrina sitting in her "rocking" chair that we received from two lovely ladies at church. Here she can practice her swatting. When the cowie gets pulled-on it sings a song. For the last little while she has been able to grab the cowie, but she has never made it sing. Just the other night dave and i were in another room and we heard the cowie singing! Our little daughter can pull things! What a doll!
Ruffle Bum! While she was lying on our bed during this photo shoot she started wriggling her little knees and was pushing herself upwards with her feet and knees! She was trying so hard to squirm along!!! How adorable.

Wow, my first mother's day! Today has been wonderful. Plus, not only do i get 1 day for mother's day, i get a whole week. Dave is on vacation and we are going to do many wonderful things to enrich our lives! We have been reading the Bible together, and we will do lots more of that this week. We will paint some shelves and hooks for Corrie's room, and then hang them up. We are going to rearrange the living room, and maybe the bedroom. Will might go garage saleing on saturday, and maybe bring some friends along too! I AM SO HAPPY! I love being a mother, and my joy is increasing because:
CORRINA CAN PUT HERSELF BACK TO SLEEP!!! Saturday morning she woke up at 6:30... a little early, but better than 5:45 like the day before. I went in, gave her a soother, left, and listened. She played and squeeled (sooo cute!) for about 20 minutues, and then i gave her a soother again, and she quieted down and went to sleep! Just now she woke up midway through a nap, and we gave her a soother and left, and she is back asleep! I am so happy. She is doing just wonderful and we are blessed to have a happy baby. She brings joy to many people (she gets passed around alot at church and spreads her love that way!).

I had a first with Corrina last night. We snuggled in a warm and cozy bath tub together! It was so amazing to hang out with her in the nude (won't include any pitures!) and feel her silky skin on my tummy! I sat her up in my lap so that the water was up to her shoulders and she kicked her little feet around and tried to drink the water at every chance. It was such a wonderful bonding experience. Dave then washed her up, while i held her! He took her and put her to bed and i got to stay and lounge in the soozing bath! So really my mother's day started last night.

What did you do for mother's day?

Claire: you can see from the photo of her in the dress you bought her just how much she has grown!

PS> Please take time to view the video and let us know if it works!

Friday, May 12, 2006


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just playing

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

She is magnificant!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Uhh Oh

Some of you know my obsession with expensive, unique shoes/boots. Have you seen my maroon, wingtipped Fluvog boots, for instance?? Well, i just found wingtipped maryjanes, and boots, and such for Corrina. What am i to do??? They cost about what we get each month for our child tax benefit, but i don't think that would be a wise spend. Oh dear oh dear. I don't think i will rest until she has a little pair. But, her feet grow so quickly.. ekkk...
take a look

under shoes of course! Oh no...

Monday, May 08, 2006

To Tricia

Hi tricia,

When i leave comments on your blog i get the following statement at the top of the page:

Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval.

So, i think people (at least dave and i) have been veiwing your blog, and commenting, but for whatever reason you have that setting on. CHange you settings! Oh, and check out our sidebar for your very own spot on our blog!
Love you, and we have been enjoying reading your travelling europe posts!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wishes really can come true...

Saw this. Had to share.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Living room Frenzy!

Our Living room is out of control (well, not really, but to me, Janie, it is.) I have such a hard time moving around all the STUFF in it... coffee table, excersize ball, chairs, baby things... ekkk. So for the past week me and dave have been brainstorming how we can arrange our living room. I want practical and esthetically pleasing. Dave just wants me to stop bugging him about moving the living room around (which will never happen... i am a furniture mover, but i am finding it is much harder to move a whole living room than a teenage girls bedroom. My room used to get shuffled at least every 2 months, and that includes me moving it all the way to the basement one weekend when my mom was away. She said i wasn't allowed to, but i was pretty sure she didn't know what she was talking about, and if only i took the time to show her how awesome it would be if i lived in our rec room than her life, and mine, would be alot more complete. I must have been a joy to raise!) But, i think i will feel more satisfied if we can come up with a wonderful way to arrange everything. Now, Dave and i have gone over a gazillion plans, and haven't been able to really "picture" anything, so i here i am, asking for help. What can you do, you ask?! Well, you can leave a comment letting me know your favorite decoratin website, magazine, etc. or you can come over (i'm serious!) and give me your ideas (there are "beauty schools" where one can get cheap hair cuts, well there should be a similar service for interior decor students.. know of any? I would hire one!), or you can put a photo of your living room up on blogger for me to admire, or you can tell me what you think (if you have been here and know what it looks like). I have been going through ikea magazines looking at pictures, to which dave replies "but those show rooms don't have nearly as much furniture as we do... and they aren't real, or lived in". He he he... i know he is right but i am SURE we can have a been arrangement than we presently have. I am now going to take a snap shot of our living room, as is (not put together at all) and let you tell me what you think we could do! All ideas welcome! (I know that having a nice looking living room is pretty trivial, but i have to be at home most of the day and i am ready for a change!)

Computer desk problem (we have to run a phone cord from kitchen to desk. It would be difficult, but doable, to have the desk in a diff spot.)
In the pictures above there are boxes from the table in the middle of the floor. Those, of course, don't live there. The gold chair lives beside the rocker, and the little white book shelf lives right behind it. Oh yes, and the white desk beside the shelves is moving!

Ohkay, decorate my house!

Beautiful table, wonderful chairs

Our kitchen is now wobble free. While we will miss the lovely blue table that Candace lent us for so long (thank you! It was a BIG blessing!) we are in love with our new round table and chairs, which are nice and sturdy! Before we know it Corrina will be joining us at this new table to gobble down mush and cereal! Here are some picture from our life the past week, and of course the new table and chairs (Thank you mom and dad Colvin. They are perfect!)