Saturday, November 26, 2005

"Let's Get Dangerous!"

Janie and I just had the best trip down memory lane via glorious VHS!

I was cruising down the isles in Value Village the other day and happened upon a factory sealed copy of the debut episodes of a childhood favourite that I had not seen in YEARS. For $2.99 I brought it home and have now just finished a 48 minute blast-from-the-past!! Why doesn't every body watch cartoons on Saturday morning? This was awesome!

And which glorious animated venture was it that we sampled this morning? You tell me! First person to leave the correct answer as a comment WINS! (wins what? why the Game of course! And maybe a chance to come over and watch it sometime) Your only clue is in the title of this post! Now get to commenting!


Thursday, November 24, 2005

SO many Titles!!! don't forget to read dave's posts

I have so many title ideas for this blog:
1. Everyone Just Calm Down
2. Okay, Okay i will tell you who came
3. Smells Like Bacon
4.Good Duffy!
5. Gruffy Dave
6. I have to give birth!! EEEkkkk

SO regarding the first one, i am very glad you are all excited to know who came to visit (it really does smell like bacon... delicious.. i am having a bacon, egg and potatoe breakfast because i basically can't have much else today. Eliminating my 'sugar' allergy, which is really just the fact that my body wants way to much sugar and doesn't do good things with it i guess. But soon that might be over!). Oh yes, the visitors. They were beautiful, from other continents, and came bearing LUNCH! One had the curious name of Allison, lighting her way with her firey red hair. She arrived from France (well, not recently, but still, she is from france), and greeted me with a kiss. The second travelor was shorter with a slender, petite frame. Her name is Ranran, and she came all the way from China to join in the eating blitz. There was a peculiar third person who proclaimed to only be there to "crash the party." Her hair was a tangle, she wore puffy vest and tattered jeans (until she took them off and proceded to eat lunch in underware. Afterall, the bottom of her pants were wet! I like this one! She's funny!), and gobbled up french bread. Hmmm, what fun it is to have eclectic friends who really know how to be themselves! Well, yes, the gang was Allison, a good good friend, her room mate Tricia (underware girl), and Ranran who was in China this summer, but has been in Canada for 4-5 years now. Allison planned the surprise, intended as part birthday present and part "we love you, just because"! It was wonderful. She worked hard to brainstorm a meal that i would absolutely love, and she hit it right on the mark! We ate tomatoe soup that was made with sour cream and pieces of onion. It was delicious. I don't think it had milk in it, just water and sour cream. I tried to make it the other day and something went wrong because it curdled. We also had Allison's famous french vinegarette dressing! The best! The salad was just green leaf lettuce and corn (another allison trademark), and of course cheese for the soup and french bread. A great feast! Allison also made 'microwave brownie' (brownie made in the microwave that comes out soft and chewy on top, and saucy on the bottom. I am not sure if it is suppose to be this way, or if this is just what we have all grown to love!) And Ranran brought cantelope and mango! Yummy! After lunch Tricia had to take off and go to class, yes with her pants on. Allie, Ranran and I just hung around and looked at books and talked! It was a wonderful time.

(EDIT: They talked about Miers Briggs the ENTIRE time, which is all Janie ever talks about anymore - D)

My bacon is still cooking. Well, i am onto the second round now but it sure is taking a long time. The package directions said to cook over low heat. I have never really done low for bacon; always just medium to high. Looks tasty though!
Hmm, what was the next topic... oh yes Good Duffy.
Last night i walked into the bedroom to find my sweet black Kitty sleeping on the bed. This is not unusual, and neither was the fact that he was sleeping like a person. He had his little head propped up on a pillow, was on his back, feet/paws in air, white nipples glaring at me through his dark, soft fur. Very cute, and very weird. I decided that since he thought he was a little human that he probably needed PJ's on to stay warm. I found one of the babies sleepers and starting dressing! He didn't mind at all, except the sleeper was too short for him. I called dave over to see the cute little site, and together we decided that a dress would be much more suiting for the kitty baby. Here's the pictures:

So, as you read in Dave's blog he is quite gruffy these days. He must be preparing for father hood. I like his gruffiness usualy. As long as his hair is done his gruff looks great! I think he just left without doing his hair; he really likes not doing his hair. Maybe he needs dreds again!
And my last thought for this blog is: I HAVE TO GIVE BIRTH IN 6-7 WEEKS. Some of you know what this means, i sure don't. But i think i am coming to a better understanding: pain, hardwork, pain management, lots of breathing, changing positions, doctors and medical stuff, and a baby! We are now thinking of getting a Doula (professional birth attendant who is there the whole time, won't sleep, adds consistency, helps out alot with comfort and suggestions, knows what they are donig...) just so we have even better chances of making it through without meds (unless something gets complicated, no worries, i really am keeping an open mind, but only if necessary! he he) They do cost a pretty penny, but dave thinks it would be worth it. Plus, there would be less pressure on him remeber every little detail we are learning, and be the "coach". He could be there to help me, and just love me, which he is very good at, and we could rely on the Doula to provide comfort measures and relaxation tips during the stressful moments. Lots to think about!
Well, that is my update!
Claire, are you in England? Are you doing to englad still? Are you still planning to come out to visit us and your new niece nephew? Let us know!
Take care all!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

World's Largest Post It Note

A few months back someone in winnipeg made an ebay auction titled "World's largest Post Its", in which he/she took a pad of lined paper and applied some glue. (some of you may remember this because I emailed it to you).

Well, in my office right now is a BRAND NAME 3M Post it note measuring 2.5' x 2.08'! That's over 5 square foot of POST IT!! It's amazing. I can't stop starring at the thing.

I'm thinking it needs to go up for auction.

Or on my trophy wall at home.

"Yeah, it's a Post IT. I bagged it while on expideition deep in the Urban Jungle. It wasn't a pretty site, either. I don't mind telling you that there was self-adisive strips everywhere. It's not the kind of thing a man can forget easily.

-the preceeding was deeply dramatic and should have been read aloud in a gravelly, weathered voice.


Biz Cas Wed

Hello All!
It's about time I posted on here, don't you think?
(You people in the comments section are getting Antsy!)

So today is Biz Cas Wed, which is the NEW Bis Cas Fri. I'm dressed in shirt-sleeves with Long Johns poking out all over the place. Mmmm! Waffle-ly warmth all over! And I haven't shaved in, like, DAYS, so I'm half way to bush man. Which is pretty awesome. I'm not thinking Janie likes it too much, but I DEFINATELY appreciate it. You know, since I hate shaving.

SOooo, there are a lot of sirens and stuff outside. And I went out and there was smoke and the smell of wood burning in the air. Apparently there's a big fire a few blocks north. I hope everyone's okay. (Bre, can you see anything from your office? Let me know!)

Sick! I totally drew a picture of myself on Biz Cas Wed, and it won't load? I've tried like Infinity times! GOSH!

Oh, and I've been trying to organize a time for people to come over and test drive my prototype Home **** runner game, but I get all nervous when I try to call people, so I'm still working on that.

Oh, and the big news about who it was that came for JAnie's big surpise on the 16th?! The people that came from OTHER CONTINENTS just to see my darling wife?

Well, I can't ruin her fun by telling you all, can I! HA!


this is NOT the picture I wanted, but at least it loaded. Sick.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Almost the 16th!

This is a special post for a very special someone!
Don't forget about your visitor, tomorrow at Noon (unless of course the weather doesn't allow).

Now, for the rest of you almost-equally special people:
Have you seen the weather out there?! There was SO MUCH snow on our car this morning, it was CRAZY! There was about a FOOT of snow on parts of our car (not to mention on the ground around the car, where I was standing in my summer sneakers) and that's a lot considering I brushed it off twice last night as well! Oh! Heavey, soft, wonderful whiteness all around! Why am I still inside?!


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Weather Forecast

Blogger doesn't give too many choice for font, but lucky for me they have my favorite.
How have i been lately? I am still a happy pregnant person. We had a prenatal class the other night and
i met some very unhappy, uncomfortable pregnant pregnant women. Not mE! Hopefuly i won't suffer payback for my absense of morning sickness with an awful labor or something equally painful.
Dave and i haven't been any bussier than
normal, but we just haven't made it around to the blog site in awhile. But no body has said anything anyway.
I bought a sewing machine two weeks ago and for the first time today i threaded and bobbined it up! Oh
, and of course i sewed on it. I made one panel of curtain for our gouge in the wall of a front closet. We have so many unattractive things living in this big space and we had planned from the very beginning to hide it all with curtains. One down, two to go. I am making them in 3 sections so we can easily get at the things behind them: jackets, purses, backpacks, recycling (well, i guess i won't be able to practice my aim from the kitchen with tin cans anymore), shoes, and yuckiest of all the cat box. Sorry i am not writing anything deep or personal on here. Just not in that sort of mood. PLus, i think everyone, everywhere should be aware of all the mundane things that occur in my life!
Dave is working on hanging up the curtain rod, which is really just a big wooden dowl. Alot cheaper and more attractive in my opinion! I will take a picture.
Now i have to upload the pictures
. I have no energy to do that ... blahhhhhhh.
Okay i am uploading the pictures anyways. I will add them and then what do you think i should do? Movie, clean up? More sewing... reading, sweeping? Hmm, i think i will go for a bit of a movie. Right now i wish i had television; i would watch gilmore girls. Oh, the pictures are done!
(notice the lack of drill bit!)


Something really exciting is happening here at the house of Us. Apparently, someone "special" is coming over on Wednesday, Nov 16th for a special something! I'm going to be at work, but I'm sure if Janie opens the door at 12 noon that day she won't regret it! Isn't that fun? She'd better have some tea ready, just in case!

Too long

Once again, it's been entirely too long since anyone posted here. What will the readership think? So I've decided to compose a list of various thoughts chasing eachother around with the well-armoured orb atop my shoulders.

(please note: I won't be offended if this is too long for you to care!)

I have a lot of stuff to do today in the office! Thank goodness for lunch breaks. Though really, I shouldn't complain. Coming in this morning was like coming in after a week-long vacation (which it wasn't), so I guess it sorta makes sense that I feel that way.

Man, I loved that video game. Break up with people when they have your video games sucks.

I appologize for the incontinuity.

Mom, that crock-pot dinner I prepared turned out great. Except that I forgot to plug it in. Opps. Yay for raw chicken sitting in a pot for 5 hours.

The Comic book/Action figure show was pretty darn sweet this year. Me and Bre went. I bought a $35 Transformers History/Guide for $10, a Waspinator from the Beast Wars series for $9, and a Batman the Animated Series Toothbrush holder for a dollar. Very cool. Thanks Bre for the Good Times!

Bre, I hope today is a better day. Read your blog, hope your doing better. I guess it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year but....
Everybody! "I'll be there for yooooou! (when the rain starts to fall...)

This is why I don't watch TV anymore.

A witches brew.
Tim Dunken.

We had a Young Adults Bon Fire with our church Young Adults group on Sunday Night. We ate SO many s'mores, quoted lines from a childhood classic, talked about all manner of anything, and generally had a pretty great time. Thanks to everybody for making it such a great event.

I'm feeling particularly random-minded today.

Pac Man!
( '< 0 0 0

Karl told me about the best documentary title ever the other day: "Beavers: the Biggest Dam Moive you've ever seen!"

I realized today that it's been a good few MONTHS since I played a decent strategy-based boardgame. And when you're trying to develope and perfect your own board game, not playing it makes this even more tradgic. This, I believe, is a crime against Dave-manity.

Have you ever wondered who Hue is and why the entire race was named after him?

I should have people over tonight to play Dave-manity. I mean a board game. A good one. Anyways.

That's enough. I'm offically going to get back to work now. Lunch break is over.