Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Accidental Nutella

Last night I was set to make a really nice no bake cookie I found here, and I accidentally made a delicious nutella like spread. 

No one minded to mistake! 

Here's how I botched the recipe:

- use a blender instead of a food processor
-added too much water
-tried to make up for the water by adding extra dates

-gave up and spread concoction onto a graham cracker and called it a night!

I'd show a picture but I'm sure you can guess what this chunky, brown, thick mixture might look like in a photo!

The actual no bake fudgey snowball cookies are excellent too.  I'd suggest making a proper batch next time you have someone coming over for tea!

And here's a picture of my baby.  How does this relate to the recipe?  She'll be eating the chocolate nut spread in just a few moments!

For those interested this is the Plan Dollhouse we bought Corrina for Christmas.  She has alot of fun everyday with this house and all the special people in it!

Another random picture to show the new, way more functional home of our wonderful and free piano, in the dinning room.  Now to learn how to play it :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Bash

How to have a fantastic 5th Birthday:
1. Start with a rainbow cake

2. Add a Birthday Tree (to put the presents under of course)

3. Invite a crazy scientist aka Dad!  Forgot to buy smocks for all children, but buy a ton of prizes!

4. Make explosions, gak, and goo, all with lots of colors that inevitably end up on your guests tee shirts.

5. Finish with delicious rainbow cake, homemade pinata and fun presents!

Even with the massive amounts of preparation, and the energy needed it pull it off, I'd do it again.  But only once a year!
Just for fun here is Corrina through the years:

6. Go shopping post party to replace all guests t-shirts

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Merry smiles

It would be so nice if we had one picture that featured everyone smiling, but Corrina's the only one trained right now.  But we all like variety, or at least i do, so here's a bunch of pictures with different grins!

So christmas was great!  Lots of time spent with different friends, and so many treats and games.  But its nice to be back to the everyday life too.