Thursday, May 29, 2008


It's a warmish Thursday afternoon, 3pm. Corrina went down for her nap a little late today, so I still have plenty of afternoon to myself. The very fact that I am typing this means that I am distracted, really really distracted. You see, I have a paper due for my summer intensive course. The paper is due tomorrow. It is on Romans (3:21-26 if anyone is interested). This passage seems like an obvious passage to write 8 academic pages about, until you read an exegesis, make that 6 exegesisisisis all by very renowned Biblical scholars. Humph.
So, here I sit, doing my very best to keep my eyes on my research and off blogs in which people are singing songs of gardening. And that is just what I wish I were doing, digging more beds, digging out weeds, and generally preparing our 'gravel compound' for it's long awaiting transformation into my personal oasis. I have some great pictures to add up very soon... when the paper is done that is. Pictures featuring painted walls, fenced yards, goofy toddlers painting and crafting! Corrina is gorgeous and tall, and starting her career as a super model very soon. Dave is car shopping to replace our crashed up accent that the insurance company wrote off, and I really am going to get back to reading and writing (and thankfully no arithmetic!)
See you all soon, online that is!