Friday, March 14, 2008

Corrina had her face painted for the first time last weekend at the children's museum. I was at home writing a paper, but when she came through the door she made sure i knew that she was a kitty, by pointing at her nose and saying "MEEEEOOOWWW"
Corrina and I painted easter eggs today, and made a happy easter banner out of them. I painted a few more than she did, but for a busy toddler she did very well at concentrating on the task! Corrina just dove right into this basket of laundry! I went to get the camera, of course by which time she had climbed out, but she was a great sport and 'modeled' her cute antics for me, over and over again! I just love my sweetie!

Here is a nice little movie of Corrina pointing out her eggs. Just remember folks, ya gotta be careful with that easter lingo!

Here is a nice little chat with Corrina. it is so neat that she can "talk" with us now! Love it!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Way back when

Let's go back to valentine's day (has it really been that long.. wow... let's just say Big, Long, Important-for-the-rest-of-my-future-as-a-social-worker(hopefully) Papers!)
Thanks for the stickers in the mail claire! Corrina put them all over her, and papers, and teddies... it was very fun!

And of course how can you have valentines day without sugar free whole wheat hearty pancakes! To make hearts, or any shapes for that matter, you dribble batter off a teaspoon into the skillet in the shape you want your cake to be, then fill it in carefully with batter! In other words, make an outline.. that's it!My mom came to visit and I didn't take enough photos with my camera because I was using hers to take them all. Ops. But this one is really nice.. Can it be, am I actualy shorter than my very short mother (yes, I measure in at a whooping 5'2")???? The funny thing was that my mom didn't know she was short. We had a whole conversation about how she thought she was average.. Hate to break it to ya mom, but, well, we're short!

So, does anyone remember when I eagerly sewed this for Corrina???? She was, just under one, and it was HUGE on her.. ha ha ha, i tried. Well, I am so excited that it finally fits! Maybe I will try the sewing things again this summer!Corrina had her "First Hair Cut"... but it was really only a bang cut, so i'm not sure if that counts... But we did put the hair in an envelope!

She looks much better now that she isn't pushing little wispy bangs out of her eyes all day long!

We are still loving our house, and finally have only about 5 more essential boxes to unpack.. there are loads in the basement that we will pick away at, but that will take years! Our next biggest task is to continue to make our house energy smart, and winter proof.. just haven't made it to that darn hardware store yet this week! We were in a minor car accident.. rearended... but that has taken up most of our time. Our car is written off, we are just awaiting our settlement, and praying that it will be something decent. We will negotiate for more if its not suitable, but we just want the process to work out well. Both dave and I have funny backs (corrina was there too and it hardly phased her!) which are taking time to heal, not to mention the numerous chiro appointments (no worries mark, corrina is seeing the chiro too!). But, we love our Chiro Doc so it's nice to see her, and I always feel much better aftewards. Actualy, sitting here at the computer desk is just killing my back, so I am going to sign off now!