Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pretty Paper

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Pictures Part II

Lots of pictures for everyone! During our Christmas shopping time Dave saw a Gingerbread tree kit at Michael's and decided that we should make it. He doesn't like houses because they tend to dry out and taste pretty gross by the time they get eaten. I whipped up the gingerbread (turned out moist and delicious!), and cut out stars. We have three different size star shapes already, but Dave was determinded to make the tree blend perfectly so he set to work trimming the edges of stars. I iced and decorated. Dave made a cute little angel that he carved from a jubejube, as well as little stars he carved from jubejubes! We shared the tree with our friends on Christmas day and it was all gobbled up! Many thanks to the mouths of our friends!
Dave made a beautiful nativity out of Potatoe heads this year! I thought that everyone should lay eyes on the creation. I think playdoh, potatoe heads, and coloring will be among the favortie activities of our toddler, and eventually glue and glitter (janie), and lego (dave!)! Tee hee!
Let's see, what other pictures did i post??? Oh yes, the little pottery bowl with the cute "ear" handles; i found this treasure at Value Village for $2! What a great deal. I love pottery things but they are usualy so expensive i only purchase them from second hand stores.
I asked Dave to do the dishes when he came home because i was making dinner. He happily agreed, and i thought i would take a picture of happy happy dave! (in truth i coerced him to smile big.. he was at the end of two loads and just wanted to sit down.. but pretending is fun!)

Hope you enjoyed the visuals! Take care friends,


Christmas Pictures Part I

Little Updates

Hey there everyone,

It's Dave here, and I thought I would just drop by with a little of this and a little of that, you kow. First of all, in response to Janie's last post: Every time you call it a Video Dance Party I can't help but think of Attoney General Janet Reno in a certain Saturday Night Live Sketch. While the dance wasn't quite as big or extravagent as advertised (or as well supervised) , it certainly was fun for our youth and very very loud (but I still can't believe they played Run DMC and Sinead O'Connor).
Secondly, Janie was right; Christmas was awesome. The only part that isn't so good is having to go back to work after Christmas, because work simply isn't as much fun as Christmas, and there isn't as much egg nog.
Thirdly, there are diapers in my home. There is a child seat in my car. This is starting to get scary. Exciting, but scary. I'm beginning to understand my Theology professor Tim Perry and his reaction when I asked him if he was exicted about become a father: He lifted his heavey head, looked straight through me and said "it's terrifying". (don't worry too much, though, I'm just going through a little phase. Most of the time I'm 100% thrilled. I'm just trying to respect fatherhood, and not pretend it will be easy or all laughs).
Forthly, Homestarrunner game day went well. The game proved once again to be awesome and cool, and well-recieved by all. We learned some valuable things and hope to keep it getting better and better. I hope to get "Special Abilities" up and running soon, as well as glueing the "item" tiles to heavier card stock for easier pick up. We'll have another game soon. I also learned two other interesting things, both from our dear Mr. Matt. 1. Munchins really is a fabulous game (I PROMISE I'll play it with you Bre!), and 2. Optimus Prime is Jewish! (who knew?).
Finally, I'd like to close with this: I don't know what I think of it, but please enjoy the link, and answer this question for yourself: What would I do if I found this under my christmas tree?


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A merry Christmas

Christmas was wonderful for the small, but increasing, Colvinson family. We opened lots of lovely gifts (thanks for the all wonderful things from England. I was saying to dave that the items you picked out for us would probably be the ones we would have choosen ourselves!) , attended church, had dinner with our most loved friends (sarah, tricia, pam, george and eileen (the gal's parents) ) saw the movie Narnia (superb), built a snow person (thanks claire!) and chit chatted!
Monday was spent shopping for baby items and setting up the baby room. We played a wonderful game of carcassonne with our treasured Bre (we adorded the game) and then watched some of the movie elf! Tuesday i managed to find even more things to do in the baby's room! As well we went and finished up our Baby shopping and bought a stroller and change pad! We bumped into our beautiful friend Candace at toys'r'us. We had just been talking on the phone to her, and then there she was! it was super fun! I love coincidences... or blessings! At 2:00 some friends came over to play dave's Homestarrunner board game (he created a whole entire board game from his head! Now it is in the testing phase)! After dinner today (tuesday), dave headed off to a Much Video Dance, hosted by the Youth Coordinator for all the Anglican churches in winnipeg. All the youth are there and although dave is in no way part of the set up, supervision, organization, or clean up he decided he would of course go to see our youth and have a little video dance party fun! Hope your having a stellar time my dear! He he! The youth crave dances so we were very pleased when someone announced they were hosting a dance that we didn't have to plan!
I am just puttering around the house cleaning this, and tidying that... fiddling with this baby thing and checking some websites! I am really enjoying my days off.
On Christmas eve my feet were horribly swollen, and my blood pressure was a little high so i plopped myself on the couch with lots of cushions under my feet to elevate them. The baby hasn't yet dropped, but i imagine he/she soon will, and my right rib will be very thankful for that! My feet are doing alot better and have not been swollen the past two days now! So, i am feeling very ready for this little baby to come now. All in God's timing.
I am off to find something to do within our little abode! Take care all who read!

Debit Denial

Have you ever tried to pay for something with your library card?

Amazingly, it doesn't work.

BTW, Homestar game at my house, 1:00pm

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Joyfull Message

The angel said " Don't be afraid. I'm here to announce a great and joyful event that is meant for everybody, worldwide: A Savior has just been born in David's town, a Savior who is Messiah and Master. This is what you're to look for: a baby wrapped in a blanket and lying in a manger."

What an excellent message!

One of the Children's Program teachers always find incredible books and buys them for the classrooms. She found a most beautiful book with magnificant pictures; I want to share these pictures with you! I know they are pretty poor quality because i just photographed them, but please enjoy them. (I don't know if Rachel D. or Heather S. read this blog, but i think they would especially appreciate these pictures because all the angles look like rugged, happy fairies!)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dinner, Ho HO HO, stinky cat poo, Owie stomache

Hi friends,

It is Tuesday, December 20th. 5 more days until Christmas, and 3 more weeks until our baby is officialy due to arrive. I am not ready for either. Christmas: i have some presents, i have been seeing things that make me think of people, i am excited to share and to give... but i really do not feel like i have taken time to reflect on the stuff behind all the giving. Try as i might to minimize spending and chaos it still feels like i have to participate in the many giving rituals. I just can't stop, even if i want to! I really appreciate the roots of this time of year: St. Nocholas and Christ's Birth. They seem to fit hand in hand, however Christmas and Santa Claus sure do not. How do i appreciate my savior and share love with people without being a consumer that really just hurts children in china while trying to spread light to friends?! I love the fact that St. Nicholas gave gifts to people who did not have much. That's really neat! And i am very glad that Mary heaved and groaned and out popped a little Immaneul head! Marvelous (i would still love to see an authentic, researched, dramatization of the nativity... something that was culturaly accurate and where the animals weren't hip hop drummers keeping time.. anyone know of a play or story book?? Do you think Mary would have given birth in a birthing tent with female friends? One bit of research i did once told me that the manger was a ledge in a stone wall, not a cute little craddle-like wooden box... it would have been very cold and hard..) SO yes, Christmas. I hope i learn to love and always be a keeper of peace.
And the other major event that slowly draws near: being a mother, birthing a baby... Either way, i just do not think i am ready for that. I keep trying to imagine my days with an infant: odd sleeping hours, happy sad, happy sad, getting baby ready, getting everything in the car, using the washroom to change the little diaper, going slower in general. What a task! I know there is not really anything much i can do to prepare for this, and that somehow i will 'just know what to do', and it comes naturally... i really hope paternal instinct comes naturally too, cause i think i am going to need alot of Dave's help. Not ready!
Dave did make an excellent Santa. He is so gentle with children and talking to them and understanding them is a gift he has. I know they could feel his care through all those layers of pillow, red velvet and white hair! Thanks Dave.

I am going to find something to make for dinner now. I want to know more about St. Nicholas and stop caring about Santa Claus and lists. My cats really stink when they use the box... peewwwwwwweeewwww! The lower part of my stomache (muscles in the pelvic floor?) have been aching all day and getting up from this here chair is really going to suck. I think the baby is dropping and things are stretching. That's all.

Monday, December 19, 2005


There are so many things in life that we never remember. At the time they seem so important, they capture our attention and wrestle us to the ground. The throw themselves up in our face when really the only spot they should be is behind us. Sometimes the littlest things can come along and occupy entirely too-much of our head-space.

Today I had about 2 1/2 hours to drive across the city, find stores, find parking, find presents, buy Christmas presents, and return home in time to do a bunch of other things that were screaming to be done. The traffic was nightmarish. Roads were slippery, people stopped in the middle of intersections, traffic creeping along at a snail's pace. When I finally got to where I thought I was going, I realized that I was in completely the wrong part of the city for what I was looking for (please excuse the ambiguity, as those I was shopping for will probably read this!).

And I was mad. I had had enough. I was ready to scream, to honk (which I never do) and even to swear at all the idiots who were in my way (which I REALLY never do). I had had it. I was steaming.

And I had completely lost perspective. The reason I was really mad was because I was asked to be Santa tonight at Janie's work Christmas party. Janie works at a shelter for women and their families who have been abused. Janie and her coworkers work their butts off every day to do a wonderful work. And I was upset because I felt underappreciated.

Being Santa was incredible. Children laughing. Smiling. Eyes like Saucers. Sharing secrets. Pure and holy.

Sometimes things can take your eyes away from what matters and steal your heart away from what really counts. Sometimes we forget.

Sometimes we need a little help.

Never lose sight of Christmas. And always say yes if someone asks you to be Santa.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Stocking Factory!

Earlier this month i decided that i would put my new sewing machine to work and make stockings out of felt. They are nothing extravagent but i like them! Here are some pictures of my lovely new machine (so (sew... he he) easy to use and thread and undestand! Thanks Chris, Mary and Grand Dad)! And of course the completed stockings. They are a little funny shaped in the foot, but i am just an amateur and only dave and i have to use them! Oh, can't forget the close up on the awesome fancy stich! I love that stich; very easy to do, and then i just cut off excess material to make it look nice and tight and even! Wahla! Who knew that sewing could require so few brain cells. Well, i should talk because at this point i could never pump out a quilt: AHHHHHHHHH! My love to all quilters for your beautiful work!

This morning i have some laundry going in our basement and i am going to take a little bit of time to get some Christmas cards addressed for people at Church! Tomorrow we are painting the baby's room after church. I am very excited about this because things are finally coming together and soon we will have a nice little room for baby (which matters more to me than the unknowing infant!)
Have a hopeful day everyone.


Friday, December 16, 2005

Thinking of Bre


A post just for you! Wanted you to know we are thinking of you and praying for you and your family.

Nintendo Geeks Rejoice

Okay, just in case you haven't seen it yet, here's a little video about the Nintendo Revolution's new controller to let your inner Mario get up and jump:


All I can say is that little bit with the sword is just too much.

Oh, and Claire (indeed all sisters throughout the nation), someone finally made a controller where jerking it around from left to right actually does somethinng.

Before i head to work!

Just a few thoughts from my head before i go off to work for the day:

- are you getting enough fibre? Am i getting enough fibre?
- I made Christmas stockings... pictures to come
- I think i have felt the baby's bum, head, and at least a foot or two!
- I have 7 days of work left, 4 of which are full days, 3 are half!
- Dave is a sweetie and i don't even need to back that up with a reason or example; it holds it's own
- i don't really know how to use semi-colons
- we have received an incredible amount of snowny snow snow over the last 24 hours. It is very white and clean, fluffy, heavy and pretty falling down. Maybe snow will softly fall from the sky forever!!!!
- i am now running out of time to get ready for work and must stop this random thought nonsense
- i really like chocolate and christmas tree ornaments

Have a hopeful day everyone.

Janers and Baby C

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Poor stubby-armed C-3PO

I just read the best Star Wars related quote EVER. Had to share it.

"There's not a lot of dignity involved in being in these 'Star Wars' films; I have no dignity left whatsoever. I mean, if I've got an itchy crotch, somebody has to scratch it for me. I actually can't do that - my hands don't go that far." - Anthony Daniels (Rolling Stone)

Now come on, little Anakin. Is that any way to build a protocol droid?

Quote found at
Printed without permission.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

We'll always have Saturday Mornings

I tried to spend my childhood, but I never ran out.

Friday, December 09, 2005

He turned my morning into gladness....

This may sound funny, but it's true. Laugh if you like.

As any number of people can tell you, I am very enthusiastic about Christmas Specials. One of my favourite Christmas specials since 1999, right next to The Muppet Family Christmas, has been Robbie the Reindeer and Hooves of Fire. This film is absolutely Brilliant. It changes the way a person lives his young teenage life. First saw this 'toon on a Saturday morning and was so enthrawled that I still have the TV promo memoried. I sing it most days around the house. (Dave Naus will not be shocked by this in the SLIGHTEST.)

To the tune of "Hark the Harald," double time.

"Here comes Robbie, he's a reindeer,
and a real great dancer, Ya!
He's got a nose and he knows Santa,
and he wants to pull the sliegh.

But there's Blitzen, he's a mean one.
Wants poor Robbie to be Freezin'
Then there's snow on Digimon,
two episodes with lots of fun....

Anyways. I'll stop now. (Yes, there's more! But it goes on about Ty being naked, so I'll skip that for now.)

ANYWAYS. This thing is Brillient. Stop-Motion/Claymation animation (using ball and socket armatures as well as standard plasticine) and a WICKED comedic edge. Which is to say that it's British. Voiced by some of the top comedic voices in the UK. Unbelievably good. OH! And it was produced by Comic Relief, a charitable fund for sick Children (also responsible for Red Nose day).

BUT: If you haven't seen Robbie the Reindeer yet, BE WARNED!!!! THERE IS A FOWL PLOT AFOOT!

America Strikes Again.

Now, I'm not one to bash our heavily-armed neighbours to the south, but this time they have gone too far. On Dec. 17, CBS will be airing TWO Robbie Adventures, Hooves of Fire and the 2002 release The Legend of the Lost Tribe. Sounds good, right? NO!!!!

For $ome $trange rea$on that I CANNOT $ee, somebody in America thought that the Robbie films would sell better in America if they got AMERICAN VOICE OVERS. Do you have any idea what it's like to tune into to some of your favourite animated characters and hear BRITNEY SPEARS and BEN STILLER come out of their mouths? Like they were choking on Stupid and spitting up their Dignity. Eww. Almost the whole cast has been recast with bottom-of-the-barrel voice performances by people who apparently have no idea what it means to do voice acting. IT WAS TERRIBLE! It's like they weren't trying! ACK!

Janie and I rented Lengend of the Lost Tribe on DVD and I barely slept that night I was so upset. We seriously were totally bummbed out. The story was alright and the animation great, but the characters were flat, lifeless, and didn't seem to get that which lines were supposed to be Funny. (Oddly enough, the "American" version includes British talent Hugh Grant, but either they didn't use his voice or he sounds EXACTLY like the other guy that played Blitzen. Wierd.)

But there is hope.
The next morning I had to try something. So while scarfing down my Life cereal and All Bran, we spun the TV around and tried something. Power. Play. Audio Options. And there it was! Way down on the bottum of the Setup menu page was "Alternate UK voice track!" WOO HOO! It's true! The original voice ARE included on the DVD, and the Legend of the Tribe was saved!

SO, in recap:
Robbie is AMAZING.
Don't watch the American version. Sucks.
Rent both shorts on one DVD, but look for "Alternate UK vocal track" on back
Go rent it right now.

Oh yeah, some scenes may not be suitable for youngest children.

-Gotta Go. Late for Chiro.


Monday, December 05, 2005

35 Weeks

Don't i look just wonderful and happy?! The baby is getting fairly big now, but not too big. I still have people say that i am a "smaller" pregnant person, and then someone else comes along and says "wow, you are big for 8 months!" I am just me, and the baby is just itself and we are the size we are, no comparison!
So the aches and pains finally started today, and if you saw a pic of me now i wouldn't look as happy :( Well, nothing awful of couse, just regular aches...things hurt a tiny amount this morning, and then by the time w
ork was over i was scared to get in the car and couldn't wait till i picked up Dave so he could drive. The pain is in my rib cage because i am short. I have not been "kicked" in the ribs necessarily, but i suppose the pressure of everything is finally stretching and hurting my ribs. It hurts to laugh, breathe, use any form of stomache muscles, bend over, use my right arm, lie down, sit up... etc! Dave has been taking care of me though. I am just going to have to learn to sit down more and not pick things up! The magic bag is MAGIC i must say! But, all in all i am still wonderful, and know i have had things alot smoother than some and thus i am very thankful that the Lord is taking care of me and that really a little pain is no big deal, probably just my body and God saying "slow down now"
I bombarded dave with bright flashes in his eyes upon his arrival home the other day just so you could all see!!

He is a real tropper! He walks to work everyday in the Winnipeg cold (yes winnipeg is now a descriptive word for cold; worse than blistering!) so that i can have the car for my work and not take the bus. As well that way i can do pickups of donations for my work. And... he never ever complains! Such a great person.

So most of our weekend consisted of the Pagent at our church. Everything went really well! On saturday we got to celebrate our friend Ernie's Bday with brunch and Go karts! Everyone had a great time! Good idea Bre (she's a kid genius!) We finally picked a date to paint the baby's room: December 18th, sunday afternoon! Cutting it close eh?

Dave and i are going to eat dinner now: a wonderful crock pot creation! Adios

Thursday, December 01, 2005


This is a new one for me. Trisha, Karl, I thought you might like this.

Click link to read on:

Monkey's and Elephants

So, we have had the tree up for about 30 minutes and already our kitty Maera has managed to climb almost to the top! She didn't stop climbing because i was scolding her to stop (which works very well with this cat), but rather because she lost her grip and momentum and starting falling downwards. I imagine that fall to be rather prickly and uncomfortable, so maybe she has learned her lesson. Christmas makes our cats turn into monkeys! They have been running around like mad since we brought all the christmas things up. Oh, and we had to move the couch and chairs to fit the tree in, and of course we found about 20 of their missing toys! There were some wrapped hard candies (duffy's fav), little red berries from a wreath thing (maera's fav), a chop stick (?), and a piece of corn bran cereal. We haven't had that kind of cereal in quite some time now.... ekkk.
I really hope kids are this much fun!! So our tree is very naked at this point because dave had to head off to work before we got anything on it! I don't know when we will have time to start decorating it though... honestly we have something every single night this week, and all weekend we have the christmas pagent at the church. We supervise all the kids in the play and help keep them occupied while they aren't on stage. I am excited about all the christmas parties and events coming up, and wish i could go to everything happening in the city (nutcracker ballet, bare naked ladies, munchapoloza with cookies and milk...) but know that i would just go crazy in the end . It is kinda scary because we have lots of christmas things to get done, and lots of baby things too! If this little one comes early we will be i trouble!
Our major tasks before the baby comes are painting the room, getting a craddle someone is lending us, getting the crib someone is giving us, sheets, layettes and such, cleaning the room, figuring out cloth diapers (someone is going to give me a great pattern and help me learn to sew them!), stroller with snow/ice tires (he he he), baby snuggly carrier, and i am going to make a little toque for its little head. Lots of important things, but not too overwhelming i guess. Someone from church gave us a bag full of excellent condition boy/neutral baby clothes. It has alot of newborn things in it (from gap and other nice stores), so our collection keeps growing! I can't believe all the clothes we have already and nobody to put inside of them yet! All in good time!
Dave and i will try to get some pictures up soon! Thanks for reading!