Saturday, October 28, 2006

Corrina is well past 9 months old, and i didn't say anything about it. Ops.

My Momma grows beautiful Dahlias.
Here is my older bro!
There are so many different types of dahlias. Corrina put one in her mouth, not the HUGE one pictured here, just a little one. She thinks they aren't too tasty so she just spits them out.
Hanging out with Uncle Eliot!
Checking out Grandpa! It was so great to see my dad and brother, and to have them finally meet Corrina.
Relaxing with Grandma!
Corrina got a kick out of sitting in the laundry basket while i folded. That is, until she tipped herself out and crawled away.
Our friend Karl has left for Mexico, but we did get to visit with him and other friends just before he left! He'll do pretty much anything, so we played games together!

This is Corrina sitting pretty and eating leaves on her aunty claire's front yard. We are always treated to a photo shot when we visit claire, and she is very good with the camera! Thanks Claire! Hope you are feeling alot better.
There are lots of animals at my mom's place! Martin (step-dad) has a farm and let's other farmers keep cows in his feild because he isn't a farmer himself, but likes the animals. This white chicken is called a silkey. I didn't know what the heck it was!
Moo! And they sure did do that alot. My mom lives in an apartment in the top of the barn that was specialy built for her so she could have some 'her' space (i have a very wonderfuly odd family that i love!) and of course the feild with the cows is right beside the barn. We heard alot of moooooiiiinnnnggg!
This next picture is Tina the bunny, and a chicken! They all live together! The funny thing was that my mom, who feeds them all, kept saying "Tina, eat your food" She didn't know why i was laughing.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Pictures!

Well, the time has come for me to post photos. It is lunch time, and Corrina just fell asleep for her nap. She spent about an hour kneeling at the edge of her crib bouncing up and down and trying to snuggle her teddy and rub her eyes. She was so distracted by her new skills that despite her extreme sleepiness she couldn't stop. Eventualy i got fed up with the bouncing, whining, laughing pattern and lowered her crib to eliminate the temptation! I just don't understand what she wants these days. If you have been around us in the last week you have probably heard her new whining voice. She has alot of strong personality, which is wonderful and will take her far i am sure, but in the mean time she can't talk and thus whines at things. Anyway, now she sleeps, i am getting lunch ready for me, and i will post pictures while i wait!

Or... maybe not... the photo option just does not want to work. arggg. I will keep trying.. after i eat a litte!
Well, its not working, so i again leave you with a mundane, photo-less post!

ps, Corrina makes an adorable Fairy, and i will have to torture you longer with no photos of the dressed up babe because i forgot to take pictures. But... i will dress her up and photo-shot away!

Hope your days are filled with Jesus Love and God moments!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Back Home!

I wrote this a week ago:

I had such a great time in BC with my Momma! The thrift stores in Chilliwack are amazing with lots of very gently used, trendy clothes! We visited the river close to her house for a walk one morning, played on the lawn with the animals... well, looked at the animals, did lots of laundry and hung it out to dry in the sunshine, went to ikea, visited with my dad and brother, visited with some friends, and soaked up the sunshine before returning to a chillier climate!
I am busy today working on crocheting projects and scoping out good patterns online (there are so many crochet and knit blogs and sites.. i am blown away!). I am waiting for some fudge icing i made to cool so i can ice a Treasure Chest cake for Brownies tonight. We are having a special Pirate themed ceremony.

Rachel, i will start looking through some books and such for craft ideas. I often find some doable things online at be sure to look there! But no worries, i will get back to you soon with my favorites from years gone by!

And yesterday:
Opps, it has been a long time. Good day for an update. Corrina is a very quick baby these days, getting into everything. She hasn't managed to eat any of the cats food yet, but she has tipped the bowl countless times. She keeps herself busy by corning the cats, laughing at the cats, crawling under the table, and chasing the broom as i sweep. We have been out for a few chilly walks and she doesn't just fine in the cold weather. She even keeps her mittens and toque on, once we are outside! our computer has been working like a snail and i think that i finally got the pictures to upload off the camera.

And Today, hopefully:
Everytime i sit to blog something happens: computer slows, COrrina quickens, phone rings, lunch time, dinner time, halloween costume making calls! Corrina will be dressed as a little woodland type fairy tonight, and i will be dressed as the tree she lives in. We have a brownie halloween party to show off our costumes at. Pictures will be taken!

Tomorrow i will post all the pictures! Right now i am off to play with COrrina, and then to continue halloween things!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Here are some pictures from our week. Dave has been enjoying the series "Firefly", a very interesting sci-sfi series that is almost like cowboys in space. I really like it as well, and am very surprised by this. Today, Friday, Corrina is a little cranky with a runny nose. I am hoping she is teething again and not developing a cold because we fly away to BC tomorrow. I am not looking forward to 4 hours on a plane with her on my lap. She is so wiggly these days and just want to play on the floor. Please pray that she feels better by tomorrow, and that she can find enough things to keep her busy on my lap. I am definately packing lots of medicine, my nose sniffer, and toys toys toys... oh and food, lots of little snacks! I am super excited to see lots of friends and family!
If you think of Dave this week please pray for him as well, or give him a phone call and hang out with him. I am sure he will find things to occupy his time (i am leaving him a list of to dos!), but i know he would appreciate company too!
Enjoy the photos!

I made a new pair of shoes for her little Feet!

All ready for an afternoon walk in the chilly air

Our Street Corner looking onto Broadway!

Our visitors: Keyra and baby Elaina!

On our walk we went to visit Daddy at Church!

Lots of Beautiful trees in the church yard!
This is the Legislative building that we live beside. We can see it from our parking spot and from many spots throughout the city. Dave loves the fountain that flows all summer and shots water very high:

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Homestar Board Game on the Go!

Today I sent off my first email to Matt and Mike Chaps about my Homestar Runner Board Game! I've been working on this game for over a year now and I'm very excited about it! Its' fun, it's orginal, and someday soon it might be available online at a reasonably price!

So when they read my email and see what a brillent idea it is, and put it on their website and make my amazing board-game skills world famous, y'all are going to buy a copy, right? Gee, thanks!

This is me chasing my dreams. It's scary, but really exciting and I'd encourage all of you to do it.

-Dave Colvinson

“Free Country USA is in a FRENZY! Online Fans are offering Top Dollar for genuine swag! Get emails from fans offering $$$ for Stuff, race around your neighbourhood and search for the goods! $2 for Marzipan’s Guitar, Carol! $3 for Homestar’s Witches BrĂ¼e! Be the first to collect $10 and Win! But watch out, everyone else is out for the same stuff, and they won’t hesitate to take it from you! Sweet talk your neighbours, Confuse ‘em, or throw a Cow Lamp at them! It’s good, clean family fun with just a hint of Mayhem!”