Sunday, July 10, 2005


Since our adventures in haircutting, life has not really been paranormal. We did, however, purchase a new digital camera, and i thought i would share some pictures of our litte (although getting bigger) kittens. The black one is Duffy, the other one is Maera. They are both about 10mnths old, and so cute. So here are our little pride and joys, so far!
Duffy and dave playing Yo Yo! He can jump high

duffy likes to play

Pretty pretty girl

She loves the window

Oh, the duffy is so cute!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Night of the Razor's Edge! - Dave Colvinson

It all started just the other day. I hadn't hardly slept the whole night and getting up wasn't easy. The city was baking in the heat of the morning, and so was I. Pulling myself out of bed has never been easy, but today something made everything worse. Something was clinging to me, dragging my head back into the matress. With near herculean effort and pulled myself away and came face to face with my foe. There, starring back at me in the mirror, I saw the problem. At long last, the day had come. *the preceeding wass moody and cool- like a black and white movie with bad editing- and should have be read in a gravely voice* This is the end of and era. You know those times that goes down in history as, well, historic? The day was the Forth of July, 2005. Kinda appropriate.

I decided the moment I woke up and saw myself in the mirrow. Or "Mirror" as you may like to spell it. I just looked up and...and decided. "Yep, I'm done with these guys."

I told Janie later that day. I've known forever that she might be "hostile" to the idea, but she actually took it really well. When we went home for a quick dinner, she grabbed the phone and booked the appointment, and that was it.

I had decided that today was the day. And like a British Red Coat clinging futily to American soil, my dreads had seen their last sunrise. I was getting a haircut.

Now, I have to explain something. I haven't had a haircut since highschool, and I've been out of college for a year. I've had my dreads since April 2002, the year before that I had been growing my hair out for the dreads, and the year before THAT I had been giving myself haircuts at home, a la buzzcut.

We arrived late for my appointment, of course - like we do for everything, but it was alright. We walked in, and immediately there were looks of concern as each of the hair dressers checked the list to who was up for the next customer. One young lady came out, saw the list, saw me, and just left. I saw her talking to one of the "senior" hair dressers, who to the front to ask me some questions, then return to the back, no doubt with a few last words of comfort.

Truth be told, she may have been worried at first, but she did a wonderful job. At first they assumed what most people assume - that having dreads removed can only be done by shaving a person's head (perferably the head to which the dreads attached). Not so! After I was sat down in the fateful chair and she stated to cut, we were able to leave about 3 inches of undreaded hair, at least! Janie was completly grossed out by the contents of my dreads, which was probably a mixture of dandruff and old dread wax, but which looked more like powdery white boogers. Ew. Janie got her fingers right in there to help with pulling dreads apart and helping me to decide what to do afterwards. She's so great. I guess I had thought more about cutting the dreads off than about what the aftermath would look like.

Man, it's getting late. I'm not used to this new-fangled bloggin' thinger.

Okay, to make a long story a little shorter, I'll skip to the end and let the photos in PART II tell the rest of the story.

In the end I have to say that things turned out great. I'm totally pumped about the new "do" and feel way more comfortable. Now I can take a normal shower like other people and I don't have to sleep on a pile of rope!

Why did I do it? You mean, other than being sick of having the same hair cut for the last 3 years? Well, I was getting a little too warm in the summer heat, and I think I was starting to get head aches from the weight of hair on my head. Partly, I was tired of being "the guy with the dreads." It felt like people only saw my hair, and I didn't like that.

Well, that's all for now. I'm tired and I'm missing Superman, The Animated Series. Go look at the photos. I'm going to bed.


Don't hesitate any longer... GO look at the photos below!

Night of the Razor's Edge II! (view ONLY after the original)

Like a Slide Show

Eating Dinner!

Ha Ha!


Dave says "I look like a mad scientist from the eighties!"

Short and Pretty

Janie has short hair too! Now we can share styling products!

I'm so happy because i don't have to wear a shower cap anymore!

The best comment dave got came from an old priest at work, Father Ron, who said "janie will be sorry because all the girls will be chasing you because your not ugly anymore." yeah....

The end! For now!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Keep your eyes open for some pictures that you won't want to miss! Dave will post them very soon! I promise, you want to see these ones!

A good day to all


Monday, July 04, 2005

Guitar Smuitar

Dave and I were taught, by our lovely friend sarah, how to string our Guitar! Its a very old hunk of wood, and the next is distorted so it buzzes when we play, but we sure are having fun strumming out some of our favortie songs! My finger nails were growing so nicely, which normally they never seem to do, so of course i was disapointed when i realized that alot of my chords were coming out very wonky because i couldn't get my fingers down on the strings hard enough. My nails were in the way, and they had to go, at least on my left hand! The best part about having a guitar around is now I have something to get distracted by! Dave has lots that distracts him when he is meaning to be cleaning or doing some work, but i usually just get discracted by more cleaning... until now! Everytime i see our newly strung hunk of wood i get motivated to learn just a little more than i knew yesterday! Okay, the actual best part of having a guitar around is that we are trying hard to perfect our "worship chords" so we can do worship with the Youth Group! Such a wonderful opportunity to get closer to God for everyone!
I just love giving things away to the thrift store! I love it because one, other people get to enjoy the things i have enjoyed, and two, i get to find more treasures to fill up the space i emptied (of course, i find these treasures at the thrift store and make a nice little cycle of give and take)! I am trying hard to teach dave the joys of giving up things that someone else would love, and i think just yesterday he caught on. We were going through our clothing wardrobe, which was Dave's idea in the first place, and he managed to find more than to me pass on! I was so proud of him. So, if you call us and we aren't home it is probably because we are out shopping at thrift stores looking for some new and crazy rags!
I already know i am weird!

All Done!