Saturday, December 30, 2006

We had a very mellow Christmas, but it was good! We exchanged a few presents, were invited for dinner and enjoyed every delicious morsel-well i who was well did- and were blessed with quick medicine for Baby Corrie's ear infection. I cannot imagine living in a country where something as curable as an ear infection might cause a baby to die. If we were not able to see a doctor (quickly, when we wanted, in a week, or even a month), be able to zip over to the pharmacy (oh, and there was a pharmacy at the clinic, but we chose to go to one that already had our info in their system... some people don't even have one in their village, town, country, let alone many to choose from), and start baby on meds she would have continued to be in pain, vomit all food and water, and probably die from and ear infection. How awful that a simple ear infection (which isn't really all that serious to any North American mother... baby takes yummy meds, baby gets better) can kill. Plus there are numerous other diseases with much harsher symptoms and effects which kill countless children everyday. It makes me so sad. This is what i am going to do.

On the lighter side of things:
I now have a cold. Boo. We are not healthy, but we sure are over tired! It is finally snowing again in winnipeg. The flakes are gentle, chilly, and pretty. I love when you can see the points of real snow flakes. Blows me away.
Dave is reading a comic book he bought for himself with some christmas money.
We still haven't received our photos back, this you don't have a card from us yet. Sorry. As soon as they come that will be my priority.
I am going to update my craft blog now.

Happy new Years to you!

Corrina finally has enough hair to style in the bath-tub

She wasn't actually interested in the Christmas tree or presents, so we plopped her down and got her into the idea! After that we pulled down the soft ornaments that were hung low for babies (and kitties)!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Corrina's 'flu' was still not gone by monday, Christmas, and the vomitting was continuing. We went to the clinic and it turns out she has severe ear infections in both ears. She is on antibiotics of course, but still isn't keeping food down... well, applesauce is staying down, but can that really be considered food when that is all she has eaten for 6 days. Poor babe. Please pray for her if you think of us.

Dave is sick as well, i don't know with what. Something like the flu i suppose. He is run down and sore, and also not able to eat very much. This has been an odd Christmas.
On the bright side Dave gave me tickets to see "Peter Pan" at the ballet tonight, of course with him. We have a sitter and hopefully dave will be able to sit through the show without feeling too poorly.
Me, you ask? I'm just tired and trying to get a shower and a walk in today. Hope they happen, they would help me out!

I'll post more when we are all better later!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Colvinson Quiz

We have little riddle for you:

5 Heaving throws up
4 Hours napping
3 pairs of dirty pants
2 loads of laundry
And...a partridge in a pear tree!

Can you guess what has been going on at our this Christmas Eve Eve Eve night and Christmas Eve eve Day??

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Announcement: I am done Christmas shopping, but haven't even begun to put together Christmas cards. A little backwards this year. You WILL get a picture and a card!!!

Instead of a buy nothing CHristmas we decided to have a buy less Christmas at our home. We also had a more-homemade Christmas and shared our crafting abilities with friends.

Dave put up our Christmas Village over the weekend. It is beautiful, i love it, and it reminds me of being a child. At our house my mom would instruct us to collect a few of our toys to place on puffs of cotton batting/stuffing. Of course lights shone through from underneat creating a beautiful, cartoony glow. The toy that always made it to the village was our Ewoke play set. I'm talking the original from the Ewoke/star wars movies... created sometimes in the 70's or 80's. My mom saved this play set and all it's parts, and now it is the central piece in our Family Christmas Village. Dave did an extraordinary job setting up the display. Each little group of toys has a story line, a song, and a task! Very involved! Thanks dave, i love you. I can't wait until we can have corrina bring her favorite toys for the Christmas village. I imagine in a few years if will spread over our kitchen table!

Last week we were out at Christmas Shing digs almost every night. Corrina was home one night out of 7 or 8. Absolutely too much coming and going, but none the less a lot of fun. We even attened a Christmas party at a extraveagent home where servers took our coats and shoes, poured our drinks and carried trays offering delivciously obscure H'orderves. Our pastor's wife at church gave Corrina a cute little Christmas dress. I will snap a photo next time she is dressed up. For now here are some pictures of her playing on her new push car, coloring (both her face and her paper), and wearing too-big rubber boots that Candace spotted at the thrift store. Actually, i had one of my most sucessful thrift store runs last week. I found two awesome wool coats, lots of Dave (currently wrapped under the tree), and many cute things for Corrina.
Oh yes, back to pictures..

Do you see what i see? A nice shade of green in the corner of her mouth. Last week at daycare Corrina colored her very own black moustache on her upper lip using the classic licorice smelly marker. I had just dropped her off and she was already into the coloring! I think she likes to taste the markers and crayons more than make art with them! I just hope the daycare gets crayon soon, and i am not too sure about getting marker off of leather robeez. Maybe spray and wash will work! I think you can see her top teeth in this picture if you look closley.

Not the new Christmas dress, but the new christmas push car (from Grandma Judy... babies get lots of early presents!) She can actualy push herself both forward and backwards on this thing. She has also mastered getting off, which just means she leans over until she and the car topple over, then she crawls away happily! (those shoes are also from the thrift store. Really great day, i'm telling ya!)

our favorite girl Bre visited us

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The sentance that follows is only partialy true. I have been composing this post on both computers... read on...

Imac! This post is coming to you from our new imac computer. We bought it so dave could develope his animation skills on a computer that has many more capabilities than our old (sitting right beside me) computer. It feels very odd to be on this one, while the other one is just inches away, staring me longlingly in the face. Ahhboooo. Poor old compy. We will keep it around though because it has years and years of dave's art projects on it.
Oh no, i was just looking at the menu bar for this blog post and the only option avaliable to me is "photos'. Well, at least that one is there. I wonder why that is. Hmmm. Not that i use any of the other ones anyways.
I will try to add photos, but i don't really know where they live yet on this computer so i might not find them. You will know if i did or didn't!
Today i am working on wrapping gifts, and putting together things that need to be mailed. We have an event out EVERY night this week, a little too much for me, but all are important so i hope i can accomplish a fair amount in this next hour or so.
Corrina is at day care playing her little heart out. There is a very noisey plane flying overhead. I hate that sound because i often think something dangerous is about to happen.
Anywho, picture time. maybe.

I made a little reversible dress for baby corrie. It is a tad too wide (i am so not good at sewing without a pattern), but generally cute. I had such a great time creating the details, learning to sew button holes, and trying my hardest to do a neat job. I often rush through projects but i took time to complete this one with careful stiches of love.

Dave and I had our hair cut just over the weekend. We both like our new tresses.

One last note: Hello to everyone! I have been reading blogs but not making time to leave thoughts and comments. This goes out especialy to family, whose adventures and photos we have been enjoying! and oh.. we are just waiting for our family photos to be sent from the photographer and then your Christmas cards will come, baring photos and creativity. Love to all.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

a list

What we have been doing this week:

1. not blogging
2. making mini chocolate marble bread loaves
3. finding old craft projects and ideas; finishing them
4. not working on current craft projects and christmas gifts
3. i know i just typed three again, ops
5. tending to a sick Corrina and Dave. I am not sure which is worse. Both stayed home on monday and tuesday; both are back at daycare and work now. I miss them (a little... you see, now i have more time to work on their gifts!)
6. getting sick myself! Well, i guess i won't be working on Christmas gifts!
7. checking out this website and ooooggling over all the craft and beading books.
8. Finally blogging
9. some pictures from COrrina's life