Friday, April 28, 2006

Aunty Bre's Little Bunny

Aunty Bre thought this hat would be adorable. She has never been more right about anything.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy dave janie corrie

Dave wrote a little lullabye for Corrina just now. I am going to share it.

We've got you swaddled
We've got you ready
Now go to bed
And go snuggle your teddy

We are having a very calm night and focusing on putting Corrina to bed early by 9:30). Right now she is relaxed in dave's arms. She has been overtired (my fault) and we are going to cure that.

Today i went for a beautiful walk with a beautiful friend. I had a wonderful time and it felt so good to move and talk! Thanks friend.

Dave would like to describe his day using this sentance:
"a process of plodding and stumbling onward towards the hope of a richer although somewhat ubiquitous end."


Monday, April 24, 2006

Screaming Monday

Today is monday. Dave has mondays off so after we finished our chores (we had mounds of dishes to do because we spent the day making a cake for a friend's engagement party. I'll find the picture... And there was a superfluous amount of icing and caking and such involved in this process, so there were sooo many dishes. Oh, and there was a colorful spread of clean clothes taking of residence on our bed... still putting those away) we decided to go for a walk with little Corrina. But being overtired, she woke up in the middle and could not get back to sleep so was forced to wail at the top of her lungs until we arrived home and could help her sleep. So while i would usualy agree with some people that personal music devices are a nuisance and prevent people from listening to the nature around them or conversing with others, today (and other days) i have appreciated that they save me the embarassment of walking past people who are thinking "bad mother... listen to that screaming baby". Of course i know that the majortiy of people are not thinking this, especially people who themselves have/had babies, but i will admit that i feel like they think that about me: Cooley's Looking Glass. Said walk certainly was not the joyeous occasion we intended it to be, but we still got our excersize and are happy campers!

Recently i have found more time to read and i have choosen the book Abba's Child by Brennan manning. It is an extraordinary look at behaving and living with the understanding and trust that God loves us completely, not because he has to, but because he wants to. He likes us... imagine that. There are so many challenging thoughts in this book and i am going to take a moment to share a few that impacted me greatly this morning:
"God calls His children to a countercultural lifestyle of forgiveness in a world that demands an eye for an eye-and even worse. But if loving God is the first commandment, and loving our neighbor proves our love for God, and if it is easy to love those who love us, then loving our enemies must be the filial badge that identifies Abba's Children. The summons to live as forgiven and forgiving children is radically inclusive. it is addressed not only to the wife whose husband forgot their wedding anniversary but also to parents whose child was slaughtered by a drunken driver, to the victims of slanderous accusations, to the poor living in flithy boxes who see the rich drive by in Mercedes...The dmenads of forgiveness are so daunting that they seem humanlu impossible. The exigencies of forgiveness are simply beyond the capacity of ungraced human will. Only reckless confidence in a Source greater than ourselves can empower us to fogive the wounds inflicted by others. In Boundary moments such as these there is only one place to go-Calvary. Stay there a long time and watch as Abba's Only-Begotten dies utterly alone in bloddy disgrace...The crucified Christ is not merely a heroic example to the church: He is the power and wisdom of God, a living force in His present riseness, tranforming our lives and enabling us to exten the hand of reconciliation to our enermies. Understanding triggers the compassion that mkes forgiveness possible... The heartfelt compassion that hastens forgivenss matures when we discover where our enemy cries. "

Wow, that was a mouthful! But such an excellent bite of wisdom. Now i shall work on swallowing it all and implementing it in my everyday. Forgiveness is so important because with it (perhaps preceeding it) comes the compassion for people that Jesus daily exemplified. Because God has such tender compassion for us he has perfect acceptance of us. How wonderful. We are God's beloved.
One last quote of a quote in the book:
"Henri Nouwen's words are incisive here: 'What is required is to become the Beloved in common places of my daily existence and, bit by bit, to close the gap that exists between what i know myself to be and the countless specific realities of everyday life. Becoming the Beloved is pulling the truth revealed to me from above down into the ordinariness of what i am, in fact, thinking of, talking about, and doing from hour to hour."

Now i will share some pictures with you... random pictures.

This is our good friend Ernie! He is a great guy. Him and Corrina were chillaxing at our friends engagement party this weekend.
This is a cake I made for our friends engagement party. Her colors are green and pink (those are little pink, yellow and white flowers... sorry small pic). Dave helped me out with the decorating. It tasted delicious and wasn't too hard to do. I wish everyone could have enjoyed the cake. Congratulations Odie and Zach (i fyou ever stop in here). See you at your wedding! Oh yes, and in the picture below you can see our new chairs. Super comfy, and they don't fall apart when you sit on them.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Hey there all. Found this funny article on 4/20 day / Joan Miro's Birthday. Enjoy!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


My mom sent us an email yesterday that I wanted to share. Mum was talking to her mother (my grandmother, aka "Nanny," and Corrina's Great-grandmother). Here's the part I wanted to share:

I talked to Nan yesterday and she was so excited because she had finally been able to see the blog pictures of Corrina clearly - some days her sight is better than others. She has pronounced Corrina "absolutely adorable" and "pretty as a picture" so now its official!

I just thought that was so neat! I don't hardly know anything about my great-grand parents, and my family tree has always looked a bit like something out of Charlie Brown's Christmas, so it's just really neat for me to see the family stretch and grow. First me and Janie, then Mark and Rachel, and now Corrina! And that makes Janie Mark and Claire's sister in law, and Rachel Claire and Mine's sister in law! And Corrina makes John and Lucy (my grandparents) GREAT Grandparents...and so forth and so on, and all the sudden my family is blooming!

I dunno. It's just a nice feeling, this family thing. And I thought I'd share. I just hope I can hang on to that email long enough for Corrina to read it--that'd be neat.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

3 Months

Here are some pictures from the life of Corrina as a 3 month old! Her new accomplishments include sleeping better with longer naps, sucking fingers, smiling and sorta giggling, wearing cloth diapers, and most difficult of all: constantly being cute!Cute easter dress!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Carcassonne debacle!!

So here's a question:
If you're in the middle of a game, and your game is cut short (for whatever reason) do you:

a) Pack up everything and forever wonder who won, ignoring the current standings complelety and arguing that "The game wasn't finished yet"
b) Tally up the score as it stands (not forgetting that the final score would have been different yet nonetheless acknowleding the current leader as "Winner")
c) Other

Let us know!
(to all who may be concerned as to our marital state at this point, please see the above as a humourous attempt and nothing serious! We love you!)

On a completely unrelated note:

Here is a test for anyone who's ever wondered if they're dyslexic:

If you see the word "Convulsion", think it says, "Convolution", but notice that "Convulsion" bares a striking visual resemblance to the word "Colvinson", YOU MAY BE A RED NECK!
(um... I mean, uh, dyslexic. You may be dyslexic).


Wednesday, April 12, 2006


There’s nothing quite like Chocolate, is there? So smooth and sweet, so melt in your mouth. Mmmmm! Chocolate is one of my favourite sweets (and that’s saying a lot!). But there’s a lot about chocolate that I bet you didn’t know! Like did you know that chocolate, when you forget about it in your pocket, will melt very, very quickly? Did you know that even a tiny about of chocolate, say from two tiny Easter eggs, can spread over the surface area of the total contents of said pocket? Keys, key chains, a quarter, even an old shopping list! And did you know that chocolate, although sweet and yummy, is also sticky, stains easily, and does not like to leave a pocket or its contents once it has adhered itself (both physically and emotionally, as I can only imagine). Well I sure do! Chocolate is also giving! I started off with just two little chocolates, and now not only do I now have a lovely brown stain in my pants, but I have also gained smelly keys and a quarter with a much-improved flavour!

Mmmmm, Chocolate! Nothing else like it!
Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Rolley polley

Janie and Dave ate Rolley Polley's for breakfast (biscuit cinnamon buns), and Corrina rolled from front to back today! Here she is trying! She is so amazing. It was just on friday that she really starting pushing herself around when on her stomache, and now, sunday, she can roll over. She is also spending alot of time trying to shove her WHOLE hand in her mouth and sucking on it. It is very cute to watch. When she is lying under some of her dangley toys she makes attempts to hit them, and today her little hand latched onto a loop dangling in front of her! She is very attentive and loves to smile when people look at her. Needless to say we are having a great time parenting this little treasure.

Also, enjoy the happy family pictures taken just the other day! Thanks for all the comments on the posts. I love reading them, although i don't always get a chance to reply to them.

Tomorrow it is going to be warm in Winnipeg (18). We hope to get a walk in, and then have a bbq/bonfire at our Tricia's place with some friends. What a nice way to start the week. Glee and wonder to all.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

'Nother movie

Okay, another attempt at a video. Let me know if anything plays. (It's only 2 secs, but oh well)

Narnia Night

Hey there all,

This is just a simple request. This evening I'm hosting a Narnia-themed evening with our Junior Youth at the church. This is one of our first Junior events and I really want it to go well. Please, if you remember, please pray for the evening and the youth, and that God would impact their lives as we talk about Aslan and Christ's sacrifice.

Thanks all.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

3 Quick Thoughts

Hey there, bloggerland! How are ya!

I just needed to share 3 things.
1. Carcassonne. If you've never played this game, you need to. It's probably my favourite (if you live nearby, come play it with me!) Build cities, farm pastures, rule with an iron fist, it's all good. Tile-based strategy never looked so good. Especially good for fans of Settlers (and not as expensive!).

2. Scratch Fury: Destroyer of Worlds, is sure to delight the Feline Fan in you. Cat lovers and lovers of good comics will enjoy these three links. PVP has definately become my favourite webcomic.

3. The views expressed in the "Giant Corrina in the Grand Canyon with a Transformer" wallpaper (below) are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect those of That was just a gag and wasn't really meant for public display. Don't come after me, claiming "Child endangerment" or "Public humiliation" or "Blatent disregard for all that it decent and good". I mean, sure those things are "true", But hey! It's funny!


Desktop Wallpaper!

This morning i was staring at our computer wallpaper, which at the time displayed a lovely picture from our trip to the grand canyon, and thought it would be nice to instead have a cute picture of Corrina on there. Dave was at the computer at the time so i asked him if he could put a picture of our baby up. A few minutes later i looked over to see this:
So now we have Corrina, in the Grand Canyon, being visited by a transformer. Ahhh, all our tastes combined into one!
Today has been a really great day. Corrina has had a few nice 1 hour naps, i have dinner going in the crock pot and i made a fruit filled coffee cake! Yum! I am drinking an iced Chai tea, and i think i might take some time and work on our filing system. Calm, together days are really nice. Corrina is currently snoozing in her swing. We will probably go for a little walk once dave gets home, eat dinner, i will visit our friend Tricia and Dave will grocery shop.
Calm days to all!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Just some pictures

Here are some pictures (for you Candace!). They aren't new ones, but they are great ones. Above is our friend Tricia looking great.
Corrina, Correy-Nina, pumpkin, cutie, cupcake, little baby: just a few of the names we call this one by!

Auntie Sarah and Corrina hanging out one night!

That's it. I will take more pictures for all your travelling friends so you don't miss any changes!