Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Watch out friends, five year olds are clever!

Corrina asked, while brushing her teeth, "what if I want to get married one day, and the other person doesn't want to get married?"

Today when we arrived at Nursery school Corrina classified her friends in the hallway as boys and girls.  It went like this "so and so has a vagina, so and so has a vagina, he has a penis, and daddy has a penis!"  Loud and clear, everything is so loud and clear with this kid!

When Corrina asks about/for something and I've taken a moment to think about it my response, if positive, is "sure." Yesterday I was instructed that I should not say sure.  Corrina thinks I should say "YES!  or Absolutely!"  with great enthusiasm.

One afternoon I told Corrina I'd like five minutes to rest, and I would sit on the couch, with feet up, and read my book.  I said she could play toys, or look at books, or really do anything at all that she wanted apart from tv/computer.  She plunked down beside me with a book, flipped through the pages in seconds, and said "I've been watching that clock, and look mom, the big hand has moved now, and your five minutes are over."  I explained how I need a few more minutes, and she could have some time with me here, but letting me rest so I'd feel better.  Corrina began stroking my arm, and kindly said "your time is over, but that's alright because you can sleep later when your friend comes over to visit, and I'll play with them, but now your time is over."  So gentle, so kind, so strongly an extravert that can't play for 5 minutes alone!  Hmm, I'll have to cash in on that sleep thing another time!

"Dried apricots make my brain hurt."

Well, the list could go on, but that's about all I can recall.  Fun times.

Corrina was being a wedding planner, putting together a lovely tea reception.  She's available for hire if your looking!

A spy following a clue for a certain little girl!

When Corrina holds Annika it looks like a person holding a twin of themselves as a baby.  I recommend having your twins at the same time, otherwise its just too creepy!

A smile!!!  It's hard for Annika to keep a smile when all the little orange lights and burst of white flash at her. 

We sit, we eat, we spit!

We have more snow than I think we've ever had, at least since we've lived in Winnipeg.  Do you see that composter?  Basic model, same as the one in your yard, almost up to the top in snow.  Makes for create tunnel building!

It has been so warm outside, -5 t0 +1, that we've been out without freezing in five minutes.  From -45 in January, to +5 in February!