Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We have no snow. Being from BC I was not aware how accustomed I'd grown to preparing for Christmas with snow. I always brag about the wonderful warm winters I grew up with. But now I'm bewildered by the green all around. The family traditions don't feel the same. I have no cue for what to do next. I really don't mind heading out to the car each day without scrapper in hand, but I really want to decorate now and it just doesn't feel the same without all the glittery snow blanketing my world.

That being said, I've at least been thinking about the upcoming celebration of advent. I've decided that we will do some advent focused activities as a family. We would like to prepare ourselves for the gift giving portion of Christmas before December so that our focus can be on learning, hearing, seeing, and feeling all the advent brings.

I found this neat page and may take some ideas from it.

What are you doing to bring the birth of Jesus in?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wild Thing and Max

First I think Corrina wanted to be a Halloween Fairy. Next she wanted to be tinkerbell, and in the end she wanted to be Max, from Where the Wild Things are, with much celebration and approval from Mom and Dad!
Dave was her wild thing and the little walk around the neighborhood was very fun!


And a video too,