Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am indeed writing this post from my new house! This is exciting, yet also very odd for me. I feel like I am going through house-culture shock. Chris and Mary just left this morning and I miss them already. It was so great to have them here both to help and visit with! They worked so very hard to help us get things in order and do some tough jobs. Thanks for your hard work guys! Now it is just quiet, and there are sooooo many boxes to unpack, yet I don't want to even start because i just feel lonely.
Despite all that, I am going to work on the kitchen some more. It is set up, but the majority of the floor space has been given to boxes full of tools and random things that keep coming through the door. I am doing away with them this afternoon, and then, if I have time, I will work on our bedroom.
Corrina is enjoying her new space and has been napping and sleeping just fine at night. She likes to go up the stairs and play in all the different rooms. She has sort of found her toys but is more interested in visiting the cats in the basement and chasing them around boxes and getting stuck in precarious places! All in all she is adjusting just fine!
I am not used to having my own washer/dryer and I keep forgetting to take the laundry out... as well I am convinced that I am going to have to start washing dishes again.. its just a feeling of habit; when I formulate my afternoon lists I always start with dishes, and I am still doing it.. only now it is load the washer.. much quicker!
Dave has hardly had a moment to sit and enjoy his new house because he has been busy coming and going between home and work. When he is home there are little projects to be done and not really time to play or sit or unpack. I plan on suggesting that we just stay IN tonight and enjoy some time together (in otherwords... you play with Corrina while I try to get some things put away!)
I have the camera sitting right in front of me... with pictures, but I can't find the transfer cord. So, I give you my girl scout promise that I will post some as soon as I find that very important cord.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Painted... er... painting

Happy Second Birthday dear sweet, crazy, assertive, adorable, smiley, joyful Corrina! We love you!

Wow, I hate painting prep! Dave and I had a full day to spend time painting, but we hardly got any paint to board at all.. one coat on the cabinets.. that was it! Luckily a friend babysat (thanks bre) so we were able to get back to the house and do the second coat, plus a little of the walls.

Look how different the place looks, ya know, besides the lack of cabinet doors and the blue tape!

The color we choose in the end is called Cup of Cocoa, but Behr paint, and the cabinets are Swiss Coffee...both very kitcheney names! So far it seems that the color will work well with this odd tile!
This is all we have done so far, with so much more to go. I don't think we will get anything more than the kitchen done before we move in, but at least that will be out of the way!
I'm off to get some school stuff out of the way so I can party with a two year old! Yippy!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New House overload

We move so very soon, which tickles me pink, and orange, and green too! I truly am excited now that we have passed the "make a million phone calls a day" stage, and the "you want how much money by when?" phase. Everything is in order, except the colors that our new house will be.
I am lost in a mad world of inspiration! We went to a Color your World store today and found some colors we like for the kitchen, but then I came home and saw another color I liked. What is a girl to do! I find it hard to pull it all together, and very hard to find the links for the colors I wish I could show you.

I also spotted Dave looking at this website, which then got my mind going even more... How would these look in the hallway, or the bedroom, or the kitchen?
Or maybe this one... I think this one is truly my favorite.

I am trying to decide what I want my house to feel like. I have loved having a green living room, because it feels fresh all year long, coordinates with spring, fall, and especially Christmas without really feeling specific to any season. But then something comes over me and I start thinking I want an uber neutral house... but then I think I might regret not having green... oh dear me.
I want our house to feel warm, and cozy, to feel homey and trendy, and unique and beautiful. Maybe I am asking too much of a paint color, what do you think?

Friday, January 04, 2008

S' about time

that we show off a few photos of our new house! It is a 3 bedroom, about 100 years old but completely redone, in a good location! It hardly needs any work at all, which we like because we don't have the time right now! The back yard is a good sized, plus the basement is clean, dry and drywalled, so we will do what we can with it!

Front, with little fenced area. The front window is the living room of course. The kitchen is an extension, the full width of the house on the back!

Back... sides are fenced, but we will need to add the back fence. The window and door go into the large kitchen!

Kitchen... the neat part is that this is only one side of the kitchen because it is eat in... however, there is also a dinning area, so I am going to make a great computer/home organization/mudroom area on the other side. We are going to paint out the cabinets and go for a bright, modern country style kitchen. We bought our appliances and the place will look homey once we are all moved in! I love the two windows, and the double sink.. not that we will need it since we bought a dishwasher (whoo hoo... i can't imagine how many hours that will add onto my day.. not to mention my afternoon dishwashing session is history!)

Living room and entry way, a view from standing in the dinning area. The space is a lot bigger than this photo shows it to be!

And this picture is a view of the dinning space, taken from the living room. You can see through to the kitchen and the back door of the house as well! The stairs to the basement are to the far left, behind the wall, good layout!
And this last photo is Corrina at her second implant activation, a few weeks ago. We were on the news (did you see us?), and Corrina did great. She was a little scared by the new ear becuse the first side has such refined hearing now that what she was getting in the second ear didn't sound like what she was used to. It looks like she is sleeping, but she is just going into a little shell, with her eyes closed, and rocking. She was the one who was actualy doing all the rocking, propelling me back and forth for about 45 mins. We coaxed her out of her shell with fun toys once we thought she could handle it. She did fine, and within 2 days had adjusted to having two ears. She is coming along great, localizing sound (that is, turning to us when we call her name, instead of scanning the room to find the source of sound) and she is able to hear sounds at a farther distance!

Corrina loves this elephant towel and spends a lot of afterbath time running around being an elephant (which she also has an action and sound for!)