Saturday, September 30, 2006

Greetings from a Waving Corrina!

I have hardly touched the computer in the last week. Dave has been keeping the seat warm as he has diligently poured himself into creating, well more perfecting, a board game (he loves to MAKE shareable art). But, i have kept my fingers busying working on crocheting projects. As the air cools down, the trees bear their naked branches (makes me want to be naked too.. too much info? tee hee), and September passes away i pull out my yarn and books. Now, i am a faithful crocheter, but only because i find it easier and more pleasing to me. I love knitters though, and hold no animosity toward those with two hooks. I think knitters and hookers can live peacefully together. I am uploading pictures of one of my creations. Some nights my mind is filled with all the crafty things i want to create: shoes, shoes, cards and shoes. He he. I don't know why, but i have been addicted to footwear, for Corrina, this season. I guess because shoes provide the perfect place to show off my button addiction.
First: my excitment! I get to fly home to BC to visit my dear mom and introduce Corrina to her uncle Eliot ( i love my brother's name!) and her Grandpa Warne. I am so excited for my dad and brother to met Corrina. I think she will blow them away!

Second: Corrina! Oh my, does she love to eat eat eat. I have been working hard to introduce new foods into her diet. I have to admit that i have long harboured a fear of her choking, but i am letting go of that and giving her chunky things, like little pieces of peach, grape, beans, bread, baby cookies (which she shoves in her mouth in a hurry. Very scary for the choking worry mommy), sweet potatoe... and for the first time she ate what we ate for dinner: Spag squash with tomatoe sauce and ground turkey. She LOVED it.
She is such a busy girl, dragging herself all over the apartment in search of the tv, dvd, and vcr remote controls (wow, north americans love to abbreviate things eh?)! She has been learning to pull herself up, again, in search of remotes, and has courageously had a few baskets fall onto her. But she didn't mind because, well, they held the remotes! Sweet sucess. The cutest crawling episodes occur when i leave the room to grab something, or to hit the bathroom, and she comes following me, down the hallway, whinning because i have left the room. Oh, how quickly i run to her, pick her up, and make her giggle. She is a little darling!
She has most certainly hit the separation anxiety stage which means there is no one like mommy! We are working to assure her that the people we know are friendly and can be trusted. We make sure she is comfortable with people before handing her off. Usualy if she is comfortable, and i am out of sight, she is fine in others arms, but as soon as i reappear she gets very upset that i am not the holder of the Corrina. Oh dear. I think despite this phase that most babes pass through she will be a very extraverted little girl.
Sleeping through the night seems to have held, however Dave and i are not smart cookies. The clock has been ticking twelve most nights by the time we are snug under the covers. We are both into our projects so deeply in the evenings, then we have to demakeupify (not dave!), brush, wash.. blah blah, and then READ! Both of us have made it such a habit to crawl into bed and get lost in a book. I like this habit, but i need to head off for reading time earlier. I will learn, one day, maybe... But hey, Corrina is sleeping through the night.. and still napping two times a day!

I can't get the fact that i get to go to ikea off my mind. I have been taking in the online catalouge and deciding which items i will purchase, and how much suitcase room i will have to leave for the treasures to make it back home with me! Tickled Pink am I.

School: when i think about returning to school i have very mixed feelings. While i know this is a step i need to do for myself, and our family, i also know i will dearly miss my lazyer days at home with Corrina and the spare time i have been treated with on mat leave. I am a little fearful of papers, readings, and tests, but i have always been able to accomplish great marks in the past, and i am sure after some time warming up i will be able to do it again.
But i love school, and i love learning, classrooms, and teachers! I also look forward to being further trained to serve my community as a social worker. I see such pain, deterioration, and hopelessness around me and i beleive that i have been called to serve the Lord through Social Work.
I also know i need to do this because it will not only empower me as a person, but also dave; if i do not return i will be creating unequal opportunities for him in life. If i don't go to school for more education i won't be able to work and earn a high enough wage to support our family and this means that i will be forcing Dave to work to do that, plus i will be taking away his opportunity to return to school (animation or art school), something i believe God is calling him too, this would be very satisfying and honor God. Dave has dreams too... big dreams! I also want Dave to have just as much opportunity to be with Corrina and our other kids in the future, which would mean maybe both of us working 20 hour jobs, so we can both raise and teach our children (of course this is 'ideals' talking here, and i know things may not work out this way). I think that this would be the most God honoring choice for our family, for me, and for Dave. We have choosen to set part our frame work for our marriage on egalitarian principles, and my return to school and responsibility to take part in providing for our family is a part of that for us. This excites me ALOT! I know that as i beging to feel more fulfulled by scholastic learning and eventaul serving, that Dave will also be filled with joy for me, and I for him! That is, i think i need to get out of the house!I Love Pumpkins!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One small step for a Raisin

The other day, after pouring a bowl of one of my favourite cereals, Extra Raisin, the most amazing thing happened. I normally like Extra Raisin over brand-named Raisin Bran because the Extra Raisin has, well, extra raisins. Every bowl is filled with plenty of big, plump California Raisins, each one loaded with sugar and ready to say "Good Morning!" However, on this particular day, in this particular bowl, they really out-did themselves.

That, my friends, sitting in the middle of my breakfast, is solid, unadulterated raisin. It may just be the largest chunk of raisin ever to hit the most important meal of the day.

Most raisins of this size and calibre are found in orbit beyond Mars, in a little-known sector known affectionately as "the Sun dried belt". In the aftermath of Pluto's recent exile from official planet status, many of the lesser bodies in our system left their place in orbit. In hopes of avoiding public disgrace, many fled to the Kevlar belt while some sought religious and political asylum. The others? Evidently they ended up in cereal boxes.

After his somewhat shocking appearance among my bran flakes, the infamous raisin fled. I was lucky to have even seen the marvel, let alone to take a photograph.

The current whereabouts of the raisin are anyone's guess. Later that same day eye witnesses reported an unreasonably large raisin chunk heading west towards the coast. Witnesses say it was wearing a fake moustache and a fedora, trying to pass itself off as a traveling salesman.

Among all the fervour and media attention, it's difficult to separate the fiction from the facts. Rumours of the raisin running for governor in several states are unvarified, and the alledged sighting of the raisin saving a pair of infant twins from a burning building are sketchy at best. I was, however, able to verify that the raisin did in fact star in a short-lived Japanese cartoon titled simply "Little Ray-son Man", depicted here.

This is not just the story of one raisin. This is the story of one really Big raisin, and it landed in my cereal. This fact makes me feel special.

I hope you enjoyed this ride , because I know I did. I'm just glad to be able to share it with you.


Technically, I'd be Jumpman

What Video Game Character Are You? I am Mario.I am Mario.

I like to jump around, and would lead a fairly serene and aimless existence if it weren't for koopas and the occasional flaming barrel. I love to help out, even when it puts me at risk. I seem to make friends with people who just can't stay out of trouble. Sometimes I spend too much time banging my head off of bricks with little reward. What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Are You?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Always when i should be asleep-ing!

It is late, 11pm. Corrina has been in bed since 8, and Dave and i have really gotten into the habit of doing ALOT once she is down for the night (which is actualy a true statement because she is resting without our helping all night now!). I think i set a bedtime of 10pm for myself, but i have always been into breaking rules! I just wanted to hop on and share our concert tales with you while the idea is in my head.
A week or so ago we went to see a band called "The Weatherthans". I first got into them through a friend of mine in first year college. The band is from Winnipeg, and she was from the states. Funny that i would hear about them from her. They are a rock band, although i wouldn't soley classify them as such. Alot of their music is mellow and always very moving. They have such truthful lyrics that prevoke much thought and discussion. They are easy to relate to, and very creative in their musical talent. Their concert was awesome, upbeat (although their cd's aren't necessarily rock and roll, the concert sure was... loud, fast, fun, strong!) energizing and inspiring! Maybe you have heard them and you don't even know it! Dave had a great time, and i keep reminding him to write something of his experience, but alas, he sits and plays some sort of sega game. oh well.
My friend Bre treated us to another concert, on friday 22nd- A birthday gift for me! This concert was very different: folk-country, bluegrassey, harmonies, 3 girls, amazing beautiful talent! They go by the name of The Wailin Jenny's, and i highly recommend that you take a look at their webpage, beautiful face, and delicious, soulful sounds! Check out their album on itunes, and enjoy 30 seconds of their earthy vibe! The concert was amazing. It fills your body with tingles to hear such talented, insync harmonies live and loud! Ahhhh, drooollll drooool. I enjoyed the experience to the max and i suggest you look up their next concert (September 29, 2006,Peterborough, ON, hint hint!!) and GO!
I think alot those who read our blog would very much so enjoy at least on of these very thrilling music groups, so do check out their links and take a listen!
My favorite dichotomy between the two shows, besides their completely differing sounds, was their tribute songs to Winnipeg (both groups originated in Winnipeg, and have since gone continental! Wow!). The Weakerthans chimmed off with attitude their hit song "One great City", proclaiming the lyrics loud and clear "I Hate Winnipeg", while the Jenny's sang with great sorrow of a broken heart over the thought of leaving Winnipeg to move to Toronto in their song "Praire Town" delivering sadness through the words

"But if you ask me to come to you
To leave these fields and these skies of blue
You know I'd be leaving my sacred ground

Leaving this prairie town
Leaving this prairie town

So ask me in that way you do
And I'll leave these fields and I'll come to you
And watch my heart as it breaks in two

I'm leaving this prairie town
I'm leaving this prairie town"

Ahhh, one man's opinion is another man's trash!

Interested yet?

Friday, September 22, 2006

For my Birthday...

Well, i could say i had a pumpkin party, with guords galore, and leave it at that, but i will tell you the entire story dear friends. On tuesday-ish, i was enquiring about what festivites we would enjoy on the evening of my Birthday. Casualy Dave said that nothing was really planned yet. I thought about that awhile, and decided that i didn't mind if nothing big was happening, and knowing the small amount of things i accomplish some days i didn't want to take on the task of planning a party. I suggested to Dave that perhaps we could just call the "girls" (4 close friends), and just have them over for some Gilrmore Girls watching and birthday cake. "Sure" Dave replies "i'll give them a call." And he did, and i found a cake to bake and bought the ingredients. The day was set and the Pumpkin Chocolate Cupcakes were being baked! So, that is what we did for my birthday!

Or, so i thought...

Thursday me and Corrina had a lovely day. I worked on tidying the house up for the few friends that were coming over, COrrina played and shopped with me, i opened presents in the morning, and Corrina learned to crawl! (see video below) (at this moment in time she is crawling, well, squggling across the floor chasing after a gourd she is pushing around!)! What a great day!
The house was all clean, i had decorated the table, hung leaves all around, placed smelly candles about and was set to enjoy a small gathering. Six thirty hit and through the door arrived my two friends, who i expected, but they had bags and bags for pumpkins and other such autumn decor. "huhhhhh?"
"happy Surprise Birthday Party!"

So we added a lot more treats to the table, spread lights EVERYwhere, and awaited the ton of friends that Dave had invited! It was marvelous! And my favorite part is that somehow dave managed to get me to clean my own house and set my own table for my own surpirse party! Twisted!

Here are the visuals!
This is the Computer desk, also known as the Pumkin Patch!
And the table featuring all the yummy treats! The party was inspired by the Gilmore Girls and all their junk food habits. Now if only i could figure out how they eat like that and don't gain a thing...?! Ha ha (You can better see the hanging leaves we made in the second picture)

And some more pumkin, autumn happiness!

Last year i had an Autumn celebration Birthday party as well. These are becoming an annual event. Each year we will expand, and invite a few more to our bash. When i am 50 we will rent a hall, have thousands of pumpkin inspired treats and decorations, and guests bursting through the walls. Didn't make it to this year's party? No worries, you are surely invited to my 50th birthday. Lots of time for you to plan ahead!

Thank you to everyone who was able to celebrate with us. I loved it!


ps... crawling video! So very exciting... a wonderful wonderful present from Corrina! Oh, and she slept through the night, 8pm-7:45 am, for the first time (she is a little slow on the sleeping thing, but i don't mind, one day she will be 13 and i will be wishing our problems were as easy as sleeping!)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy BIRTHDAY dear Janie!!
Happy Birthday to YOU!


Everyone leave a comment for Janie! She likes them!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Ahoy, ye scurvy dogs! Swash yer buckles and Celebrate! Surely today be a great an' glorious mornin', for this, the ninteeth day of September be none other than ye ol'


So shiver your timers and be ye were! Should you see the Jolly Roger flying over the horrizon, you'll surely be knowing why!

Here be 5 Tips on Acheiving true Buckeener Speech from the very founders of this most glorious festival:

"You have to learn the five A's... those are the five words that are the glue that binds pirate talk together. The first one is: 'ahoy!' That means 'hello'. Then there's 'avast!' That means 'stand and give attention' or 'dude! Look up!' Then there's 'aye', which means 'I heartily agree with everythin' you just said or did'," says Baur. "Then 'aye-aye' which means 'yes boss I'll get right on that just as soon as I finish this cup of coffee'. And finally... 'arrrrr'. It can mean anyhin' you want it to mean; 'my team's winning','my team's losing'-'I would like a biscuit'

Finally, I would'st be remiss if I didn't leave you with a word or two from the Imfomous Dave Berry, a most piratey propogator of this perpetual pagentry:

On September 19, do not answer the phone with "hello." Answer the phone with "Ahoy me hearty!" If the caller objects that he is not a hearty, inform him that he is a scury dog (or, if the caller is female, a scurcy female dog) who will be walking the plank off the poop deck and winding up in Davy Jones locker, sleeping with the fishes. No, wait, that would be Talk Like a Pirate in The Godfather Day, which is another variation I considered ("I'm going to make him an offer that will shiver his timbers"). But the point is that you should join in Talk Like a Pirate Day. You HAVE the buckles, darn it: Don't be afraid to swash them! Let's make this a grassroots movement that sweeps the nation, like campaign-finance reform, or Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I truly think this idea could bring us, as a nation, closer together. But not TOO much closer. Some of us will have swords. - from the 2004 Dave Berry calendar.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hunting and Gathering!

From my perspective we have had a very good week. It is sunday night now, so the thing of life that had worried us during the week have occured and there is nothing more to be done about those. I love tomorrows because i can't touch yesterday by the time yesterday rolls around.

Readers, have you played Carcassone? Oh, what fun, again, from my perspective (perspective really plays a large part in life)! With much appreciation to Bre, we have discovered a very similar game: Hunters and Gatherers! Instead of building roads players build rivers and river systems, complete with fish! Instead of farm land, players 'hunt' animals that are on the cards. Instead of cities, you guessed it, FORESTS! The expansion pack is very interesting too and allows for much point scoring and muscling in! The game itself is very pretty with lush forests of brilliant red and orange coloring. As we play i plan out hiking trails (i try to avoid the saber tooth tigers and wolly mamoths!), swimming nooks and picnic lunches. Here are a few pictures of us playing!

Corrina, if you can believe it, is 8 months old now. She is very busy, although still not quite crawling, which really doesn't bother me! She loves to shovel food into her mouth with her little hands that she holds like they are permantely stuck in mittens. She nibbles on pieces of bread and baby cookies, and more recently she has almost mastered the art of sippy cupping. Dinning has become very messy and wonderfuly cute! I love our cuddly, sweet, 2 toothed baby girl.

Dave has something wonderufl and fun to report, but he is not here. He is at work doing church things tonight! He will soon share all his wild stories with us all!
May everyone have the Peace of Jesus Christ within them tonight

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sleeping in a bed of heather

Last night just before i turned my light out to sleep, Dave came in and announced that he had a surprise for me, and would i like to know about it, or would i like to know what it is! I tend to like to know what is coming so i can wait in excitement and anticipation. I also like to know so i can make sure it fits into the week (i do have a life, some weeks!) But this time i decided that i actualy wanted a surprise.
This morning when dave left for work things were a little tense between us. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but we were both just a little fursterated with each other. However, he had told me to expect a phone call from him, because the surprise was somewhere in the house, and he was going to call and tell me where it was. I was really looking forward to this phone call so we could chat and i could be surprised.
The phone rang, it was Dave, and as we were talking he walked right through the door with two flower packages in hand! He announced that he had taken the morning off work so he could stay and help me with whatever i wanted. Then he had a brilliant idea to re organize the kitchen a little to make it less clutered looking and more efficient. We set to work, and accomplished a number of things!
Sunflowers from Dave brighten our kitchen table:

A Heather plant:
Dave likes heather plants because in alot of his little kid english books there was mention oh heather being a great plant to sleep ontop of. I am guessing it grows wild over countrysides. How pretty that must be!

Corrina is starting to interact with her food. I put out little pieces of bread on the highchair tray and she tries her hardest to grab them and get them in her mouth. 1 out of 5 make it, and she happily mushes away at them!

Claire, this picture is for you! The gift that keeps on giving! When we first brought our kittens home Claire sent us a package full of toys and treats for them. This red puff on a spring was one of those cat toys. Corrina just loves it, as she does all their toys. They all share... the cats play with her toys all the time! The kitties running to and fro entertain Corrina so much! She gurgles and smiles at them, grabs them when they are near enough, and waves (as well as she can) at them! Sometimes they are annoying to look after, but they keep baby so happy that it's a worthwhile trade off! I mean... i love them!!!
Merry Autumn to all.

Monday, September 11, 2006

on a happier note

we just finished a lovely weekend filled with hurling, headaches, and mood swings. Not to mention dehydration, aches&pains, and of course the "am i hungry or really sick" feeling! But, we aren't sad and stressed anymore. Well, at least not at this moment. Blessed as we are the STOMACHE FLU that infested our bodies has left on a more important journey. We hope it doesn't come your way!!!!
Blllaaaaahhhhhhh.. flush

Thursday, September 07, 2006

sad, stressed Janie and dave

Well, our days haven't been very rosey the past week or so. We are stressed. I am trying sooo hard to find child care for Corrina for January, but it is impossible. All the centres have long long long waiting lists, and don't really know when they might have spaces available. All the family/home care people don't really know if/when they will have spaces, and cost a little more. I am at a loss. I killed the battery in the phone this afternoon calling places. Maybe that was a sign to quite. I have my name on at least 15 waiting lists, but i still don't feel good about it. I don't really know anyone who is able to watch Corrina as much as we need, and i don't want to over use any of our friends offers. We are stuck. Do you know anyone looking to watch a sweet cute baby?
Another note: going back to work or school? I was planning on going back to work (at this point i would stay home to avoid all the child care troubles, not to mention spending time with Corrie, but there is no way we can afford that, and i need the social interaction of adults and educational growth), but i ran into some problems there, and have since felt like God is pushing me towards going back to school. I am excited about this, yet so nervous because it will be tough to go to school, do a practicum, and study when i am at home with Corrina. I will really have to be motivated. But, that might fall through and i might end up back at work, or worse off i might be accepted, ready and excited, but with no child care.
I know that God is always taking care of us, and we will always have some sort of shelter and food over our head. I am such an intantaneous person and i have trouble waiting to see what might happen. I would like to solve all these problems tonight if possible. I trust him, but i don't trust the winnipeg child care system. eeeeeekkkk. My stomache gets in knots just thinking about it. Please pray for us if you think about it.
On top of it all Dave has ALOT of wonderful programs beginning at the church, but is nervous about how they will all run, volunteers, time and energy. We also are really beginning to feel lonely there because there is literally NO ONE in our age group. There are people older, and younger. I appreciate the friendships we have made, but it is hard to be the only one in our stage of life. We both wish we had more friends at church, or at least a small group. We love the place and the people we do know, we just feel akward some of the time.

Well, that is our sadness and stress. We hope and pray that things will work out as God plans. Something will happen, at least we know that, whether or not it will be 'good'... well that is the mystery.

here is a picture

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Celebrity-ism and Crocodiles

I have experienced the weirdest sensation over the past few days.

Before I go any further, let me clarify a little fact about myself for any of you who may not know this: I really have a problem with Celebrity worship. Now, this is just me, but I think that the whole thing is wrong. We don't know them. We'll never meet them. So why do we treat them like they are more important than anyone else? Why do we care?

Now, I love movies and music, and I even love television. I respect film as an art form. I even realize that the Celebrity Culture fuels the entertainment industry and provides the budgets for the Hollywood productions that I enjoy. I may even enjoy reading an article about a certain so-and-so who's doing something I find interesting. But seriously, folks. We need a major wake-up call. They're just human, the stories probably aren't true, and why should we care either way? Celebrity birthday lists? Who's gained 3 lbs this summer? Who cares!

Hollywood Magazines are the worst. Normal magazines that devote entire front pages to Who's doing What to Who in Tinsel Town are right down there.

Celebrity-ism is like Social Porn. People wish their lives were more interesting than they are so they live vicariously through people they've never met. I think it's just sad, and as you no doubt can tell it really ticks me off.

And yet here's the rub. Steve Irwin, also known as the Crocodile Hunter, past away this week. And man, it's hit me like a ton of bricks.

Now, do I know this guy? Have I ever met him? Do I know anything about him other than his TV show? No. He is merely a celebrity. I certainly should not care more for his death than for the 5 Canadian soldiers killed in the last 48 hours. Surely their deaths deserve my morning. But I really liked the Crocodile Hunter. I did a project around him in grade 12. I laughed and cringed and laughed again during his show. And now his death, while not on par with the passing of a friend or relative, is affecting me on a much deeper level than I would have expected it to.

He was just so full of life. He lived a dream that I never dared persue. I related to him, bragged about his adventures to my friends. I looked up to him. He was fearless, yet so kind.

At least he was on TV.

And that's the problem. You see, I actually know almost nothing about him, except what the camera and accompanying voice-over has told me to know.

So are my feeling justified? Can you get to know someone through a one-way relationship via your TV? Am I just as guilty of celebrity worship as the next guy?

Either way, I'll miss that crazy Australian. And in a very real sense, he should be missed. If nothing else, he had a wife and two children. He was someones boss, someone's son, and someone's friend. Just not mine.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Are Dave and Janie Truly Canadian...

...we didn't even try to find out because we were at a 'family' birthday party. Not our family, but our dear friend Patty and Allison's family. I don't think the other very Christian parents and children would have appreciated, or understood, if we tested our 'Canadianess'. Still, we had a great time paddling back and fortt, about 100 times around, this little 20 foot, shallow, muddy pond.
Now what you can't tell from this photos is that we are engaged in a serious arguement about sterring a canoe. You will notice that i am in the back (the sterring position) and dave rides up front. Well, talk about front seat driver. The guy could not stop messing up every attempt i made to turn us around. I will admit that i was a little rough at the paddle, but i was trying to figure it all out. But i just couldn't with all the interruptions made by mr. colvinson's paddle. Now, if you look in the comment box i am sure you will eventually see his side of the story.
It was truly great to be outside celebrating the birthday of Patty with friends! Corrina didn't come in the canoe because we didn't want her to hear us fight, oh, and we aren't idiots! But she did enjoy the cold water in the pool!
Corrina can rock with the best of them! Well, maybe she can sit with the best of them. Either way, lie or truth, she has felt the comfy wood of her red rocking moose! Thanks Tricia and Candace. I am sure she will soon lose one her percious teeth when she eventualy bonks her mouth into it out of excitment and bliss.

We watched this movie:

Now i think i am a martial arts master fighter and i have spent a good portion of the evening kicking dave, well kicking at dave, and then running away. I do wish i had skills like that guy. Ya know, numchuck skills and sword skills. But i guess it's good i don't because there just isn't room in my locker for swords and stuff. Maybe dave and i will take kickboxing at the community center. Then we can kick each other fairly and dave won't get so many bruises.

Hope our little update keeps you happy, or glad, or sad, or mad.