Monday, July 04, 2005

Guitar Smuitar

Dave and I were taught, by our lovely friend sarah, how to string our Guitar! Its a very old hunk of wood, and the next is distorted so it buzzes when we play, but we sure are having fun strumming out some of our favortie songs! My finger nails were growing so nicely, which normally they never seem to do, so of course i was disapointed when i realized that alot of my chords were coming out very wonky because i couldn't get my fingers down on the strings hard enough. My nails were in the way, and they had to go, at least on my left hand! The best part about having a guitar around is now I have something to get distracted by! Dave has lots that distracts him when he is meaning to be cleaning or doing some work, but i usually just get discracted by more cleaning... until now! Everytime i see our newly strung hunk of wood i get motivated to learn just a little more than i knew yesterday! Okay, the actual best part of having a guitar around is that we are trying hard to perfect our "worship chords" so we can do worship with the Youth Group! Such a wonderful opportunity to get closer to God for everyone!
I just love giving things away to the thrift store! I love it because one, other people get to enjoy the things i have enjoyed, and two, i get to find more treasures to fill up the space i emptied (of course, i find these treasures at the thrift store and make a nice little cycle of give and take)! I am trying hard to teach dave the joys of giving up things that someone else would love, and i think just yesterday he caught on. We were going through our clothing wardrobe, which was Dave's idea in the first place, and he managed to find more than to me pass on! I was so proud of him. So, if you call us and we aren't home it is probably because we are out shopping at thrift stores looking for some new and crazy rags!
I already know i am weird!

All Done!


Sue said...

hey there dearie,
i love thrifty stores tooooo, unfortunately, i have little luck finding great things in them...i need to go withyou, you are always finding wonderful seconds!
Well, keep on blogging, i can't wait to hear your 'developing' stories. heehee. Along the road of life they will just keep getting better and .... cuter...
love from sue friend

westcoastloon said...

heeeeelllllooooo out there! Hi Janie, it's great to see that you're blogging again! I was just looking at the calendar and thinking that it's just three weeks until I get to see you and Dave and Mom and Dad and Mark and (finally meet) Rachel. Such fun. I had a blast with guys at Christmas, I am really looking forward to some crazy fun Arizona-style.

I have had such a good time telling basically everyone that I'm going to be an Aunt. I guess I'm a little tiny bit excited. . .maybe a really big bit. Winter in your neck of the woods is going to be sooo cold but you for and Dave a new little youandDave, I'll make the trip.

Much love,