Thursday, July 07, 2005

Night of the Razor's Edge II! (view ONLY after the original)

Like a Slide Show

Eating Dinner!

Ha Ha!


Dave says "I look like a mad scientist from the eighties!"

Short and Pretty

Janie has short hair too! Now we can share styling products!

I'm so happy because i don't have to wear a shower cap anymore!

The best comment dave got came from an old priest at work, Father Ron, who said "janie will be sorry because all the girls will be chasing you because your not ugly anymore." yeah....

The end! For now!


Mom said...

Hi Janie & Dave (This is Mom not Claire)

YOU GUYS LOOK GREAT! Big change for both of you but you are still both very cute - and these are practical styles for summer.

The great thing about hair is that it keeps growing, so no "do" is terminal even if you do occasionallly get one you don't like. So keep on having fun with your hair.

Thanks for the photos, now we'll definitely recognise you when we meet up in Denver.

Love you guys, Mom XX

Sue said...

WOW!!! YOU GUYS LOOK AWESOME!!! i can't believe you did it!! i didn't have time to read all you wrote, but as soon as nap time comes then i will, for now i ;must go play!! much love, from sue (and the fam!)

Sue said...

ps. janers you look awesome!

Sue said...

ps2. when do the 'other' pics come???

Sue said...

ps3. heeheehee, i love having messages, so i thought i'd leave you a lot.....heeheehee

totolehero said...

great hairdo and great blog.. just passing through

omigoshrosh said...

nice do! passing by..

westcoastloon said...

WOW! That is totally not what I was expecting! I was so caught off guard by the dred news that I was five or six pictures in before I noticed it was new haircuts all 'round (JAnie, I thought you hair was just tied back.)

You both look great! I wish I could be there. Have you had a lot of the "just got your hair cut oooh can I feel your head?" stuff? Happens sometimes.

I'm very glad you let me know or I mught have walked right past you on the street. Do you know that actually happened to me when Mark cut his hair off? I was walking to the caf at Trinity and the person I was with said "when did your brother cut his hair?" and I said "what are you talking about?" and they said "Mark, your brother, he just walked past us and he's got short hair". I didn't even notice it was him. Crazy.

Well I am also coming to the wedding with slightly different hair, but not quite as dramatic as this. Won't we be stylish bunch?

Much love,