Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Too long

Once again, it's been entirely too long since anyone posted here. What will the readership think? So I've decided to compose a list of various thoughts chasing eachother around with the well-armoured orb atop my shoulders.

(please note: I won't be offended if this is too long for you to care!)

I have a lot of stuff to do today in the office! Thank goodness for lunch breaks. Though really, I shouldn't complain. Coming in this morning was like coming in after a week-long vacation (which it wasn't), so I guess it sorta makes sense that I feel that way.

Man, I loved that video game. Break up with people when they have your video games sucks.

I appologize for the incontinuity.

Mom, that crock-pot dinner I prepared turned out great. Except that I forgot to plug it in. Opps. Yay for raw chicken sitting in a pot for 5 hours.

The Comic book/Action figure show was pretty darn sweet this year. Me and Bre went. I bought a $35 Transformers History/Guide for $10, a Waspinator from the Beast Wars series for $9, and a Batman the Animated Series Toothbrush holder for a dollar. Very cool. Thanks Bre for the Good Times!

Bre, I hope today is a better day. Read your blog, hope your doing better. I guess it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year but....
Everybody! "I'll be there for yooooou! (when the rain starts to fall...)

This is why I don't watch TV anymore.

A witches brew.
Tim Dunken.

We had a Young Adults Bon Fire with our church Young Adults group on Sunday Night. We ate SO many s'mores, quoted lines from a childhood classic, talked about all manner of anything, and generally had a pretty great time. Thanks to everybody for making it such a great event.

I'm feeling particularly random-minded today.

Pac Man!
( '< 0 0 0

Karl told me about the best documentary title ever the other day: "Beavers: the Biggest Dam Moive you've ever seen!"

I realized today that it's been a good few MONTHS since I played a decent strategy-based boardgame. And when you're trying to develope and perfect your own board game, not playing it makes this even more tradgic. This, I believe, is a crime against Dave-manity.

Have you ever wondered who Hue is and why the entire race was named after him?

I should have people over tonight to play Dave-manity. I mean a board game. A good one. Anyways.

That's enough. I'm offically going to get back to work now. Lunch break is over.


Mom said...

So Dave,

Did you microwave the stuff that was in the crockpot? I apologise for distracting you from your quest.

Much love, Mom & Dad (who is looking over my shoulder) XX