Monday, December 05, 2005

35 Weeks

Don't i look just wonderful and happy?! The baby is getting fairly big now, but not too big. I still have people say that i am a "smaller" pregnant person, and then someone else comes along and says "wow, you are big for 8 months!" I am just me, and the baby is just itself and we are the size we are, no comparison!
So the aches and pains finally started today, and if you saw a pic of me now i wouldn't look as happy :( Well, nothing awful of couse, just regular aches...things hurt a tiny amount this morning, and then by the time w
ork was over i was scared to get in the car and couldn't wait till i picked up Dave so he could drive. The pain is in my rib cage because i am short. I have not been "kicked" in the ribs necessarily, but i suppose the pressure of everything is finally stretching and hurting my ribs. It hurts to laugh, breathe, use any form of stomache muscles, bend over, use my right arm, lie down, sit up... etc! Dave has been taking care of me though. I am just going to have to learn to sit down more and not pick things up! The magic bag is MAGIC i must say! But, all in all i am still wonderful, and know i have had things alot smoother than some and thus i am very thankful that the Lord is taking care of me and that really a little pain is no big deal, probably just my body and God saying "slow down now"
I bombarded dave with bright flashes in his eyes upon his arrival home the other day just so you could all see!!

He is a real tropper! He walks to work everyday in the Winnipeg cold (yes winnipeg is now a descriptive word for cold; worse than blistering!) so that i can have the car for my work and not take the bus. As well that way i can do pickups of donations for my work. And... he never ever complains! Such a great person.

So most of our weekend consisted of the Pagent at our church. Everything went really well! On saturday we got to celebrate our friend Ernie's Bday with brunch and Go karts! Everyone had a great time! Good idea Bre (she's a kid genius!) We finally picked a date to paint the baby's room: December 18th, sunday afternoon! Cutting it close eh?

Dave and i are going to eat dinner now: a wonderful crock pot creation! Adios


JAnie & DAve said...

I had a good time at Ernie's birthday, but MAN were those Go-Karts rough! 50 kph is maybe faster than I thought. The next morning Janie touched my back and I screamed I was so sore! My chiropractor said that part of my spine had been thrown out of alignment and was causing the pain. I'll be in her office on Friday.

The funny thing is, some of you will read this and think "That's awful!" and others will say "Awesome! When can I go?"

justus said...

Enjoy the last few weeks of being pregnant. I am sure that it will al go well.

Sue said...

hey there Janer-ific!

you look AWESOME! i totally had the same silly reactions from people..haha, "you are so small!" " aren't you big for this far along?" haha. i just laughed and thought, man, make up your mind people! :) haha.

So, i think you look awesome! it's a good look for you! We are soooooooooo blessed to have good husbands, eh?? WOw. God is so good.

Take care, love you dear,see you all soon. from sue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie,

You look great and I agree that you are who you are and no comparisons are necessary.

Dave you look great too and extra points to you for walking to work so that Janie can drive - you are a true gentleman. Good to know that trait runs on in the family.

We had a wonderful time in UK. The weather was all over the place, we had sun, showers and even snow! It felt a lot colder than Ontario even though the temperatures were higher. Its all that dampness I expect.

Hope that the Christmas pageant goes off well. Take it easy and don't get overtired.

Much love, Mom & Dad XX