Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Pictures Part II

Lots of pictures for everyone! During our Christmas shopping time Dave saw a Gingerbread tree kit at Michael's and decided that we should make it. He doesn't like houses because they tend to dry out and taste pretty gross by the time they get eaten. I whipped up the gingerbread (turned out moist and delicious!), and cut out stars. We have three different size star shapes already, but Dave was determinded to make the tree blend perfectly so he set to work trimming the edges of stars. I iced and decorated. Dave made a cute little angel that he carved from a jubejube, as well as little stars he carved from jubejubes! We shared the tree with our friends on Christmas day and it was all gobbled up! Many thanks to the mouths of our friends!
Dave made a beautiful nativity out of Potatoe heads this year! I thought that everyone should lay eyes on the creation. I think playdoh, potatoe heads, and coloring will be among the favortie activities of our toddler, and eventually glue and glitter (janie), and lego (dave!)! Tee hee!
Let's see, what other pictures did i post??? Oh yes, the little pottery bowl with the cute "ear" handles; i found this treasure at Value Village for $2! What a great deal. I love pottery things but they are usualy so expensive i only purchase them from second hand stores.
I asked Dave to do the dishes when he came home because i was making dinner. He happily agreed, and i thought i would take a picture of happy happy dave! (in truth i coerced him to smile big.. he was at the end of two loads and just wanted to sit down.. but pretending is fun!)

Hope you enjoyed the visuals! Take care friends,



JAnie & DAve said...


Of all the cheeky, low-down accusations...!

Let me quote something for you:
"We have three different size star shapes already, but Dave was **determinded** to make the tree blend perfectly so he set to work trimming the edges of stars."

MEEEE?! Insisting?! I seem to remember a certain DAve insisting that the three sizes were just FINE and a certain Highly-pregnant wife of mine SENDING ALREADY TRIMMED STARS BACK! "Oh, this one needs to be at least a mm or two smaller"!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent, like, half an hour trimming ginger bread!


Okay, so MAYBE I'm over-reacting. But I'm quite sure that Janie only said it to get a rise out of me, so I didn't want to disappoint.

Love you, hun!

JAnie & DAve said...

Well, either way, i have a horrible memory these days, and rationaly it seemed like a thing you would do, so i just wrote it like that. I really hope i don't get jury duty within the next week because i would be just awful at it! Everyone would have to repeat all the facts, and still i don't think i would be able to remeber what was needed to make a proper decision. No jury duty please!

JAnie & DAve said...


Maria Jane Tuininga said...

Hey Guys!!!
Wow... reading your banter is TOO entertaining! Janie: I appreciate the "drop in" on my site! I'm definitely unusually addicted... fun, hm? I KNOW!
But listen: ONE WEEK!?!?!?!? Youa re PSYCHO!!!!! But I'm so so so so so excitedfor you. I am so sorry you don't live next door anymore, because I can't randomly, but with SO MUCH JOY run into you, or knock on your door! POOP!
But listen you two: GOD IS GOOD!
praying for a safe delivery, not too much partying on NewYears, and MUCH LOVE ANDJOY inthe rest of the season! You guys ROCK!!!!
love, mariajane.