Friday, March 31, 2006


Oppps, the Robeez are called Rodeo Star!

Fun Page too!
It's friday, so dave is at youth. I have the house to myself, so of course i have people coming over. I need interaction and socialization most of the time. Moreso in the evening than in the day? Are you like that? If you get energy from people you may be an Extravert like myself. Myers-Briggs... i'm telling ya. Also a good page. So, there are some things for you to check out!

I hope everyone's weekends are refreshing in their own way.


mammasita said...

Thanks again Janie for lending me that book. I was so surprised the other day to come home and seeing Andrew reading it and really into the book. I asked him why he was reading it and he said it was really interesting and that he was learning a lot of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie and Dave, justwanted to let you know that I am in Haiti now. I emailed you a group email Janie. And why are there no new pictures of Corrina up? its been over a week your getting slow!