Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Signs of the Times

It's not that I disagreed with the statement, or that I objected to the sentiment. I in fact appreciated the comfort which her statement brought me. But what exactly does the phrase "It's okay. Ebay loves you" tell us about the world which we have created?

Regardless of any implications the statement still rings true, and the feeling is mutal. I just can't believe I forgot to send something on Valentine's.



Anonymous said...

Mom said:

Whaaaaat? Tried to link the latest blog to something, anything but came up completely empty.

Get some sleep Dave.

Love, Mom XX

JAnie & DAve said...


Janie and I were on the phone, and she made the comment "It's okay, Ebay loves you." Now, regardless of the context, should a statement like that ever exist? Is that normal?