Wednesday, April 19, 2006


My mom sent us an email yesterday that I wanted to share. Mum was talking to her mother (my grandmother, aka "Nanny," and Corrina's Great-grandmother). Here's the part I wanted to share:

I talked to Nan yesterday and she was so excited because she had finally been able to see the blog pictures of Corrina clearly - some days her sight is better than others. She has pronounced Corrina "absolutely adorable" and "pretty as a picture" so now its official!

I just thought that was so neat! I don't hardly know anything about my great-grand parents, and my family tree has always looked a bit like something out of Charlie Brown's Christmas, so it's just really neat for me to see the family stretch and grow. First me and Janie, then Mark and Rachel, and now Corrina! And that makes Janie Mark and Claire's sister in law, and Rachel Claire and Mine's sister in law! And Corrina makes John and Lucy (my grandparents) GREAT Grandparents...and so forth and so on, and all the sudden my family is blooming!

I dunno. It's just a nice feeling, this family thing. And I thought I'd share. I just hope I can hang on to that email long enough for Corrina to read it--that'd be neat.


JAnie & DAve said...

dave is on the internet at work. Must mean lunch break! Have a snappy, happy day. I just got COrrina back down for the rest of her nap. Whooo, i'm ready to make cinnamon buns, but i think she will wake before i get that done.
I too love that our family has grown. What a thrill for our grandparents to have greatgrand children. I hope i am alvie long enough to see COrrina's kids have kids. So amazing i imagine.

Love to all our family

the g's said...

weird thought-thinking of one day seeing your kids'kids eh! so neat to watch families expand and grow. my mom was telling me yesterday about how she heard my grandma talking to a lady at her home- when asked how her easter was she said her highlight was holding and watching her great granddaughter (brook) so cool! yesterday she added to her list of great granddaughters- #5 (all girls!) when my cuz had a girl. yay for grreat grandparents!!
and yeah, cinnamon buns- way to go janie! something i have never attempted yet- you are one amazing mom!

westcoastloon said...

Stopped by on a 2 minute coffee break and I just about busted a gut laughing when I read "my family tree has always looked a little like somethng out of A Charlie Brown Christmas" -- so true. As a member of that lovely if little tree, I too have been rejoicing in the recent increase in fam. When Mark & Rachel got married we were up to 17 family members, a 12% increase in family in one year ('cause the year included Janie too). Now with Corrina we're a shocking 18 whoo hoo!!!! [Dreaming dreams of one day needing one of those awesome Dutch birthday calendar things to keep track of all the birthdays]
Thanks for a great coffee break happy thought!

ps I haven't commented properly ont he photos yet, my time is up but WOW such cuteness!!!!!

Sue said...

hahaha. sweeeeeeet.

i didn't realize the dutch calenders were such a common fact of us dutchies....but, yes...i do have one - not hanging near the toilet like it should be, but by my sewing-craft-art-stuff desk. very important place you know. :)

mmmmmmmmmmm cinnamon buns....can i have some?? you are a splendid cook Janers!!!!!!!!!! DId you know that we make that morrocan stew of yours for sooooooooooo many people, and they always LOVE it! thanks for the great recipe. :)

justus said...

it is wonderful how family grows. I had the luck of having a 5 generation picture done when Taylor was just a few months old.
It is so great to have your loved ones let you know how they enjoy your children.
Have a great day!!

Lori said...

It's so exciting to check your new pictures and news when I get a chance. You have one adorable kid. and 3 months old now, wow!
Love ya