Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Uhh Oh

Some of you know my obsession with expensive, unique shoes/boots. Have you seen my maroon, wingtipped Fluvog boots, for instance?? Well, i just found wingtipped maryjanes, and boots, and such for Corrina. What am i to do??? They cost about what we get each month for our child tax benefit, but i don't think that would be a wise spend. Oh dear oh dear. I don't think i will rest until she has a little pair. But, her feet grow so quickly.. ekkk...
take a look

under shoes of course! Oh no...


justus said...

Janie, Janie, Janie,... how did I know the subject of shoes was going to come up. Well, you have to remember she is going to grow fast, and how long do you want her to be able to wear those cute shoes? They are wonderful, and I totaly relate to you, however, why not wait until she is a wee bit older, and might get a year out of them. Taylor is just getting a year out of his shoes now. (I have a thing for shoes too, I am surprised my husband hasn't left me, since I am always buying shoes) Taylor has a great pair of Nike sneekers. Good luck with your decisions.

Matt said...

Hi DAve and JAnie! I'm in Scotland writing this, and will be back to hang out with you next week!

JAnie & DAve said...

Robyn... have you ever been to www.fluvog.com AMAZING shoes. And the shoe maker is a Christian and his site is so interesting! I am not really going to buy the shoes, but i am inspired by them. If there weren't hungry children in the world and thus i could justify spending way to much money on such a frivulous item then maybe... but in all seriousness i won't be buying anything that expensive for Corrina, except a toddler bed!

Happy Summer time shoes!

Maria Jane Tuininga said...


I will also email you - and maybe call! Cuz I think I should walk over today, for lunch... or something!
Thanks for the comment. you are a fast little lady... Whoop! Whoop!
I know we don't have TONS of stuff yet, cuz Adrian's stuff is mostly at his place still... it will be crowded when he gets there... YIKES! It's gonna be rough. We are already having little "mini wars" about what goes where... I am slightly more concerned with things being "aesthetically pleasing" than he is, and so when I say, "umm... maybe not..." to his stuff... he does not like that... I think he doesn't quite realize that it is a natural thing, for most women, to be concerned with the "look" of their home, and to have a natural want, to create a wonderful living space! You know...? But it's cool - we will continue to have healthy spats, and then resolve them!! *sigh*
WOAH! Long blog comment, hm? I KNOW IT!
talk to you soon,


justus said...

So after reading your blog, I had to make a trip to Ebay, and found so many shoes!! Ones that look just like the ones you saw on the site. I was amazed witht the price of them. I very much enjoyed the website. I have to say, that if the were not so expensive, I would be getting myself a pair. I really liked reading the history of the site also.
Thanks for the update!!