Friday, June 30, 2006

Our New Look

This is our NEW blog. Inspired by a piece of paper i bought, redesigned by Dave, and created by the both of us! For sometime now i have wanted to personalize our blog, because i love creative design and such, but had no clue how. So I learnt a little HTML, and together with Dave's creative mind and graphic skills, we had done it!!!! Unfortunately when we were making changes our 'personalized comment' (someone care, no one cares, etc..) was lost as we changed templates. Sadly, i can't find the page that taught us how to do that hack, and i just don't know where to put the code. Maybe we will figure it out. However, having a completely personalized blog makes me happier than a personalized comment section. We hope you enjoy the new look too! It brings me calmness and inspiration. Still working on it though!

This weekend Chris and Mary (Dave's mom and dad) are coming to visit. We are so excited to 'show off' Corrina to them. Yes, they already LOVE her tons, but she has sooo many new tricks they have never seen! Come quickly mom and dad!!

Dave earned a new name: The prickly Pirate (for those of you who don't know he likes pirate games, and i do too!), but he quickly lost his name and has now been christened as Captain No Beard (yes, all this stemming from his prickly, itchy whiskers)!

Have a FINE day!
Oh, pictures.. let's see:
This is dave all suited up with Corrina in the Cuddly Wrap! She loves to sleep through church in this thing, and it ensures her a good two hour nap!

Everyone has such lovely gardens this summer to show off, but we live in a porchless apartment. I thought i would share pictures of our 'garden' with you anyways!


Sue said...

how beautiful!

i love the template!!

:)and the gardens you have! :)

mammasita said...

Looks good Janie!
Keep up your good work.
Elaina and I are off to Kenora tomorrow morning. I will let you know when we get back so we can get together again.
Oh yeah before I forget I guess I have to put Elainas crib down now, as she has learned to sit up from laying down and is now grabbing the top of the crib and standing up....
what fun you have coming your way this month with Corrina.
She will amaze you over and over again

Tammy said...

i very much like your 'new look'. very nice..very janie. :)
your gardens are great! be proud of what you have!
take care!

the g's said...

love the new look! and the garden! beautiful!