Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Steel Venom

Our favorite ride at Valley fair was called steel venom! With feet dangling you sit tightly starpped in in multiple ways (first sign that the ride is going to be a good one!) Before you even have time to notice you are being blasted forward at a high speed that took you by surprise. You shoot staright up a tower that twists as it climbs. Then you travel backwards, through the starting point and straight up another pole that doesn't twist. You reach the top and vooommm you are moving forward again to the other twisty pole, faster this time, and high too. Vaaammm, Backwards toward the straight pole, only this time there is a BIG THUNK (which freaks you half to death if you are Janie and hadn't been watching the ride before boarding it, and therefore didn't know what was coming!). Instead of moving foward toward the pole again you are stuck, facing completely forward. You whole body jerks as the ride that was moving at very hgih speeds suddenly comes to a halt. I slipped foward in my seat, my chest pressing hard again the strong straps and my stomache pushing against the tightly( or so one hopes!) fastend waist belt! "Oh, i am going to fall out and die. The ride is stuck. I want down. If i fall then at least i will hit the..." Voooooooommmm we are on our way down, and the only damage done is that my bottom has moved a few inches forward in the seat. One more time up the twisty pole and we are finished.
When we first got off the ride Bre and Ernie were waiting with Baby Corrina for us. After watching us ride, they weren' sure if they would brave it. Through much elation and shaking hands and trembling voice (yes, i was physically shaking), we convinced them that although it is a rush, it is harmless and a great time!
We went on this ride twice, and that was all we could handled. Of course the two rides were spaced hours apart, for one can only handle so much shaking.
Here's the Proof:
this is only one half of the ride!

This movie doesn't capture the "halt" the ride comes to, but believe me, it was intense!


justus said...

I would so be puking!
I use to do so well on rides.. now.. however.. I can't do them so well anymore... I thought I would blame my age, or a child, but, I think it is just my body changing..
Glad you guys had such a great time, I hope Corrina enjoyed things too. Did you take her on the Merry-Go-Round?

Anonymous said...

Mom said:

You guys are totally I N S A N E !!

My stomach hurts just thinking about it. Great video though.

Love, Mom XX

Tammy said...

oh janie,
it has been so long since i have been on any rides. that looks and sounds like so much fun. i miss the fairs and the pne. haha remember the year we went to the pne. remember when we saw daryl wilms there. ;) and then we met him in grade 8. :) i miss you and hangign out with you. however, i am very happy for youand all you have!!!
ps hello dave!!!

JAnie & DAve said...

Some love em' some don't. I hope my body always allows me to go on them...but my mind might stop me one day!

bre said...

i am a bit sad that the video seems so tame, because it was a really cool ride. i did really appreciate how the screams came through in the video, though. that brings back memories for sure.