Thursday, September 07, 2006

sad, stressed Janie and dave

Well, our days haven't been very rosey the past week or so. We are stressed. I am trying sooo hard to find child care for Corrina for January, but it is impossible. All the centres have long long long waiting lists, and don't really know when they might have spaces available. All the family/home care people don't really know if/when they will have spaces, and cost a little more. I am at a loss. I killed the battery in the phone this afternoon calling places. Maybe that was a sign to quite. I have my name on at least 15 waiting lists, but i still don't feel good about it. I don't really know anyone who is able to watch Corrina as much as we need, and i don't want to over use any of our friends offers. We are stuck. Do you know anyone looking to watch a sweet cute baby?
Another note: going back to work or school? I was planning on going back to work (at this point i would stay home to avoid all the child care troubles, not to mention spending time with Corrie, but there is no way we can afford that, and i need the social interaction of adults and educational growth), but i ran into some problems there, and have since felt like God is pushing me towards going back to school. I am excited about this, yet so nervous because it will be tough to go to school, do a practicum, and study when i am at home with Corrina. I will really have to be motivated. But, that might fall through and i might end up back at work, or worse off i might be accepted, ready and excited, but with no child care.
I know that God is always taking care of us, and we will always have some sort of shelter and food over our head. I am such an intantaneous person and i have trouble waiting to see what might happen. I would like to solve all these problems tonight if possible. I trust him, but i don't trust the winnipeg child care system. eeeeeekkkk. My stomache gets in knots just thinking about it. Please pray for us if you think about it.
On top of it all Dave has ALOT of wonderful programs beginning at the church, but is nervous about how they will all run, volunteers, time and energy. We also are really beginning to feel lonely there because there is literally NO ONE in our age group. There are people older, and younger. I appreciate the friendships we have made, but it is hard to be the only one in our stage of life. We both wish we had more friends at church, or at least a small group. We love the place and the people we do know, we just feel akward some of the time.

Well, that is our sadness and stress. We hope and pray that things will work out as God plans. Something will happen, at least we know that, whether or not it will be 'good'... well that is the mystery.

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justus said...

Hugs Janie. I wish we were closer. I had a young mom here today "interviewing" me for child care. I am hoping to stay at home for Taylor. I know it isn't always practical, but I do want to get some work done with the business, and get my Bio done.

You are in our thoughts and prayers. God always provides. You will not do without. I am sure that something will come up before you know it. I know I had Taylor on a waiting list for what seemed like forever, and I got many calls, before I was ready for them.
Gods Peace! The Lord will guide you through everything.

the g's said...

i hate to see you both so stressed and sad- here's a big hug sent express mail:) good for you to get looking into childcare now- it can be a tricky thing but keep in mind that God has something in the works and i pray it will be the perfect plan that you never even realized.

Sue said...

aaw man, you guys need a night of carrcassonne. we have popcorn, we have lasagne, why don't you catch a flight down and we can nurture your low spirits?? :)

i can't say anything you don't already know about God's perfect timing and praying. :) and i will too.

love you guys. take care. :)

JAnie & DAve said...

thanks everyone! Dave gave me his prayer bracelet today, with strict instructions to "pray any time you feel worried or stressed. Find five things to thank God for every time." At first it was really hard, but as the day has gone on i can think of many things.
I hope it doesn't come down to this, but if we can't find any child care then dave will have to work long days so he can stay home here and there. Ekkkk, lots of commitment, this school thing.
Thanks again all. I feel better today!

mammasita said...

hey janie, wow is there really a waiting list I guess I should get my butt in gear and put elainas name on a few of them!

Im going to look at an apartment in just a few minutes my uncle is coming to pick me up! he found it for me. I guess he just moved in with this girl and she needs to get rid of her apartment! and its a 2 bedroom!!! but its down in Winser Park. hey I may be far from things but its a must safier area for Elaina!!!

I hope things fall into place for you. are we still going to get together next week??

Take care.

Lori said...

I'm praying for you guys too!

Tammy said...

hey janie.
i can understand your stress. i think every friend and relative has helped me out with Rawley when i had to work, and i did feel bad about it sometimes.However, they wouldn't offer if they didnt' mean it.God gives us friends and relative to help us out in time of need. God has a plan for you and it will all work out. I would love to tell you to just not worry about it, but i know how hard that is. i am thinking about you guys though, praying for you, and i love you! cheer-up. you can always call me if you need to vent, cry, or just talk.

dr riptide said...

Hi Janie! Sorry to hear about your blues. Any luck yet with childcare? Any decisions on work or school? I'm a bit suprised at your struggle to find friends. I was thinking I was struggling to find friends just because I'm in England, but I guess it happens anywhere with the natural seasons of life. God had finally blessed us with friends after a year of being in England! I hope you don't have to wait that long.

On our blog you requested holiday photos... but that particular entry had about 8 holiday photos up! Did you mean photos from our time in Arizona?? Otherwise, maybe you are I am having a computer problem that is preventing the photos from posting.

Lots of love,


dr riptide said...

Hi Janie, this is Rachel again. I think I figured out what happened. I thought I clicked on "comments" for the current posting, but I must have clicked on "comments" for the previous posting because the comment you left was for that one, not the most recent one. Anyhow, so we have a new blog and photos up! Enjoy!


Tricia said...

Janie, what's your mailing address?

Rachel Z said...

Hey kiddo,
I've asked a few of my friends in the Peg for any ideas, I'll let you know if they have any suggestions.