Tuesday, July 03, 2007

If you were a camera, where would you be?

So today, when I actually found the interest and momentum to blog, with pretty/cute Corrina photos, I can't find our camera.
Please, stay tuned for an update with pretty, smiley faces!

I think alot of people are on summer vacation now, either from school or work, and to you I ask: WHY are you using your time off reading my blog? Although that is up to you don't be shy of the sunshine (just spf up because who wants to look like a cowboy in ten years.. not me!)


Mom Colvin said...

I would be high up on a shelf out of Corrina's reach so get Dave to check out all the lofty places.

No need to worry about spf here - its raining nnicely (we've been having a bit of a drought lately). The grass is lapping all that water up and the veggies and flowers will be happy too.

How's the house hunting going? I'm off to Curves in just a few minutes. It might be raining now but its due to get warmer later in the day.

Love, Mom XX

justus said...

Janie, I hope all is well your way! how is C's hearing going?? I am sure she is really enjoying hearing things now.
Keyra is away in Kenora, and was hoping to get together with you, but now I don't know when she might be home!
Hope you have a great day! I know I will with the rain our way!
Hugs from our house to yours.