Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A few cute moments

Some days we all leave the house together. I go to practicum, Corrina goes to daycare, and Dave goes to work. Other days just Dave takes Corrina and I stay home to read/study. Today was one of those days. Corrina understands that Mommy stays home, and she goes in the car with Daddy. It is fabulous to actualy explain things to her and have her comprehend what is going on. She must feel less frustrated too. Most of the time, to me at least, she seems like a 4 year old stuck in a 1.5 year olds mouth. Wow would that be tough. She is trooper though.
Today while we were getting dressed I told her that I was going to be staying home and she was going to play. I told her I was going to school. She understood, but did not like this. We talked more about what was happening. I told her I was going to stay here to read a book. She seemed happy to hear that and finally put on her clothes! Just after she stepped out the door to leave with Dave she turned around, looked at me, say "Mommy read book", and came back inside. Dave and I were telling her she had to go, and I was going to stay, thinking that she was sad and wanted to stay too. However, she had something else in mind. She went over to her book bin, found a big one, and gave it to me saying "Here Mommy, read book!"
This is amazing, for a few reasons. First of all, she understands! Second of all, she remembers! We have been working for a number of months to develop auditory memory, which means we have been trying to teach her to hear, listen, and retain the directions or info she hears. Brain development really flourishes within the first year of life, when children normally develop this ability through 'natural' listening and hearing. Corrina only started when she was 1yr5mnths. When we first started we worked on one item memory, at two we moved to two, and now we have passed three and are working on four! Her ability to remember between getting dressed, eating, and getting out the door that Mommy was going to be home reading a book is amazing to me! Plus, it was just so darn cute that she brought me a book to read. What a treasure.

Here is a little more cuteness for your day. Don't get the wrong impression, she isn't usualy this cooperative, just this cute!


Anonymous said...

she has come so far Janie! That video was really cute. I love that I am so far away but yet get to watch her grow and learn.

Love Tammy

Anonymous said...

Janie THANK YOU for the great video that I was actually able to see and hear and enjoy (I love hi-speed).

Corrina is adorable and making such strides in her speech and comprehension - how encouraging to see all your hard work (and hers) coming together.

Great that she remembered that you were going to stay home and read. As you say, that is a huge milestone for her. I am confident that she will in time overcome her "late start" hearing. How wonderful that cochlear implants were an option for her and "yay" to Manitoba for deciding to allow her 2 working ears instead of just one.

love Mom XX

Claire Colvin said...

What a great video!!! It warmed my heart to hear her saying hi to everyone, thank you for that!

Can't wait to see you next week. I'll call soon to figure out details etc.

Love you,