Friday, November 07, 2008

Winter is upon us

The first snow of the season, in our first house, with our wonderful international volunteer exchange program (IVEPer) person experiencing snow for the very first time!

Kristianna (IVEPer) really wanted to eat snow!  And she did.  Corrina really wanted to copy her!  We told her the rule about yellow snow, and brown snow, and any snow that has been at all touched by anything, human or animal or machine.  She is just going to stick to eating fresh snow off of trees!  She wants to make snow cones with juice and sugar.  It is so neat to re-experience snow!
The other gal in the photos is another IVEPer also from Indonesia.  Kris and her get along very well.  We all played together.  And the man in the picture below is not Dave, it is Hardy, the IVEP coordinator for MCC.  He has children our age, but is a fun, goofy person!


Anonymous said...

The snow is so beautiful. I hope we get some snow this year.
Truth be told I like to eat snow too, as does Rawley.
Last year we collected some and poured juice over it for homemade slurpees. He loved it. :)


Mom Colvin said...

What great pictures. Oh no not snow! Corrina looks like she's loving it and Kris seems to like eating the snow.

I remember coming the Canada and experiencing more than just a sprinkle of snow - it was magical.

Stay warm, stay well, stay safe.

we love you,

Dad & Mom XX

Sue said...

great post janers.

soooooo glad it is not here yet though!! 3 kids in snow suits sounds to me like a 5 hour process!! haha, soooo snow can wait.....pleeeease!!

Sue said... IS BEAUTIFUL!!! love the romantic feeling of cozy wintriness, just not the work it involves...

the guynups said...

looking at your post is making me wish for snow- so beautiful! looks like you're all having tons of fun---i can't imagine seeing snow for the first time (the yellow snow talk is always of utmost importance!)
enjoy the white stuff!

Shari said...

Hi Janie
Of course I remember you! Actually I was at a baby class the other week and one of the girls was talking about making mud pies and it totally reminded me of you. You had a whole mud kitchen set up in your backyard.
Anyways, great to hear from you! You also have a beautiful little girl. I have enjoyed checking out your blog as well. I suppose we can now stay in touch via the blog connnection. Take care!