Monday, December 15, 2008

A snippet of so many different things

Lots going on here! We've had a busy last few weeks, with paper writing (thank goodness it's over, for at least 2 more weeks), decorating for Christmas, attending events, and having good friends over. Corrina's language is continuing to develop at a rapid pace. She has most of her Christmas words down, and is able to share her imagination and daily thoughts with us using language now.
Here is a little conversation with Corrina:

Oh, FYI, the glasses are lens-less! Just for looks!

Today Dave got up with Corrina, leaving me to dream about selling my house (which I was very pleased to learn was just a dream when I woke up... often I get confused and it takes minute to return to reality and shake the emotions from the dreams. When I awoke it was to footsteps coming up the stairs. I turned to the clock, saw it was 9am, and thought "oh no, I'm in for a lecture about sleeping in too late..." and jumped out from under the covers. And then Dave began, but with words I did not expect AT ALL: "Get back in bed!" He practically barked it! Anyway, I can forgive him his yelling when the sight that follows is a tray of breakfast and Corrina carrying a little flower. This is the third breakfast in bed I have ever had. It was divine.

Speaking of bed, that is where I am heading again. Tomorrow I intend to begin my day with some major iron pumping at the gym, followed by some intense present selecting. I hope to get it ALL done tomorrow. You see, the truth is that I haven't begun at all. It has taken me a week to shed the stress of writing papers, but now that I have my creative mind back I can get down to giving (for, they say, it is, after all, better than receiving!)


Anonymous said...

nice to hear her talking. It's amazing how clear her speech is for being totally deaf. those implants sure are awesome!
Pretty soon, you won't be able to shut her up! Kai is just starting to smile a bit, no babbling sounds yet but he's only six weeks old. We mailed Corrina's christmas present but I'm not sure if it will get there in time. There is also a little something we made for you too. Enjoy.

Sue said...

that movie of her talking is precious!

so wonderful!

i love the glasses! :)

hope you have a lovely restful break from SCHOOL! :)

take care friends