Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A New direction

I have often wanted to take this blog in a new direction lately.  As many of you know I am in school, studying social work.  I have decided not to be at home full time with Corrina right now.  I do feel that this is what God has called me to do with life right now, but the sacrifice is challenging, even painful some days.  I am thankful that I still have the majority of the week in and around the house, but even those days are filled with attempts to read, study and write.  You know how school is, you can never consciously escape the work lingering in your mind.  This is the most challenging balancing act I have ever attempted, but I like it.  It is building character, knowledge, patience, and respect.    

I have been doing a wonderful practicum at a local agency that focuses on supporting families in a number of ways.  Through my practicum experience I have been exposed to/ taught some of the most wonderful parenting/living theories I have ever encountered.  They just fit, they make sense with every child development and growth idea, and take a holistic approach to relationship development.  I've been given the opportunity to attend fascinating workshops and seminars, and in general have had a new look at the social and political world around me.  It's hard to contain the new information I have learned as just 'school', 'training' or 'career related' because the majority of it has to do with the struggles of parenting, living in within a minimal means, and coping with life while taking steps to change ones situation.  All of these things apply to my family!  The ideas move from being theories to becoming personal experiences of life.

I have been contemplating incorporating some of the perspectives, ideas, and theories that have impacted me at a personal level through the work I do into my blog posts.  I wonder if anyone would read it, how it might be perceived, if I could really explain the depths of ideas in my mind, or if I would be snagged for plagiarism (oh, don't worry I know how to properly cite other authors works, however when you've just finished a 25 page paper the last thing you want to do it make another proper reference!).  

I really don't have very many 'mothering' stories to share, play dates to post about,  or beautiful house pictures to post these days.  I still love all those parts of life but for me they are not a part of life right now, and that is just fine!  That's just not where I am these days.  (Although I do realize that a Corrina speech update might be appreciated by far away family... that will be coming! ) 
So, I've been thinking of going in a new direction.  At this point I will just keep thinking and see what develops.  


Mom Colvin said...


Dave's Dad here - it's lunchtime and I've got a few minutes to read your blog. Really interesting, especially the fact that your courses have been very useful both professionally and personally. By all means take your blog in a new direction and see where it goes.

When you get your full time job, being open to new ideas and not just repeating what you did last time will make your career far more fulfilling and will put you in a position to be more able to help your "clients".

Just a thought you might like to keep a journal of some sort. In particular a log - what was the situation - what was the approach I tried - were there any special circumstances in this case - and then later you can assess whether or not the approach worked. Of course the real trick comes in trying to devise some form of tracking system so you can easily find the particular case you are looking for.

Anyhow, gotta go. Thanks for the interesting blog.

Much love

Aimee said...

sounds great janie. i would love to read about the things you are learning - sounds like they would apply to our lives too. do whatever you want - maybe your blog will be a mix of those thoughts, the occassional recipe and videos of your cutie - with some muppets thrown in seasonally!

Sue said...

totally take your blog in a new direction. share your knowledge.


rachel joy said...

I have always loved your perspective on life and the world around you. Do share!