Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Happened

My pretty, self created, learned-html-just-to-do-it, template is gone now, and dots are in it's spot. I loved my old template, but it was in the old blogger style and I really wanted to update to the new style that has fun widgets, rotating blog lists, and just way more options. So, it had to go for the time being. For now, until I can get something else happening on here, all my side bars are gone. Looks pretty boring in this space! But, something fun is coming, I hope!
I spent way too much precious time trying to upload a new template, but I kept getting error messages. So, by the time I went to bed my blog template was still not up and running, my dishwasher was not emptied, my laundry was not put away, and my homework was not done. Oh, to have endless time to watse without consequence. But, then, if had nothing else pressing to do the act of wasting time just wouldn't be enjoyable. I really only enjoy time spent procrastinating. Anyone else out there like this? Where can I get help!?

Last night Dave had a friend over to play a game. It was fabulous, and I think we really ought to make more time for him to play games with friends. This may sound altruistic of me, thinking of my husbands needs for social interaction and friendship, but I will reveal that my motives are actually selfish. Dave was sleeping on the couch, the house was a mess, and his friend was coming over in 2 hours. I decided that I would let him sleep (headache) and take Corrina out to the thrift store with me. I wondered what might happen while I was away... but said nothing as we left.
When we came home the house was clean, laundry put in it's proper place (ie down by the machine or upstairs in the bedroom, as opposed to the middle of the living room floor), dishes cleaned up, toys picked up, pretty lights alit, and Dave waiting calmly on the couch with time to spare! Yes DAve, I see many more game nights in your future!


DAve & JAnie said...

Sounds like a deal to me!

For those of you wondering, the headache was the it-hurts-to-even-open-my-eyes varitey, and the Tylenol was taking forever to kick in. That's why I was on the sofa and asked Jane to watch Corrina. FYI.

Mom colvin said...


Sounds like you might have had a migraine. Did you have any visual disturbances, halos, squiggly lines etc.?

Glad you eventually felt better and were able to get the house looking good for your friend's visit.

Janie, did you find anything good at the thrift store? I'll bet Corrina did - kids usually manage to find something there.

love, Mom/Mary XX