Thursday, October 15, 2009

It was time

About two weeks ago:
Pretty long curls, bouncing down Corrina's back, sometimes tied up in tails, or braided to perfection!

Long battles in the bath to wash dirt from these pretty curls. Longer fights to brush out the tangles and encourage the bounce! Running out of creative ways to convince Corrina to let me brush and do her hair every day.
Cochlear implants stuck in wild jungle-like tangles, being ripped free from implant eating vines of curls....
It was time!With help from a friendly neighbor...

And a very patient Corrina...
Who sat very well, being only a little silly...

She is now sporting a very cute, fuss free, SHORT cut!We love the short cut! It has improved our parent-child relationship by at least 10%! Although, we do miss the amazing curls. I hope they grow back in when her hair gets longer again.


Anonymous said...

oh no!!! I love those curls. I do understand why it had to be done though.
Corrina has the cuttest little clothes. The dress she is wearing in the last photo is really cute.

Love you guys!


Sue said...

beautiful haircut!! i love it!!

and julia says THANK YOU for the wonderful letter and picture! She set out a picture that she would like to color and mail to Corrina so she would remember it in the morning when she wakes!

love you guys.