Saturday, April 17, 2010

A mean man

Yesterday at the park sandbox Corrina was playing with two little girls we had met for the first time. One was named Pilot, and her sister named Penn. Neither were short for anything.

Seconds after learning Pilot's named Corrina made a connection: "I know a man named Pilot!" pause. "He was a mean man!" Voice increase. "And she said to Jesus, Crucify Him!"

What is a mother to say? "Uhm, yes, that was Pontius Pilate." To the Nanny accompanying the children. "I guess we memorized that story rather quickly."

I promise, we are not religious bigots. We are safe to play with in the sandbox.



Aimee said...

I love this!!! My kids would have said the same thing. I'll have to read this to Lance - he will laugh!

Dave said...

I absolutely cackled when Janie told me this story. Corrina will often repeat parts of stories or draw connections between stories she knows and real life, but the Easter Story book we got made a REAL impression on her.

"You are naughty! Be quiet or you will be on the CROSS!"

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