Friday, June 24, 2011


This is when I SHOULD be washing up my dishes: while baby has morning nap and before Corrina returns home from school. 
But.... I have just been dying to put of some pretty pictures.

I was spoiled on Mother's day (and so was Dave on father's day!):

Dave and Corrina made beautiful Origami flowers to fill and outside flower pot for me!

We are having a wonderful summer.  It's raining alot, so our grass is perpetually long and going to seed, but that's not stopping us from having a blast!
We've planted a "fairy" garden for Corrina to play in.  It's really growing in beautifully!

Sometimes she's happy to sit and watch us play around the yard!

I made this hat!

Most of their interactions look like this!


rachel joy said...

Gorgeous hat! Almost (almost!) makes me wish I had a girl. :)

Anonymous said...

Waiting on pins and needles for the next blog post.