Monday, August 22, 2005

packing, snacking, waiting: a three tier thesis

Just when i think we have gotten all the christmas ornaments packed and away, duffy finds another one to scoot across the floor. He has been stashing them since Christmas, and we haven't found the stash, but one by one we are getting them back! Mwahhhha ha ha ha

We have been doing lots of packing at the Colvinson House. I was going to post some pictures of our recent adventures in life, but dave has lovingly packed away the computer accesories, thus i can't transfere any pictures.

I just had a lovely snack of nachos, mild salsa, and light sour cream. I was disapointed when i looked in the fridge and we had light sour cream and not fat free. Now the snack wasn't guilt free.

I am just waiting for dave to get home from chiropractors before i pounce on him for a dinner idea. Maybe we will make chillie and throw in chillie like left overs. Maybe we will make tuna noodle surprise, with little toys as the surprise. Maybe we will make perogie Pizza (absolutely delicious; a must make! Just put sour cream (fat free of course) on the crust for sauce, cook up perogies, onions, and turkey bacon (or the real stuff; it's your heart!), and cheese, and bake it)!

Merriment and good times to all
Ohh.. the telephone ( awwww boooo.. telemarketer trying to sell me a cell phone)


seth471franklin said...

damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!

Sue said...

heyhey. perogie pizza. yumyum. Believe me, i remeber that one !:)

Glad all is going well with you three!! We just had a rockin' awesome week with D's family at the cottage they rented. good times. tubing, hiking, s-s-swimming in the c-c-old water. hjeehee.

love you guys. talk more later.