Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pumpkin Bread

My mother is visiting from BC, and she bought me a Pumpkin Bread candle from Peir ! Imports. Simply the best, there is no other candle that smells with such potency and burns for so long. Their autumn scents are simply fabulous.
Unfortunately it is raining for her visit, but there are lots of great indoor places to visit in Winnipeg too!

I am going to post some random pictures of me and dave having fun with out camera, and then i am off to get ready for a day with The Mom!Dave is so cute and Pouty! Janie Janie Janie, got her hair cut again! Just a nice Pictures!

Here is dave installing better runners on our dresser so we can paint it and give it to the baby!

We were having fun with a rapid click setting and this was one of the results

What is a blog without our cute little kitten sitting in the sink...


Mom said...

Janie & Dave,

Great pictures and I am so excited that Judy is visiting with you! Will she be able to see your new apartment? Hope so. Please give her my love. Put a picture of her on the web too - why not!

Janie your shorter cut looks really cute. Is there any way you can wear your hair and NOT look cute? Doubt it. You look well and don't look as if you've gained a pound yet.

Mark & Rachel are having lunch with Claire today. Great chance for the girls to start to build a relationship. Its my ambition that all my children get to know and appreciate their families-by-marriage. I know Claire loves having you as her sister. She always wanted one you know.

I'm selling off and giving away a lot of my spare stuff - how many ironing boards does one person need anyway (I have 2). I sold Grandpa's little fridge yesterday and I'm listing some furniture today. What fun!

Love, Mom XX