Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wedding, Arizona, and South of the Border Adventures

I hate to say that i teased you with the title, because i actualy do not have the time right now to write about our trip. It is Wednesday, my day off from work, and dave's 9-4 day at work. I usualy spend this day cleaning, catching up on bills and mail, relaxing a little (Dave always tells me to have some fun on this day! Nice guy!), doing any shopping needed, cooking, visiting people, etc... The day fills up pretty quick, and as we still haven't unpacked our trip bag, there is cat hair everywhere (again) and lots of dirtiness awaits me in the bathroom, i don't think i will find adequate time to write and post pictures. I haven't even gone through the pictures yet!
Recently dave and i have been searching around our area for two bedroom apts. We found some gorgeous gems that were outside our budget, so our search continues with lower standards. Luckily, we have already found someone to sublet our apt to, so half our worries are gone gone gone!!
I am going to get moving now and have my self a pretty good wednesday! Very soon we will put up shinning, colorful, fantastic pictures of Mark, Rachel, and the Grand Canyon!
Happy Trails to you all