Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Apartment Searching

I don't know if we have posted that we are having a baby yet, but for all of youse who don't know, we are having a baby, sometime early January! yippy! Which means we need to find a 2 bedroom place. We think we have found a nice apartment just up the road, and at a good price. We were looking at some that were out of our range in the beginning, and then we did some number crunching and realized that things would be way to tight. We are going to drop off an application for this place early tomorrow morning in hopes that it works out. It is just a little smaller than our current abode, and we would need to get a much smaller kitchen table. But that is totaly doable. We liked everything about it, and we are allowed to PAINT! We heard from the care taker that lots of people had looked at it, so we are going to pray very hard that it works out, and you can too if you would like!
Dave has been busy painting flowers on old barn windows for someone at my work. They are turing out great, and it has been such a nice project for him to work on in the evenings. He really is an artist. This guys can draw, and visualize, and animate, and paint spectacular images! He doesn't get to indulge in art too much, but who knows what will happen in ten years. Maybe we will be writing childrens stories together by then!
We are both hungry, and don't know what to eat for a nice little bed time snack. Any ideas? Let us know, although i am sure we will have worked something out by the time you suggest. But we can always use your suggestion for next time.
One of our kitties is limping, again, and it makes us sad.
Other than we are happy.

Here's a poem

I had a little brother and i took him to my mother
I said i want another little brother for a change
But she said don't be a bother so i took him to my father
And said this little bother of a brothers very strange
But he said one little brother is exactly like another
And every little brother misbehaves a bit he said
so i took the little brother from my mother and my father
and i put the little bother of a brother back to bed

(can't remeber who it is by... not me though)


Sue said...

sounds like everything is going just fine with y'all. :) glad to hear it! I am so happy that you are back and writing, now i can communicate with you again! yipeeeeeeeee!

Praise God that you might have a place to move to! Praise God for a beautiful little growing baby in you!!

talk to you soon. love us.