Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Birthday!

So today was my BIRTHDAY! And i had a wonderful day from the very start! Dave brought me breakfast in bed: egg in a whole, a little bacon, and orange juice! My favortie type of egg! After that he brought me my presents! The best of all was that the bed side table (you see below) was HAND MADE! Dave cut and sawed and contructed it all! He even put little leaf cut outs on the side, just because he loves me! I love it so very much! A true original (dave and the table!). Now i can retire my cardboard bedside table for a gesture of love!
I really wanted to spend the day with friends, so in the evening we had people over for homemade icecream cake that dave created all on his own. I asked him to make it, but the cake itself was a surprise because it made it at our friends house and i had no idea what he was putting in it. He used chocolate bars, and cookies, and lots of layers of my favorite ice creams. One friend brought over a delicious pumpkin cake on a cake stand that i get to keep as the present! All our friend brought over their good company, love, and laughter, and some very lovely presents for me as well! I truly felt loved and spoiled on this birthday!
Oh Pumpkin and ice cream cake! Does life get any more delicious?!
Lots of Goodies for everyone!
The beautiful table!

Bre and Ernie: cherished friends!

Everyone: very wonderful and spectacular people and friends!

I also got a chance to spend the afternoon with a friend and have lunch. We met together at the forks, and we were actually wearing the same outfit: long sleeved red shirts under blue vests, with jeans! Cute us! I got a wonderful phone call from my sis-in-law, my new parents (mary and chris), my best friend from BC, and i spoke with my mom as well! Super day, i couldn't ask for anything more at all!
Thanks God!


Mom said...

Glad you had a good day. Love the bedside table - something else to add to Dave's list of talents!

Being able to see the photos makes us almost feel like we were there celebrating with you.

Have another fun day today.

Love XX

Sue said...

wow!!! happy happy happy happy birthday to you!!!

that table is gorgeous! good work Dave. :) have a fundiddlyumpsious day, week, and year!!
from us.