Monday, September 19, 2005

Dave's Talents

Dave has many talents that he likes to share with his friends and family. Of course he can juggle a spoon on his english shnooze! He can take beautiful black and white pictures of Janie doing nothing of importance. He can take the same picture, but blurry, and he can give the camera to his wife who can take pictures of the cute cuddly kitties (also out of focus)! Those are all the talents Dave has for now. I think he will keep building his resume of skills! Hope you enjoyed the nonsense.


Sue said...


is he changing work??

JAnie & DAve said...

no.. i just meant his life skills resume!

Sue said...

haha, oh. :)
like, "the girls like skills. what skills have you got?"

those kinda skills? heehee.
Yeah for Napoleon.