Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Colors

Here are some pictures of our new place, before, and after!
We just had the ultra sound today, so no news yet! But i can say there is just one baby in there, and it is happy! We have pictures which we will scan tonight or sometime and post! Enjoy

This is our new place.. boring and white! And now it is spectacular and colorful! We finally have the furniture in some sort of order and can unpack boxes soon! The colors looks a little brigther than they are in this picture, especially the blue. But, you get the picture!This is Janie (duh!) @ about 22 weeks... there is a little bit of showing baby there! It sure does feel like it is growing quickly. I am now about 23 weeks and i feel bigger already!

And here is me today! Dave takes random pictures!


Julia Elvarado said...
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Mom said...

Janie you are looking so good! You probably feel a lot bigger than you look to others. Can't wait to see the baby pictures. Good to know that baby is healthy and happy. When will you know your actual due date? Does the doctor agree with Jan 4?

I love the colours of your apartment. I don't know what the rules are in your building but you might have to repaint it white just before your lease is up (if you're going to move that is). Maybe not, its up to the management company. One coat paint works well for most cover-up jobs if you have to restore it to basic white. I think it looks awesome the way you have it now!

Hint: If you think the blue is too bright you can always put a thinned wash of white paint over the top to lighten it a bit. Or you could do a "faux finish" if you wanted - but I think that's maybe a bit passe (there should be an acute accent there but I can't find how to do that). In the photos the blue looks good.

Great job on the painting. You have improved the warmth and coziness of the main living space. All that white was way too antiseptic (this from a woman whose entire house is batchelor beige!) We are due to repaint the living room, maybe we'll branch out and try a new colour!! I think you just might have inspired me - now if I can just convince Chris - hmmmmm.

I must go and work on preparing the bible study on the life of David that I'm starting to teach on Tuesday. Its a Beth Moore study so you know its going to be great. I'm more of a co-ordinator than a teacher as we work thru the homework together.

Dave, lots of love to you too. Keep working on those boxes, everything will find its place eventually and you look as if you have a bit more room to store stuff than your previous place :)

Much love to you all, Mom XX

Sue said...

wow, the colors are awesome!!! I love your painting style, and i truly think we will adopt it as we move on to new spaces. :) i was thinking HOmestar would be a good theme for a baby room. he is so cute!

can't wait to see baby!!! you LOOK AWESOME! pregginess is such a beautiful time in life. got a bad comment?? had to delete some stalker?? what 's that all about??
love you guys, byebye from sue

westcoastloon said...

I want to see ultrasound pictures!! All in good time. I'm glad to hear that the ultrasound well well and the baby is great and that there's just one in there. (Much easier.)

I love the colours you put in your apartment, so much nicer than white, white, white. It looks all homey and comfy already. Can I come over?

Love of love and hugs,