Saturday, September 10, 2005

This is it! Here is our little baby, thus far, at 23 weeks. It probably would not be able to survive outside the womb. If it did it would have some serious health problems for the rest of its life, so let's just hope it doesn't come out yet, even though it looks so formed.
This picture of the spine is my favorite! On the left is the head, and the spine came to a perfect little point that you can't see in this photo! When you are looking at these you really have to think "skeleton" because you can mostly make out the bones!

Here are the legs! The pic on the left is the leg bending up with the knee in the middle. You can sorta make out a flat foot at the very left end of the leg. The one on the right is just some random leg, doing something. Again, just bone!

Need i say much about this lovely shot of the hand! There were a few images on screen where we could only count 4 fingers. It was kinda funny to joke, knowing that the thumb was just hiding!

Awww, the face! The next two pictures use arrows to point to the features. The nose is the whitish blob, skeleton like, and the mouth is the little slit underneat the nose. Just before the Lab tech still framed this image the baby opened its mouth, and we caught the little slit. I could not make out where the mouth was at all until the baby opened it up! It is practising swallowing amniotic fluids so it knows how to breath! Smart little thing! The lab tech said that the baby totaly yawned while she was doing her lab measurement images!

In the image on the left you can see a forearm and hand! The one on the right the arm is almost doing a muscle curling pose!

And here is a little upside down foot print. Again dave highlighted the image so you could make it out more clearly! The stuff to the right is pelvis apparently. If we knew what we were looking for we might be able to tell the sex.. perhaps... but we don't want to know anyway! cute little foot! Glad to know the baby has all its extremities!

Dave has to go into work this morning for
ten and i am going to walk with him and then walk back home! I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as we have! I don't know if i will have another ultrasound in the future or not, so this might be it until we see the baby face to face!
happy sunny autumn days to you all (it is autumn here, unlike everywhere else!)


Thomas said...
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Sue said...

hey there!!

wow, i finally figure out how to 'read' ultrasound pics, and then you send scan some, and i'm lost!! ha

i love the hand and foot pics! sweet! wonderful!

awe! love you guys.

Mom said...

Wow! Thanks for the arrows and outlines, it helped us interpret what we were looking at. Now I know why ultrasound technicians need so much training! Very exciting to see the babe, loved the little hand. Don't know why you thought it unusual for the child to have 4 digits, ALL the cartoon characters are like that!!!

Love, Mom & Dad XX

Rach said...

Hello Dave and Janie!!
How are you?!?! I liked seeing pictures of your baby and pregnant Janie...I'm glad I can share a bit of your adventure despite the ocean's presence between us!!
It is also part of a healing process for would be proud...I made friends with a pregnant lady at my church, and I'm going to her baby shower next weekend!! I can't believe it. The other day I went to the baby section of the store, and looked at little shirts and baby lotion and paint. There were big cans of paint in the baby section. It makes sense...babies come, people paint. You did!
So now maybe I can say that, "I no longer have a phobia of pregnant people."
Today I saw a big corn mascot with a monster face walking down the street, and he said, "Hello," to me. That's never happened to me before. I could see the corn had flyers, but we both understood that I couldn't read them. I imagine they had to do with genetically modified stuff or something.
I enjoy your blog.

westcoastloon said...

So exciting!! I was hoping that you guys would have the pics up soon and there they are. I like the hand one the best because I can see the hand :) Do you know for sure when your due date is now? I know that there was some confusion about that.

Can't wait to meet this little one in person! Hugs to everyone,